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If You Give a Penguin Skis 

By Jackson Moller

Then he is going to want to go skiing. 

If you give a penguin skis...

If he wants to go skiing,



then you bring him to the slopes.






If you bring him to the slopes,



then he will get cold. 


If he gets cold,


then he will ask for a hat and gloves. 


If he asks for a hat and gloves,


then he will be warm. 


If he is warm,


then he will be ready to go on the ski lift. 


If he gets on the ski lift,


then he will ride to the top. 


If he gets to the top,


then he will adjust his skis. 


If his skis are adjusted,


then he will start to ski. 


If he starts to ski,


 then he will start doing tricks. 


If he starts doing tricks,


then he will lose his energy. 


If he loses his energy,


then he will stop skiing. 


If he stops skiing,


then he will take off his skis. 


If he takes off his skis,


then they will get stolen. 


If his skis get stolen,


then then he will go searching for the thief. 


If he catches the thief,


then he will get his skis back.


If he gets his skis back,


then he will want to go skiing.