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"On and off 25 years"


"3 years"


How long have you been



"I honestly don't remember"


"7 years"


"around 20 years"

Why do you think you are still


"Everyone, even my family, assumes all of us [Homeless] do drugs, or waste our money on other bad habits. They don't want to give you money if you're just gonna waste it on bad habits"

"I personally choose to stay homeless. I'm used to it, and I make a good amount asking for money" 

"People think when you're homeless you deserve it, and that you don't deserve help or a job."

"People don't see us [Homeless] as real people"

"As a disbled person, I have a harder time getting a job and finding one I can do at the entry level"

How Did you become homeless?

"My debt from college was too much, and I wasn't able to find a job soon enough"

"At the time, I thought I was smarter and better than my parents, so I ran off"

"My parents kicked me out when I was 16, because I wasn't Christian like them"

"I went to jail when I was younger for shoplifting, and after that nobody wanted to hire me"

"I was in an accident and lost my leg a few years ago. I got fired and replaced and lost my home"