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 Genndy Tartakovsky

By: Aziza Norova

Genndy Tartakovsky

I chose Genndy Tartakovsy because he is Russian kind oo like me. He also made one of my most favorite movies called "Hotel Transelvania" and "Hotel Transelvania 2".


Genndy Tartakovsky was born on January 17, 1970 in Moscow USSR. At a young age Genndy moved to Italy where he picked up art from his German neighbors daughter.  Later at the age of 7, Genndy moved to Chicago IL. He grew up to love Popeye and drew inspiration from it. After graduting high school he entered the California School of arts becacuse he was too late to apply to buisness school. While he was there he made two student films one of which inspired Dexter's Laboratory (1996). Some of his most notable works are: 'Dexter's Laboratory' 'The Powerpuff Girls'      'Samurai Jack'  'Star Wars: Clone Wars'  'Maruined'         'Sym-Bionic Titan'  'Iron Man'  'Hotel Transylvania' and   its sequel and the pilot of 'Steven Universe'. He also worked on 'Popeye ll' and is currently working on 'Can You Imagine?'