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If you give a girl a puppy...




By: Izzy Dino


If you give a girl a puppy, then she will take good care of him

If she takes good care of him, then she will take him on walks

if she takes the puppy on a walk, then the puppy will play with other dogs 


 If the puppy plays with other dogs, then the puppy will get dirty 




If the puppy gets dirty, then she will have to give the puppy a bath

If she gives the puppy a bath, then the puppy will try to get out of the bathtub

If the puppy gets out of the tub, then the girl will get all wet 

If the puppy gets her clothes wet, then she will have to dry him off

If the girl dries off the puppy, then the puppy will want to eat 

If the puppy wants to eat, then the girl will give him dinner 

If the puppy eats, then he will want to go to sleep

If the puppy wakes up from his sleep, then he will realize the girl had left school 

If the girl goes to school, then the puppy is left all alone 

If the puppy is left all alone, then her parents give the girl another puppy