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If You Do Your Homework Early 

If you do your homework early, then you can play.

If you play, then you have fun.

If you have fun, then you won't have a temper tantrum.

If you don't have a temper tantrum, then you won't be sent to your room.

If you don't get sent to your room then you play longer

If you play longer, then you will get tired.

If you get tired, then you go to bed early.

If you go to bed early, then you will sleep longer.

If you sleep longer, then you will get up early

If you get up early, you can have a good breakfast

If you have a good breakfast, then you will have energy for school

If you have energy for school, then you the day will go quicker

If the day goes quicker, then you will get bored


If you're bored, then you'll start your homework early.