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If You give a boy a basketball, then he will make a shot.

If You Give a Boy a Basketball, then he will make a shot


If he makes a shot, then he will keep shooting.

If he keeps shooting, then he will get good.

If he gets good, then he will join a team.

If he joins a team he will start to dribble.

If he starts to dribble, then he will blow by kids.



If he starts to blow by people, then he will get noticed by his coach. 

If he starts gets noticed by his coach, he will become a leader.

If he becomes a leader, hen he wil become a captian.


If he becomes a leader, then he will become a team captain.

If he becomes a team captain, start in his games.

If he starts in his games, then his team will make it to the championship game.

If his team makes it to the championship game, then it will be a close game.

If it is a close game, then he will be the go to guy.

If he is the go to guy, then he will take the last shot.

If he gets the last shot, then you give the boy a basketball.