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If you tell a kid to have fun in the summer...

then he will go to the beach

  1. If he goes to the beach, then he will get sandy

  1. If he gets sandy, then he will want to go in the water

  1. If he goes in the water, then he will go swimming

  1. If he goes swimming, then he will see surfers

If he see surfers, then he will want to go surfing

If he wants to go surfing, then he will get a surfboard

If he gets a surfboard, then he will go surfing

  1. If he goes surfing, then he will be cool

If he is cool, then he will get more friends

  1. If he gets more friends, then they’ll want to surf

  1. If they surf, then they will become cool

  1. If they are cool, then they will make a YouTube channel

If they make a YouTube channel, then people will watch them

If people watch them, then they will tell people to have fun in the summer