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If You Give a Bear a Burrito

By: Michael Polivko

If you give a bear a burrito, then he will want to put some guacamole on it

If he wants some guacamole, then you are going to need some avacados 

If you need avocados, then you're going to have to get them from Mexico

And if you are in Mexico, then he'll want to go to the beach

And if he goes on the beach, then he's going to want to go in the ocean

And if he goes in the ocean, then he is going to get tired.

And if he gets tired, then you are going to have to find a good hotel

And if you choose a good hotel, then it will have a breakfast buffet

And if there is a breakfast buffet, then he will want to make a breakfast burrito

And chances are, if he has a breakfast burrito, he's going to want some guacamole on it


The End