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If You Give an Anarchist a Bandana

By: Robbie H

If you give an anarchist a bandana

Then he'll meet up with his friends

If he meets with his friends then they'll start a protest

If they start a protest then it will get out of hand

If it gets out of hand then he'll need a brick

If you give him a brick then he'll smash a window

If he smashes a window then they'll start looting

If they start looting then the police will arrive

If the police show up then he'll try to fight them

If he tries to fight the police then he'll get pepper sprayed

if he gets pepper sprayed then he'll get arrested

If he gets arrested then he'll pleade guilty

If he pleades guilty then he'll have to pay a fine

If he pays the fine then he'll need to ask his mother for the money because he's broke

If he asks his mom for money then she wont give him his allowance

If his mom doesn't give him his allowance then he wont have any money

If he doesn't have any money then he wont be able to buy a bandana

If he can't buy a bandana then he'll ask you to give him one