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If You Run in a Horror Movie. . . 

If you run from a monster in a horror movie, then you will fall

If you fall, then the monster will catch you

If the Monster catches you, then it'll take you back to its lair

If it takes you back to its lair, then it'll lock you in a cage


If you get locked in its cage, then you'll think of  plan to escape


If you think of a plan to escape, then you'll wait for the opporunity to execute your plan 

If you wait for the opportunity to execute your plan then you will get nervous

If you get nervous, then you'll rush your plan

If you rush your plan, then the monster will see you as you escape

If the monster sees you as you escape then you'll try to hide in the woods

If you try to hide in the woods, then the monster will search for you 

If the monster seaches for you, then you'll change your hiding place

If you change your hiding place, then the monster will see you

If the monster sees you, then you will start to run  and If you start to run from the monster,  then you will fall