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If you give a cat a banana

If you give a cat a banana, then he will try to eat it.

  1. If he tries to eat it, then it will
  2. choke and die.
  1. If he chokes and dies, then his family will be sad.

If his family's sad, then they will need a pet.

If they need a pet, then they will go to Petco. 

If they go to Petco, then they will meet Bob.

If they meet Bob, then he will show them cats.

If he shows them cats, then they will by one.

If they buy one, then they will buy food too.

If they buy food too, then they will be hungry.

If they are hungry, then they will eat lunch.

If they eat luch, then they will play with the cat.

If they play with the cat, then the cat will be tired.

If the cat is tired then, it will be hungry.

If the cat is hungry then, you will give it a banana.