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by Ellie Rogers

If You Give A Quail A Quesadilla

If you give a guail a quesadilla, then he will want some guacamole to go with it. 

If he has some guacamole, then he will want some milk if it gets too spicy.

If he has milk, then he will want to take a nap. 

If he takes a nap, then he will wake up a few hours later.

If he wakes up a few hours later, then he will have missed his dance lesson.

If he misses his dance lesson, then he'll have to reschedule for later in the day.

 If he reschedules for later in the day, then he will have a few free hours before his lesson. 

 If he has a few free hours, then

he will go to the beach.

If he goes to the beach, then he will get sand in his feathers.

If he gets sand in his feathers, then he will get angry and want to leave.

If he leaves early because he is angry, then he will get stuck in traffic.

If he gets stuck in traffic, then he will be starving once he gets home.

If he is starving once he gets home, then he will want a quesadilla.