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Generals and Diplomats

WHO DO YOU TRUST   Diplomats and Generals The generals or the diplomats  They use different tactics and strategies, but th...
Diplomats and Generals
The generals or the diplomats?
They use different tactics and strategies, but they work for the same government.
The generals are a lot more direct. They shed blood and they do not beat about the bush
regarding what they seek to accomplish.
The generals are hard-hitters and proudly wear the badge of villains on their chest.
The diplomats on the other hand come as ‘friends’ and not as enemies.
They prefer to sit down and talk as trusted neighbors.
The diplomats present themselves as noble people seeking your best interest instead of your hurt.
The diplomats are villains who have perfected the art of hypocrisy.
By being so suave, the diplomats are great at deception.
In the end, both generals and diplomats work for the same government
Managers and Human Resources
Employees who encounter problems with managers go to the human resource department to seek
The managers are the villains. Human resources act as advocates for the employees.
Human resources are the diplomats of the corporate world while the managers are the generals.
In the end, both the managers and human resources work for the same executive leadership.
Preserving the well-being and sanctity of the company is the reason why both the managers and
human resources are established.
They are not established to serve the employees.
Do not run from the generals to seek help from the diplomats.
Doing so is a waste of your precious time.
Do not go from the managers to seek help from human resources.
Doing so is a complete waste of your resources.
Real help only comes from an independent entity who does not work for the company or
Only such a person or entity can truly work to solve the problems faced by those in need of help.
That is the pickle the world and its inhabitants found themselves in for a long time.
Trying to seek help from the oppression and chaos of the villain called ‘Ignorance’ by running to
the diplomats called ‘religion’ and ‘educational knowledge’.
These two witnesses both work for the same government of chaotic Ignorance.
The only real help could only come from outside the confines of this world of matter.
That is why Jesus the Christ came to help those who needed to escape the wicked system of this
realm of Ignorance.
Jesus is not affiliated with the villain, neither is he part of the hypocrites.
He is independent of both and He offers real help for those who need to escape the wickedness of
That is why He is hated both by the villain and the hypocrites whose sole purpose is to preserve
the government of Ignorance.