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If you Give a Kid a Phone 



Luc Curragh 

  1. If you give a kid a phone, they will want to text

If they are glued to the phone, their parents will take the phone

  1. If the parents take the phone away, the kid will get mad


  1. If the kid gets mad, they will search for the phone

  1. If the kid searches for the phone,he will find the phone

  1. If he finds the phone,he will take it to school.

  1. If the kid takes the phone to school,they will be distracted

  1. If the kid gets distracted,they will not get good grades

  1. If the kid does not get good grades,they will get upset

  1. If the kid gets upset,he will become less aware

  1. If the kids becomes less aware,he will be more clumsy

  1. If the kid is more clumsy,he will drop his phone

  1. If the kid drops his phone it will crack, he will need a new phone

  1. If the kid needs a new phone, his parents will give him a phone