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If You give A Kid A




By: Dominic Yorio 


Period 1 




If you give a kid a football,


Then he will throw the ball


If he throws the ball,


Then he will want to play QB


If he plays QB,



Then he will join the team



If he joins the team,


Then he will


become good at football


If he becomes good at football,



Then he will go to college for football




If he goes to college for football,


Then he will make his team great



If he makes his team great,


Then he will win the college




If he wins the championship,



Then he will go to the NFL



If he goes to the NFL



Then he will win the superbowl


If he wins a super bowl,



Then he will win multiple super bowl


If he wins multiple superbowls,



Then he will become elite


If he becomes elite,

Then he will be remembered


If he is remembered,


Then he will go down as one of


the greatest of all time


If he goes down as one of the greatest


of all time,


Then he will go to the hall of fame


If he goes to the hall of fame,

Then he will coach a football team


If he coaches a football team,


Then he will be a QB coach


 If he is a QB coach, 


 Then he has to get


 the QB a new ball


If he has to get the QB a new ball,


Then he will give a kid a football