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If you go to school... 

By Caroline Abut


If you go to school, then you will do your homework.





If you do your homework, then you will get good grades.




If you get good grades, then you are a good student.



If you are a good student, then you do not procrastinate.



If you do not procrastinate, then you will have time.






If you have time, then you will do something you love.


If you do something you love, then you will be happy. 

If you are happy, then people will like you.

If people like you, then you will have friends.


If you have friends, then they will make you a better person.

If they make you a better person, then you will be motivated.

If you are motivated, then you will succeed in High School.

If you succeed in High School, then you will get into college.

If you get into college, then you will be smart.

If you are smart, then at college you will do your homework.