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Page 2 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
P. O. Box 898, Forked River, NJ 08731
Phone: 609.693.7490
Locally Owned & Operated Established 1971
JENNIFER L. GRAZIOSO, Publisher/President
NEXT ISSUE: March 2, 2017
February Senior Connection Luncheon
Mardi Gras Lacey Municipal Alliance
On Friday, February 24, 11:30 AM, the Municipal
Alliance is sponsoring a luncheon for Lacey Seniors
at Community Hall, Rt. 9 & Lacey Rd., Forked River to
celebrate Mardi Gras.
Join us for the revelry as we look forward to the
Spring thaw. Bourbon Street doesn't 't have anything on us!
If you pre-register by the Monday prior to the
luncheon the price will be $6.00. If you are pre-
registered, but do not pay until the day of the luncheon the
cost will be $7.00. If you do not register and come the day
of the luncheon, the cost is $8.00. To register or for
information, please call Heather at 609-693-1100, ext. 2217.
Italian American Social Club of Lacey
The Italian American Social Club of Lacey meets
the first Tuesday of the month at the Community Hall,
Route 9 and Lacey Road, Forked River, 7 PM.
For a digital copy of the Gazette visit our website at All rights reserved. No part of
this newspaper may be reproduced with express permission of the publisher. The opinions expressed by writers
published in the Gazette are not necessarily those of the newspaper. For advertising inquires please contact
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 3
Protect Your Assets From
Estate Taxes and Nursing Homes
Plan today for tomorrow by contacting
LL.M. Masters Degree in Taxation
More than 20 Years of Experience in
Wills, Probate, Powers of Attorney,
Guardianships, Trusts,
Asset Protection Planning,
Nursing Home Planning, Medicaid
and Estate Administration.
Please visit us at:
639 Lacey Road, Forked River
(609) 242-4300
Page 4 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
Email Marketing
Basics: Getting
Started in 2017
I’ve seen email
marketing become the most
powerful marketing channel
across many different industries. Aside from WORKING,
email marketing is highly measurable and affordable.
Depending on the amount of emails you send and the email
software you use, your email marketing could end up being
virtually free; I say virtually because if you are running the
campaigns yourself, your time is money!
If your business is brand new to email marketing or
simply has not been getting good results, follow me in this
article as I take it back to the basics with: what you need to
know to get started with email marketing.
1.Start building your email list.
Do not buy email addresses and do not add people
to your list without getting their permission. People are
more likely to open emails if they know who they come
from so if you buy emails, in my opinion, you’re wasting
your money. If you add people to your email marketing lists
who do not opt in, you are more likely to get reporting for
Get started building your email list by:
Adding a sign up box to your website.
Puracy has this simple sign up box on the bottom
left of its website. I like that it’s not intimidating
while tempting consumers: “Sign up for our
exclusive email offers!”
Driving sign ups through Facebook advertising.
Enticing users with sign up offers via print
2.Choose a reliable email marketing software.
You don’t want to use just your email with Gmail,
Outlook, or whatever else you use to check your email
you won’t be able to track and analyze results well. There
are a ton of email marketing softwares out there, many of
which offer free trials. I have been using iContact an am a
huge fan, but I do recommend you check out the free trials
and figure out which works best for you. I like iContact
because it’s not finicky when using template designers and
has superb customer support. Pricewise, it’s comparable to
3.Determine what kind of content you’ll push in
your mail marketing.
The type of content you will promote will be
dependent on your goals. Of course, at the end of the day
you want to get more sales, but how are you going to get
there through email marketing? Try these tactics:
Establish trust
Generate excitement
Create urgency
4.Develop an email marketing schedule.
This should work with your overall marketing schedule.
You don’t want to send too many emails out each month
(you could end up annoying your subscribers), but you also
don’t want to send too few. Choosing that exact number is
always a challenge as it varies from brand to brand. Accord-
ing to Smart Insights, 17 percent of companies are still
sending four to five emails to their contacts, while 8 percent
sends out emails 6 to 8 times per month. For the complete
stats, view the article on email marketing frequency.
5.Segment your lists.
This is one of the most important things you can do
as an email marketer. All customers are not created equal
and neither is email marketing. As you are just building
your email list, you may not have many emails to segment
but what I want you keep in mind are the differences
between your subscribers. For example, let’s say you’re a
realtor. You have a new listing that just came out in the
Forked River area selling for $400,000. On your list, you
have subscribers who are specifically looking in this area in
this budget, but you also have subscribers who could no
way afford this budget and have no desire to live in the area
don’t send the people who don’t qualify an email trying to
sell them on this property.
6.Craft engaging content.
This may sound like a no brainer, but you can’t
imagine how many emails I’ve gotten that had a design
painful to my soul and copywriting that just did not make
sense (also painful to my soul). If you’re not a writer who
does not have any graphic design experience, hire someone
who does. P.S. I’m available!
Creating engaging content starts with the subject line, which
I defer you to HubSpot for: 17 Tips & Best Practices for
Writing Catchy Email Subject Lines.
Email marketing is a good thing and I hope you
will have fun crafting your messages. Here’s to your
Marisa Sanfilippo is a journalist turned
award-winning marketing professional who
has more than six years experience developing
and executing marketing campaigns for small
and medium sized businesses. Her work has
been featured on Huffington Post, Social
Media Today,, Patch, and other publications.
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 5
Page 6 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
William J. Rempel
630 W. Lacey Road,
Forked River, New Jersey 08731
(609) 971-1884 Telephone
Certified Matrimonial Attorney
Qualified Family Law Mediator Per R. 1:40
More than 20 years experience in Family Law
Focus is entirely on the area of family law, which demonstrates commitment
and dedication to this area of law. Regardless of the challenges of a case, he
will work towards an effective solution that is aligned with your goals.
Accepting Cases in All Areas of Family Law, including those involving:
Division of Assets & Debts
Child Support
Child Custody
Prenuptial Agreements
Domestic Violence
Modification of Alimony
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 7
Happy Birthday Ivy Cottage Gifts!
Written by Jennifer L. Grazioso
Guess who's two? Ivy Cottage Gifts is celebrating
its second year in Forked River on February 12, 2017. They
want to share this wonderful celebration with you during
their birthday week, February 12-18, 2017. So, come on in
and wish Ivy Cottage a 'Happy Birthday' and get a free gift
with purchase. Plus, check out their Facebook posts sharing
sales during the whole month of February.
Ivy Cottage has had many highlights throughout
the past two years.
Since 2015 Ivy Cottage has remodeled their sales
floor giving them more floor space, which enabled owners,
Diamond and Rob Frandsen to add new product lines as
well to expand customer favorites.
Two new product lines, Peaceable King and For
Tea Sakes, have been added to the store. Peaceable
Kingdom is a line of kids'
cooperative games, in which
players compete
against the game and
not each other. This
company is all about
putting down
technology and
connecting with your
family. It is family-owned and based out of
California. For Tea Sakes offers a unique,
distinctive, and high quality tea blends. They select only
the top 5% of the crops yields from all over the world.
Ivy Cottage has also been able to
expand their Stonewall Kitchen line to
include Gluten-Free and Organic. Some of
the gluten-free items include pancake and
waffle mix mix, herbed pizza crust mix,
cornbread mix and many others. Some of
the organic items are: maple apple onion
jam, Maine blueberry cherry jam, sweet
chili jam, and many others. In the past
two years, Ivy Cottage was invited to join
Stonewall Kitchen's "Jam Tour", which is a wonderful
Diamond has expanded the services available for
weddings. Newly engaged brides are encouraged to set up a
free consultation. During the consultation, Diamond and
the bride (as well as groom and other members) will explore
likes/dislikes, theme, the Bride's Pinterest boards. Diamond
can assist brides with the following services: Gift Baskets,
favors, place cards, signs (Bride/Groom/Use our Hashtag),
seating arrangements, bridal shower, wedding day set-ups,
decor and design work.
Brides can customize Gift Baskets to make their
wedding day even more memorable. Ivy Cottage offers Gift
Baskets for the "Out of Town Guest", "Bridesmaid/
Groomsmen", "Flower Girl/Ring Bearer", the ideas are
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Page 8 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 9
Continued from Page 7 ~ Happy Birthday Ivy Cottage
Let's not forget that brides, mother of the bride,
bridesmaid, etc., can shop in the wedding department at Ivy
Cottage for many beautiful items like the bride and groom
champagne glasses, wedding cake forks, a variety of frames,
and so much more to use throughout the whole wedding
When you walk into Ivy Cottage Gift Baskets for
the first or second or tenth time you can expect excellent
customer service with a friendly face. They offer unique
gifts with an ever-changing line-up of to fit the upcoming
seasons and holidays.
"We can assist someone with their idea by
gathering, creating and sourcing it," said Diamond
A matter of fact a customer, Judy, noticed on the
window outside of Ivy Cottage the Esty sign. Judy decided
to come in and ask for some assistance. She wanted
personalized labels to put inside the handmade sweaters she
knit for her grandchildren, but was unable to navigate Etsy.
Diamond sat with her and found a designer she liked; and
the labels are shipping in a couple of weeks. Here is an
example of going above and beyond for the customer; note
there was no charge for the service for Judy.
Their gift baskets are exceptionally crafted. You
can select from the already made gift baskets or you can
collect products and create your own. There is a basket for
every occasion: birthday, sympathy, new home, and more.
Speaking of new home, Diamond offers house accounts to
realtors (and any other professionals) to create and deliver
gift baskets to their clients as thank yous.
Diamond Frandsen, past President of Rotary
Forked River, supports her hometown by participating in the
Rotarian Thanksgiving and Elf programs as well as many
other programs throughout the year. She donates to the
Lacey Foodbank each month. Ivy Cottage is in a
partnership with GreenBriar Women's Club donating to
their Fashion Show, which the proceed go towards local
scholarships. She is also in a partnership with Lacey High
School DECA club, in which students work at the store to
learn about entrepreneurship. Ivy Cottage gives donations
to many of the cheer teams, basketball teams, as well the
PTA; to name a few. Diamond's husband, Rob, is a
volunteer fireman, 3rd generation, for Forked River with 24
years of service.
"We really are a hometown gift shop. We've seen
the community change and reflect the needs of the
community. As much as we support the community we
want the community to support us back," Diamond stated.
Ivy Cottage will be at Manahawkin Holiday Inn on
February 19 for the Elegant Bridal Show from 1-4pm.
Ivy Cottage Gift Basket
is located at 407 Lacey Road,
Forked River and is open 7 days a
weeks; 609-693-1914.
They deliver locally and ship
Attention All Marines
If you served in the U.S. Marine Corps we'd like to
make contact with you.
The Southern Ocean Marines is assembling a
directory of the Globe and Anchor brotherhood who live in
Southern Ocean County.
There are no dues or formal meetings and you
won't be asked to contribute to causes. What is intended is
that you will be advised of occasional Marine Corps
activities taking place in the area.
Parents feel free to send info on your son or
daughter currently serving on active duty.
Send e-mail with name, address, rank/grade, MOS
and years in the Corps to Doug Rattazzi, Officer in Charge
at: Semper Fi.
The Order of St. Luke
The Order of St. Luke is a Healing Ministry. On
the last Sunday of each month, prayers of healing are
provided following Holy Eucharist at the 8 and 10 am
services at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. Members are
also available Sunday services near the baptismal font. In
addition, prayers are offered at our 10am Healing Service
on Thursdays.
Anyone is welcome to join our services or come to
our meetings. They are held the second Thursday of each
month at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, 180 Route 539,
Whiting. Members read, study, and question together.
Contact Stefanie at 732-350-2904.
Call now to schedule your appointment
(609) 488-2325
“Wisdom” Teeth Extraction • Laser Soft Tissue Procedures
Biopsy & Pathology • Digital X-Rays & 3-D Scans
General Anesthesia • Conscious Sedation • Nitrous Oxide
Botox & Juvederm
We treat patients of all ages.
Kathy A. Banks, DMD
249 S. Main Street, Unit 4
Barnegat, NJ 08005
(609) 488-2325
Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Specialty Permit #4070
Page 10 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
Rotary Minute
~~ from the Public Relations desk
Welcome 2017!!! The members of
the Rotary Club of Forked River have been
busy not only in wrapping up their 2016 year
-end projects but also in setting in place the plans and
programs that promise to make 2017 a stellar year for
Rotary and our Community!!
Ending ’16 on a high note was the Annual Holiday
Elf Program. Santa's Helpers (aka the LTHS Interact Club)
along with their Rotary mentors arrived at WalMart, armed
with shopping lists, at the crack of dawn on Friday 12/9
ready to shop until they all dropped!! Thank You to the
community, businesses and individuals who supported our
various fundraisers throughout the year so that the Elf
Program could continue to give and grow and make wishes
come true for 380 Lacey and Waretown children during the
2016 Holiday Season!!
Our year ended with our Annual Rotary Family
Brunch with Santa. Our littlest Rotarians-2-B were treated
to a visit from Santa himself, along with sharing in family
friendly activities, goodie bags, Christmas caroling and hot
No sooner did the last light go out on the
Christmas Tree than the lights lit up the Rotary marquee
announcing the 1st Main Event of the ’17 Season!!!
Scheduled for January 29st, the 3 rd Annual Chefs Night
Out promised to be even more delicious than last year’s
gastronomical success!! Stay tuned for complete coverage
and photos in next month’s edition of the Gazette!!
SAVE THE DATE!! The Lacey Township Interact
Club in partnership with the Forked River Rotary Proudly
Present the Harlem Wizards vs. the Lacey Warriors!! This
family fun night will take place on February 28th at Lacey
High School. The proceeds from this event will go towards
scholarships for local students, local charitable causes, and
local and international service projects. A poster contest and
a school assembly featuring a Wizard player will take place
in our elementary schools in the coming weeks. Also
available are sponsorship opportunities for local business
and professionals. Please contact any Rotarian for more
information on how you can be part of this Hometown
Family Event!
Check our Facebook page, Rotary Club of Forked
River, for more details on tickets and advance registration!
Come meet the Wizards at this Family Fun Night sponsored
by Lacey Township High School Interact Club and their
Rotary mentors!
Back by Popular Demand....but bigger and better
than ever before ....The Rotary Club of Forked River will
once again host a Doggie Derby on June 4, 2017. There will
be vendors, activities for all ages and of course, the dogs!!
The day will feature canine demonstrations, contests, prizes,
vendors and food!! Activities and a play area for children
are planned as well to make this Derby Day a pet and family
friendly day! Stay tuned to this column and our Facebook
page, Rotary Club of Forked River, for more information!
It is with deep sadness that we share the loss of a
dear and valued friend. William S. Whitson, a long time
member of the Forked River Rotary family and the recipient
of 5 Paul Harris Awards for service to Rotary and our
community passed away in December. Although Bill
worked extensively with many Rotary community projects,
his most ardent campaign was to provide full Thanksgiving
dinners to the needy families in Lacey Township. With Bill
at the lead and working closely with the Lacey Food Bank,
other community partners and his fellow Rotarians this
program was responsible for providing full Thanksgiving
dinners to thousands of people over the years. Mr. Whitson
is survived by his wife Susie (Sally Anne Bitzer), daughter
Dawn Whitson Davis, son William Scott Whitson, and
granddaughters Emily Anne Whitson and Sarah Scott
Whitson Services were held on 12/28/16 at the Forked River
Presbyterian Church. The family has requested that
donations be made in Bill Whitson's honor to the Forked
River Rotary Club.
Be Our Guest!!! Becoming a member of the Rotary
Club of Forked River is more than just attending meetings
and supporting fundraisers. Being a member of Rotary
means forging friendships and associations that reach far
beyond Lacey. With more than 33,000 Rotary Clubs
worldwide and 1.2 million fellow Rotarians our
opportunities to Serve Humanity has never been greater.
The Rotary Club of Forked River provides programs and
opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.
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FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 11
Page 12 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 13
Fashion Show
The Woman's Club of Lacey will be hosting a
Fashion Show on Saturday, April 1, 2017 at 12 noon in the
Community Hall, E Lacey Road and Route 9 N, Forked
River. Fashions are sponsored by Macy's, cost is $25.00
which includes lunch, fashion show and entertainment.
Come and enjoy the fun. For information call Fran at 609-
Lacey Library February Events
February 2, 11, 18, & 25 9-10am--English as a Second
Language--Free English Classes to begin on Saturday,
September 10th at 9 am. Clases de ESL gratis comienzan el
sάbado, 10 de septiembre. Please register at the library on
September 10. Sponsored by the Ocean First Foundation
and the Ocean County Library Foundation.
February 11, 12-1pm--Lunch n Learn Series: Social
Media 101: Beginners Guide to Getting Your Business
Connected presented by Adam Binder from Creative Click
Media. This series is in partnership with the Lacey
Chamber of Commerce. Lunch provided by the Chamber,
so please register so we can get a head count. See you there!
February 21, 4:40pm--Let's Make Art--Heather
Popielarczyk will teach art to special needs children ages 8-
16, and their siblings. This program made possible by a
grant from the Kearny Bank Foundation. Please register
February 25, 2-3:30pm--Come on Down to Motown--
Come on down to Motown. Please join us for this lively,
interactive, feel-good tribute performance by BJ and the
To register call 609-693-8566 or go to our website: http://
Forked River Old Guard Meeting
The Forked River Old Guard, a non-affiliated
social club for men 55 and older, meets every Monday at
the Lacey Township Community Hall on the corner of Rt. 9
N and E. Lacey Rd. Social hour begins at 9 AM followed
by a general membership meeting at 10 AM. New members
Thyroid Support Group
The next meeting of the Thyroid Support Group
will be on Monday, February 20, 2017 at 10am at St.
Stephen's Episcopal Church, 180 Route 539, Whiting.
Monthly meetings are held to educate and support people
with a thyroid problem, interest in thyroids, or a potential
thyroid problem. If you have any questions, please call the
Facilitator, Stefanie at (732) 350-2904.
Crestwood Village Garden Club
March 14, 2017--Philadelphia Garden Show--"Holland:
Flowering the World"; $61pp
For information call Stefanie at 732-350-2904.
Page 14 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
Continued from Page 10 ~ Rotary Minute
Locally, the Rotary Club of Forked River provides for
scholarships and youth programs, ongoing park improve-
ments, educational aids and holiday food and gift programs
for needy families and so much more. As members of Ro-
tary International, we play a role in End Polio Now and the
Gift of Life Project. International advancement in providing
for clean water and educational opportunities also tops the
list of ongoing international projects. We invite you to be-
come a member of Rotary. We offer both day and evening
meetings to accommodate today’s busy schedules. The Ro-
tary Club of Forked River and its Evening Satellite Division
meets on Tuesdays at the Captains Inn.
Flea Market/Garage Sale On April 1
The Forked River Presbyterian Church is
sponsoring an INDOOR Flea Market on Saturday, April 1
from 9AM to 2PM.
Rent a table for $15.00 and sell your merchandise
or rent two tables for $25.00. You keep all the profits. We
provide: 6 foot tables, publicity throughout the area, town
permits, and parking. Refreshments and lunch will be
available for purchase.
A Home Baked Dessert Table will be featured.
Also available are beautifully hand crafted items for the
season, books and games, jewelry, toys, and household
Call the Church Office at 609-693-5624 weekdays
between 9 AM and 1 PM for additional information or a
registration form. Space is limited so register early.
Deadline to register is Wednesday, March 29. We are
located at 131 North Main Street (Route 9) where
EVERYONE is welcome!
Woman's Club of Lacey
Woman's Club of Lacey meets every second
Wednesday of each month at 10:30 am at the Lacey
Community Hall, Route 9N and E. Lacey Road, Forked
River. The club is organized exclusively for charitable and
educational purposes, and is a non-profit
organization. Membership is opened to all women. Visit us
on our website and come out
to our meeting, see what the Woman's Club is all about and
how you can get involved. For more information and
membership contact Adrienne at 732-604-5042 or email
Lacey Garden Club News
On Thursday, March 2nd, the Lacey Garden Club
is offering a craft program. We will be doing a decoupage
"Spring" rabbit. The complete kit will be provided for a
cost of $10, payable at the meeting. The club meets at
Community Hall in Forked River, located at the corner of
Route 9 and Lacey Road. The social time is at 1:00,
followed by the business meeting and program at
1:30. New members are always welcome. No gardening
experience needed.
Master Gardeners of Ocean County Bus
Trip to Philadelphia Flower Show
The Master Gardeners of Ocean County are
offering a bus trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show leaving
from the Agriculture Center in Toms River on Wednesday,
March 15th. The theme of the show is "Holland, Flowering
the World." The time is 12:00 pm to an approximate return
to Toms River of 9:30 pm. The price of $59 includes the
bus and ticket to the Flower Show. No refunds. Deadline
for receipt of payment is March 1st. For more information
on how to obtain a ticket, please
American Legion Post 517 Lacey Twp.
Lacey Township American Legion Post 517 holds
its monthly meeting at 1pm on the first Monday of each
month at the Lacey Community Center, located at Route 9
and Lacey Road. All veterans welcome to visit. New
members always welcome or call Roy at 609-693-8150 for
more information.
Friends of Lacey Library
The Friends are sponsoring a Paint Party for adults
at the Lacey Library on Wednesday, April 5, at
6:00pm. The cost is $25.00 which includes all supplies. No
art experience necessary. Space is limited to 20 people.
Registration is being taken at the library. Payment
for class is due on registering. Check is payable to Friends
of Lacey Library. For more information, call 609-693-
The Optical Shop of Lacey
The Optical Shop (Roger W. Naylor, Optician) is pleased
to welcome Kirk Optometry, LLC
(Tara Kirk, OD-Optometrist) inside his practice.
Dr. Kirk will be offering Comprehensive Eye Exams,
Pediatric Eye Exams, InfantSee Exams,
Red Eye and Emergency Care,
Contact Lens Fittings, and Vision Therapy.
Roger W. Naylor
Tara Kirk, OD
Living, working and serving Lacey Township
since 1978 providing quality and service with
old-fashioned craftsmanship.
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 15
Lacey Food Bank
“A Community Caring, By Sharing”
Food Distribution Dates For 2017
Feb 16 12:00-1:30pm Feb 17 9:00-10:30am
Mar 16 12:00-1:30pm Mar 17 9:00-10:00am
Apr 20 12:00-1:30pm Apr 21 9:00-10:00am
May 18 12:00-1:30pm May 19 9:00-10:00am
Jun 15 12:00-1:30pm Jun 16 9:00-10:00am
Jul 20 12:00-1:30pm Jul 21* 9:00-10:00am
Aug 17 12:00-1:30pm Aug 18 9:00-10:00am
Sep 21 12:00-1:30pm Sep 22* 9:00-10:00am
Oct 19 12:00-1:30pm Oct 20 9:00-10:00am
Nov 16 12:00-1:30pm Nov 17 9:00-10:00am
Dec 21 12:00-1:30pm Dec 22* 9:00-10:00am
All distributions will be held at the Food Bank
building, on the corner of 102 Station Drive and Parker; one
block in from Route 9. Entry is at the REAR of the
If you are unable to get to us due to disability or
illness, call for assistance in getting your food. Leave a
message on the food bank machine at 609-242-2848 and
someone will call you back.
Knights of Columbus Trips
February 28, 2017--Trip to Sands Casino, Bethlehem,
PA, includes transportation, driver gratuity, $30 casino
credit and $5 food coupon. $39pp
April 5-6, 2017--Dover Downs Casino & Delaware Park
Casino includes hotel, transportation, breakfast & dinner,
$50 slot play and $30 slot play at Delaware Park. $182pp
April 27, 2017--Trip to American Music Theater to see
"Las Vegas Legends" show. Lunch at Shady Maple,
transportation and driver gratuity. $95pp
June 6, 2017--Trip to Huntington Hills Playhouse
includes "Legends of Pop Show", lunch, taxes, tips,
transportation, and driver gratuity. $110pp
July 9, 2017--Trip to Kutztown Festival, PA includes
admission, transportation and driver gratuity. $45pp
July 16-23, 2017--Bermuda Cruise on the Celebrity
Summit from Bayonne. Starting at $1,199pp
For information and reservations, please contact Charles
Serwin at 609-978-0970.
World Day of Prayer
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, 180 Route 539,
Whiting, is the site of this year's celebration of World Day
of Prayer in Whiting. The event will take place on Friday,
March 3, 2017, at 2 PP. The public is invited to attend.
"Am I being unfair to you?" is the theme of the
service inspired by the women of the Philippines. The focus
is on Matthew 20:1-16. This is the story of the laborers in
the vineyard. The Bible study and worship service invite us
to explore concepts of economic justice both in the
Philippines" context and around the world, and our response
in light of God's generosity.
This year's celebration is part of a worldwide
celebration with women all over the world doing this
service on the same day. Each year, a group of women
from a specific country write an entire worship service.
This ecumenical spirit encourages prayer and action
everywhere. It makes it more powerful.
Members of three Whiting Churches: Christ
Lutheran , Community Reformed Church, and St. Stephen's
will be involved in readings and music relating to the
Philippines. Members of Church Women United an all
people are welcome to join the service.
A planning meeting will be held at St. Stephen's on
Friday, February 3 at 10 AM.
Refreshments will be provided by the Episcopal
Church Women (ECW) of St. Stephen's following the
service. A free will offering helps to continue World Day
of Prayer Projects throughout the world. Come join us! If
you have any questions, call Stefanie Rotsaert at 732-350-
American Polish Club of Whiting
April 30, 2017 - May 7, 2017 - A 7 night cruise to
Bermuda, leaving from NYC on the Norwegian
June 5-8, 2017--Visit Wildwoods, Atlantic City, Cape
May and Smithville Village. Featuring all you can eat
Wildwood Seafood Feast; Resorts Casino; tour and shop
Victorian Cape May and Smithville Village. $349pp
October 2-4, 2017--Travel to Finger Lakes for a Wine
Tour--visiting Belhurst Castle on the shore of Lake Seneca,
Sonnenberg Gardens and Wine Center; Fox Run Vineyards
with a visit to Corning Museum of Glass. $389pp
For Further Information Call Ed 732- 350-0216
Page 16 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
Spring Activities at St. Francis
Community Center
Registration for spring activities at St. Francis
Community Center is scheduled for Monday, February 13 at
9:00am. The Community Center is located at 4700 Long
Beach Blvd., Long Beach Township NJ.
Brochures can be picked up at St. Francis
Community Center or online at:
Programs at the St. Francis Aquatic Center: All
levels of swimming instruction: Water Tots, 4 Year Old
Beginner Swim, Beginner Level 1, Beginner Level 2, and
Intermediate; Private and Semiprivate swim lessons;
Additional Aquatic programs are: Lifeguard Training,
CPR/AED Training for the Professional Rescuer,
Competitive Swim and Spring Swim
Clinic; Arthritis Water Exercise,
Aquatic Aerobics and Deep Water
Aerobics. St. Francis Recreation
Programs: All Level Yoga ; All-In-One
Fitness; Dick Manzo’s Spring
Basketball Clinic; Tot and Tyke
Basketball; Pickleball; Boating Safety
Course NJ Certified
An affordable, yearly
membership entitles persons to lower
rates for many activities and free
admission to “Open Gym”. Pool
Memberships are also available for 6
months or yearly for individual or
Serving the entire Southern
Ocean County area, the Community
Center offers the area’s original
Vacation Club for children ages five
through thirteen. A Senior Center;
Recreation & Aquatic Programs;
Counseling, Family and Parenting
Services; Volunteer Program and many
special events are also offered year-
round. The Center’s facilities include: a
regulation gymnasium,
competition-size indoor pool and two
heated outdoor pools.
St. Francis Community Center
provides year-round educational, social,
recreational and self-development
activities and programs for all ages. For
more information please view our web
site at: or
call the Center at 609-494-8861.
Village II Mardi Gras
On Saturday, February 25 The
Residents Club of Crestwood Village 2
will have a Mardi Gras Dance from
7:00 to 11:00. Music will be provided
by Don Pesce. Soft Drinks, munchies,
coffee and cake will be provided. Also we will have sample
plates of Jambalaya and Red Beans and rice. BYOB
Tickets are $10.00 and sold in Harmony Hall
Activity Room every Wednesday and Friday from 9:30am
to 11:00am until February 17.No tickets will be sold at the
door. For more information, call Linda at 732 716 1928 or
Fran at 732 581-2290, Monday to Friday from 9am- 5pm.
The Meadows of Lake Ridge Trips
Wednesday, March 29 Crab Trap Lunch plus Resorts
Casino; $60.00 pp
Thursday May 4, 2017 - Ellis Island and lunch on your own
at Harold’s; $59.00 pp
Call Cathy (732-350-2189) or Terry (732-849-6939)
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 17
Page 18 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
Mark R. Vogel
I Did it My Way
Everyone has heard the term “control freak,” which
describes a personality dominated by a need to control
others and situations. In essence, the person wants things
done their way with little or no regard for other’s wishes.
The truth of the matter is we’re all control freaks; it’s just a
matter of degree. It’s human nature to pursue our innate
inclinations and construct an environment amenable to our
desires. As stated, some of us are worse than others, but
who doesn’t prefer to have things their own way? Such is
the human condition.
Obviously this drive can manifest itself in any area
of human experience but I find it particularly noteworthy in
the culinary realm. Everybody has their own way of doing
things in the kitchen. Think about when you were growing
up. Your family members had their own style of cooking.
You probably adopted some of their practices and added
some peculiarities of your own. Now you have your own
style. But how flexible were your mentors in the kitchen?
And how flexible are you when others diverge from your
accustomed techniques?
A neighbor of mine saw my osso buco recipe in
one of the publications that I write for. She sharply asserted
in a judgmental tone: “I never heard of putting parsnips and
turnips in osso buco,” (as if to say), I’ve never done it that
way so it’s wrong. I am awestruck by the folks who think
that their life experiences are the eternal truth for the rest of
us. It’s one thing to have your own way of doing things.
It’s a whole other psychological ballpark to believe that
your way is the gold standard. Obviously I am not referring
to culinary situations where there’s clearly a right and a
wrong way for performing certain tasks. I’m alluding to the
innumerable “gray zone” situations that have multiple
approaches and the individuals who think their way is right
and everybody else’s is wrong.
The professional kitchen undoubtedly offers the
best examples of narcissism of this magnitude. I’ll never
forget the day a fellow chef chastised me for whipping my
cream in a circular motion as opposed to a side to side
motion. Or the chef who told me to hold the asparagus
perpendicular to the cutting board as opposed to parallel
when peeling it. This is the level of egocentric kookiness
I’m talking about. And the individuals who insist on having
things done in their own idiosyncratic manner always have a
plausible explanation for their modus operandi. Their
routine is always the fastest, the easiest or the tastiest. Yet
every chef who has a different approach to the task will say
the same thing, so as they say, you do the math.
Even in cooking school there were a variety of
techniques that the chefs disagreed on. These were
seasoned professionals with years of experience and they
still couldn’t reach a consensus on some practices. But
what I found most striking was not that there was a diversity
of opinion, but that there was an arrogance of opinion. Each
one thought their procedure was right and either verbally or
non-verbally rebuked the other chefs for their “incorrect”
Virtually every restaurant chef dreams of having
his own restaurant someday. No, not just for the money. So
he can do things his own way! So he can finally free
himself of the countless number of other chefs who have
been over his shoulder for years barking at him about how
to do things. Or, for the true control freak, liberation from
other’s domination is not enough. He also relishes the
opportunity to turn the tables and make others do things his
way. Identification with the aggressor certainly has its
psychic rewards.
I think the kitchen is highly amenable to control
issues because 1) there are numerous ways to approach
culinary tasks and 2) although some rules are etched in
stone, many are open to interpretation, debatable, and/or
flexible enough to allow for a great divergence in
implementation. When the rules are iron clad and
objectively valid, then external reality regulates the
situation. But when there is an absence of hard and fast
rules, or the “rules” are subjective, then people control the
situation based on their interpretation of the rules.
But what makes people so dogmatic about their
methods? I think that once again the frailty of the human
ego comes into play. Anyone who thinks that their way is
always right, and/or insists that others do likewise, is
inevitably struggling with insecurities. You might retort
with: “But doesn’t the head chef have a right to have things
his way?” Absolutely. That’s not in dispute. The question
is: Why do some possess an absolutistic NEED to assert
that right to extreme proportions? I worked for a head chef
who stood next to his line cooks incessantly yelling
criticisms for their almost every move during the entire
dinner rush. Such behavior has nothing to do with his
“rights” and everything to do with his craziness.
When too much ego comes into play we lose sight
of the real goals. Producing correctly prepared,
aesthetically pleasing, and delicious food, in an efficient and
cost-conscious manner takes a back seat to pedantic
regimentation. Nazi-chef will claim that quality is his
motivation but there are plenty of chefs who get the job
done without the Machiavellian mindset. Once again, such
behavior speaks more to the person’s character than the
seemingly plausible goal of quality control. Excessive
controlling demoralizes and stresses out staff, undermines
their respect for you, increases staff turnover, and frequently
leads to passive-aggressive behavior. It matters if things are
done right, but don’t right things that don’t matter.
Resident Club Village 5 Dance
Come out to our Feb 3 Dance with music by "
Peter Lieberman. Our dance is from 7pm to 11 pm. Tickets
are $8.00 in advance and $10.00 at the door. They can be
purchased every Tuesday from 11 am to noon at Hilltop
Clubhouse or purchase them at our dances, 325
Schoolhouse Rd, Whiting. We supply set-up drinks, bottled
water, snack, dessert, coffee, Tea. Call Debbie @ 201-618-
8514 to reserve your tickets or table.
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 19
Waretown Library February Events
February 7, 1-2pm--Why Volunteer for Hospice?-- Have
you considered hospice volunteering, but couldn't imagine
what the experience might be like? Hospice volunteers will
explain their role on the hospice team, discuss their
experiences and address your questions and
concerns. Please register.
February 17, 3:30-4:30pm--Cupcake Wars--May the best
cupcake win! You will choose a book from the library and
compete with others to decorate your cupcake to fit the
books theme. Judging will be done at the end, with a prize
for the winner! Ages 12-18. Please register.
These programs are free and open to the public. Please
register online at or by
calling 609 693-5133.
Township of Ocean Recreation Trips
All trips depart from the 11
St Community Center in
Waretown unless otherwise noted. Please note that a
minimum of 40 participants required to run each bus trip.
1. Feb 15, 2017--600 Main Tea Room in Toms
River $34pp includes soup, salad finger sandwiches and
tea. (no transportation provided) Payment due in FULL at
time of registration
2. Mar 17, 2017--Philadelphia Flower Show; $62 includes
transportation and admission
3. April 5, 2017--Caesar’s Casino: Menopause the
Musical; $70 includes show ticket $25 slot play and
4. April 10, 2017--NY Mets vs. Philadelphia Phillies;
$42 (this is Dollar Dog Night)
June 14, 2017--Touring Show “The Buddy Holly Story” at
the Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope Pa $85
For more information on these trips please email Jeanne
Broadbent at
Join Up For Girl Scouts!
The Girl Scout year is in Full Swing now....but
there is still plenty of time to sign up and join the fun !
We are always accepting new girls into scouting so existing
troops are filling up quickly, leaving hundreds of girls on
the waiting list ! There is a shortage of leaders, volunteers,
and co-leaders at every level in every town.
Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore serves girls in
grades K-12, including Special Needs in all of
Monmouth and Ocean Counties. You can become a leader
of a troop or volunteer to help a troop. You do not need to
have any prior experience as a leader or a Girl Scout or have
a daughter in a troop ! All you need to have is the desire to
make a difference in girls' lives ! Girl Scouts provides you
with the training, support, and program materials that you
need to be a leader of your own troop. As a leader, you can
choose your level, meeting day, time, place, and GSJS will
be there to help and support you along the way.
Registration for adults and girls can be done on
line through the GSJS website or by calling 732-349-4499
for information. Financial Aid is available for girls as well
as adults.
Upcoming 2017 Wine Festivals in New
The third-annual Waretown Spring Wine Festival
will return on Saturday, April 22
and Sunday, April 23
the Waretown Recreation and Lake Area, located at 182
Wells Mill Road.
The yearly two-day event will feature tastings from
a number of award-winning Garden State wineries. The cost
to attend is $15 in advance or $20 at the gate for those over
The Lakewood BlueClaws will again host the 7th
annual Jersey Shore Wine Festival at Lakewood's
FirstEnergy Park, on Saturday, June 10 through Sunday,
June 11. The 2017 Jersey Shore Wine Festival will feature
samplings from a variety of wineries from throughout the
state. The cost to attend is $20 in advance or $30 at the gate
for those over 21. A two-day combo ticket will also be
Both festivals will be held from 12 p.m. noon to 5
p.m. EST each day, and will include live entertainment,
retail vendors, crafters, and food trucks.
Net proceeds from both wine festivals will be
donated to Sylvia's Children, a Holmdel-based 501(c)3
organization working since 2003 to improve the lives of
more than 1,000 children in Uganda, Africa.
For more information, contact Sylvia Allen
at or 732-946-2711.
Page 20 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
Examination of Various Ocean
County Residents
Written by: Chelsea Eriksen
Having grown up in Ocean County in a big house
in the woods, one thing I never thought much about was
homelessness. This just wasn’t something I was exposed to
during my childhood in Forked River. It wasn’t until my
family began taking me into New York City as a young
adult that I even became aware of the concept of people
without homes. When I first came into contact with a
homeless person there, and saw it manifested before me, I
remember feeling deeply rattled and confused.
Years later, as an adult, I made New York City my
home for 5 years and this idea of homelessness became an
everyday reality for me. I encountered them sleeping on
benches in subway stations, picking through trash on city
streets, begging for money outside of buildings. On one
occasion, I saw a homeless woman shivering in the dead of
winter, loosely wrapped in some stained and fraying
blankets. I gave her some money and was soon after
fiercely scolded by a friend, “they’re not human!” he had
told me then. But that’s just not something I’ve ever been
really able to accept.
Recently after speaking with Reverend Steve
Brigham, the former de-facto leader of Tent City (an
outlawed homeless encampment in Lakewood), I’m
beginning to understand how much of an issue this is in my
own backyard.
Reverend Steve Brigham began working with the
homeless in 1999 when a man in a boarding home in
Jackson asked Brigham for help with his next month’s rent.
The man was unable to find work and had no transportation.
Brigham, realizing that this man was in dire straights,
decided to help him by offering to set up a camp in the
woods and bring by food and necessities as often as he
could. The man, having no other viable options, agreed, and
began to establish a home there. Soon after, the man
stumbled upon others living in the woods, but without any
form of shelter. The man invited them to join him and
Brigham then supplied them tents, sleeping bags and an
outdoor cook stove; thus began Tent City.
After getting to know the people living in the
camp, he began to understand how large the homeless
population in Ocean County was and began to seek out
those looking for refuge. He commented, “In Lakewood I
found about fifteen people living in abandoned cars off of
route 88 by the railroad tracks. At this point I realized there
was a problem, and I could make a difference.”
At the start, there were about six camps scattered
around northern Ocean County and the minister would bring
them any food or any other essentials he could find. That
first winter he began to realize how difficult it was for the
people living there to make it through the cold winter
nights. Brigham expanded, “One man named Vincent, a
Vietnam veteran, came down with pneumonia that first
winter. He was hospitalized, and after only two weeks in
the hospital, he died. That really hit me hard, and I realized
that the next winter I had to
find some way to bring heat
to their living
environment.” So, the next
winter he started using
propane heaters in the tents
which made a tremendous
difference for the resident’s living conditions.
After a few years, Tent City grew to around 30
people, and it was becoming difficult for Brigham to work
full-time and support the forest community. The minister
then decided to quit his 17-year career as a high voltage
electrical contractor, minimize his expenses and live off of
his pension money. He moved into one of the largest
growing camps in Lakewood and declared this site as the
“headquarters”. Brigham added, “I had always wanted to try
living in a teepee, so I built one and set up home. The
media, knowing there were no shelters in the area, were
quite supportive, and friendly. We were living in relative
peace and harmony for a few years, and things seemed to be
moving in the right direction. Our hopes were high that
something permanent might be created.”
It was around this time that there was a shift in
power in the politics of Lakewood, and there were many
who weren’t quite as fond of the growing tent community.
The town told Brigham they had to take down all of their
shanties and huts. “So, I passed around the sledge hammer,
and told the residents that they had to demolish their homes.
It was hard. Many with tears in their eyes, took the
sledgehammer to their home, thinking it would save the
community. Although we complied with everything they
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FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 21
Continued from Page 20 ~ People of the Pines
had asked us to do, about a week later the police came down
anyway to serve us eviction papers”.
The following court proceedings lasted around 2 ½
years, and Tent City received legal representation pro bono
from Jeff Wild of Lowenstein & Sandler. During this time
frame Brigham faced multiple arrests and confrontations
with the township. Brigham recalled, “The township sent
down the inspection department and gave me a ticket for
every tent, wood stove, and structure that didn't have a
permit.” In the end, Lakewood officials agreed to pay for
Tent City resident’s housing for 1 year in exchange for
forever closing the campsite. Brigham added, “The year of
housing went quick, and the conditions for the homeless of
Ocean County are worse today than they were ten years ago.
Lakewood created anti-homeless laws where if a homeless
person is found camping on public property they can be
fined $250, and be evicted”.
Currently, former Tent City residents, including
Brigham, have set up camp in the woods in Howell.
According to the minister, there are around seven people
residing in the main camp and there are other camps
scattered around neighboring towns. In regards to law
enforcement there, Brigham expanded, “they have been
very friendly, police and all.”
The minister hasn’t give up hope yet on creating a
more permanent solution. He has started a non-profit
organization entitled Destiny’s Bridge which, according to
it’s social media profile, aims to be an, “intentional
community dedicated to the task of providing a transitional
home for homeless adults where they can heal and start the
process of becoming productively integrated members of
society. The primary objective is to provide shelter,
sustenance, and medical care; opportunities for
rehabilitation and healing, and learning of employable skills
to facilitate integration back into mainstream society.” Visit for more information.
Chelsea Eriksen is a freelance writer and
marketing professional who has over 8 years
experience writing for major magazines,
websites and blogs. She graduated from Wells
College in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in
English and a minor in Advertising. Following
her graduation, she interned for Relix
Magazine and Big Hassle Media in NYC and
soon after joined Effective Immediately PR’s publicity team
in NYC and became Vice President until 2015. During her
time there, she helped to grow their team from 5 publicists
to over 25 in just 3 short years and expanded their offices to
the West Coast. She has worked with a range of clientele,
from independent artists and budding businesses all the way
up to major brands including Clarks, Converse and Sonos.
Currently she works as a PR/Marketing Coordinator for
Direct Development PR in Hazlet, NJ and resides in Forked
River, NJ. For any marketing, social media, public relations
or content writing needs, you can reach Chelsea at
Page 22 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
8 Tips to Improve Your Financial
What makes a couple successful in their financial
relationship? Ameriprise Financial surveyed over 1,500
couples (those married or living together for at least six
months) to learn about their money conversations and how
they make decisions. The results revealed eight ways you
can improve the financial health of your relationship:
1.Understand your partner’s money mindset. It’s normal
to have differing views and habits about money, but that
doesn’t mean you can’t agree on your financial goals.
Couples who report being on the same page financially
work to understand their partner’s approach to money and
keep the lines of communication open.
2.Make finances a priority and don’t give up. Couples
who are willing to have the hard conversations and who
work together to find financial harmony will reap the
benefits over time. As you might expect, the study found
that couples who had been together longer tend to have
better communication and are on the same page when it
comes to financial matters.
3.Agree on financial goals. It’s tough to pool your money
with someone who overspends or who isn’t willing to save
for the vacation you’ve always dreamed about. Sharing
financial goals does bring you closer togetheror at least
it’s one less thing to argue about. To make it easier to save,
challenge yourselves to add a timeframe to each goal so you
know what you’re working toward first.
4.Assign and accept financial roles and responsibilities.
Most couples split up tasks such as paying bills or
monitoring investments. Clear responsibilities allow you to
hold one another accountable without worrying if the cable
bill was paid. However, be sure to work together on tasks
such as retirement planning that requires close
5.Invest in your future together. Make it a priority to set
aside a portion of your earnings for short- and long-term
goals, including retirement. Know how much you
collectively have in retirement savingsa surprising 23
percent of couples are unsure of this number. If you have
kids, talk about how much you’d like to contribute to their
college expenses so you can save accordingly.
6.Set a spending limit. Spending habits were the leading
cause of contention for couples. Consider setting a spending
limit to ensure you’re on the same page as your partner
regarding large expenditures. On average, couples said a
purchase over $400 should trigger a discussion.
7.Understand that disagreeing is okay. According to the
Ameriprise study, even couples who say they’re in financial
harmony disagree on financial matters. What’s important
isn’t that the partners don’t always agree, but that 82 percent
resolve their issues and move on.
8.Enlist a professional to solidify your financial plan.
When you need an objective opinion or a deciding vote
meet with a financial advisor. Together the three of you can
create a financial plan that meets your specific needs as a
9.Ultimately, it feels good when you are in sync with your
partner regarding financial decisions and can work together
toward managing your finances. Couples who actively work
on improving their financial relationship will likely be less
frustrated over money matters and may even feel better
about their relationship overall.
The Ameriprise study on couples and money was
created by Ameriprise Financial, Inc. and conducted online
June 14-July 14, 2016 by Artemis Strategy Group among
1,514 U.S. opposite and same sex couples (married or living
together for at least six months with shared financial respon-
sibility) between the ages of 25-70 with at least $25,000 in
investable assets.
Daniel Covell, CRPC®, CLTC, is a Financial
Advisor and Vice President with RM Financial
Management, a financial advisory practice of
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. in West
Creek, NJ. He specializes in fee-based financial
planning and asset management strategies and
has been in practice for 15 years. To contact
him, call his office at (609) 318-8000 x2 or go to RM
Financial Management, a financial advisory
practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. 1064 S. Main
Street, Suite 1A, West Creek NJ 08092.
Investment advisory products and services are made available
through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., a registered invest-
ment adviser.
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC.
© 2016 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved.
King of the Hill Bowling Tournament
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church of Whiting, NJ
will host a monthly King of the Hill Bowling
Tournament on the last Sunday of each month
in 2017 at 5 pm, at Playdrome Lanes Toms
River, NJ.
The entry fee is $45 and the breakdown is as
follows: $31 Prize Fund, $11 Playdrome Lanes, and $3
St. Stephen’s Donation. The format is 4 games on the
same pair of lanes, then a cut to put the top qualifier from
the initial round and the sitting King of the Hill go head-to-
head in a final game roll off. Spots King through 5
will cash based on all paid entries. There will also be side
pots available to cash for 1
& 2
Place High Game and
High Series which are $5 to participate in each pot. A
championship medal will be awarded to the new King of the
Hill Champion, and there are medals available and will be
awarded for anyone who rolls a 300 game!
Come out and join us to see the finest bowlers in
the area go at it head-to-head in non-sanctioned, scratch
competition! It truly is something to watch as these bowlers
can really put on a terrific performance and put up
exhilarating scores! If you are considering entering our
tournament, please do where you too can be King for a day!
Registration and check in begins at 4:30 pm. For further
information please call: William Bodine III Tournament
Director @ 732-814-6683, Playdrome Lanes @ 732-349-
5345 or the St. Stephen’s Parish Office @ 732-350-2121.
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 23
American Cancer Society Relay For Life
of Berkeley/Lacey to Hold Kickoff on
Thursday, February 23, 2017
The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of
Berkeley/Lacey will hold a free kickoff for the annual event
on Thursday, Feb. 23, at 7 p.m. at Mill Pond Elementary
School, 210 Western Blvd., Lanoka Harbor. The snow date
is March 2.
Everyone is invited to the kickoff to learn about
how to help the American Cancer Society save more lives
from cancer.
The program will highlight how the community
has benefited from funds raised and will honor cancer
survivors and caregivers. Guests will have the opportunity
to register a team for the Relay For Life, which will be held
May 20-21 at Veterans Park in Bayville.
The Relay For Life movement unites communities
across the globe to celebrate people who have battled
cancer, remember loved ones lost, and take action to finish
the fight once and for all. Relay For Life events are
community gatherings where teams and individuals camp
out at a school, park, or fairground and take turns walking
or running around a track or path. Teams participate in
fundraising in the months leading up to the event.
The Relay For Life movement is the world’s
largest fundraising event to fight every cancer in every
community, with four million participants in 5,200 events
“This is our community’s opportunity to help save
lives from cancer by taking our message to more people and
raising more dollars to fund the fight,” said Nancy Costello,
Volunteer Event Co-Lead. “Together, our efforts can make
a big difference.”
Visit to learn
more about the event or contact Nancy Costello or
Maryellen Holmes at 732-206-3535 or
Philadelphia Flower Show & History
Freeholder John C. Bartlett, Jr., Chairman of
Ocean County Parks and Recreation will be conducting a
bus trip to explore Philadelphia on Thursday, March 10.
The theme of the Flower Show is Holland.
The bus will depart from the Ocean County Park in
Lakewood at 8:00 AM for a day in the city to discover the
historic and museum area attractions on your own or attend
the Flower Show at the Convention Center. We will return
To Lakewood at approximately 6:30 PM. You will receive
a map of the area, and will be dropped off in the Historic
To register, send a check for $35.00 per person,
made payable to: County of Ocean and mail to Ocean
County Parks & Recreation, 1198 Bandon Road, Toms
River, NJ 08753. The fee includes the bus transportation
only, any admissions or tours are on your own. The
approximate fee for the flower show is $28.00.
Please note program # FS2017. Visit the website at for more information. The
Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders sponsors this
event. Call 1-877-OCPARKS for information or to be
placed on the Newsletter mailing list.
Make a Difference!
Girl Scouts is more than just Cookies, Crafts and
Coloring ! Come find out for yourself how you can make a
difference ! If you were a Girl Scout or a Leader and are
looking to get involved in Girl Scouts as an adult, becoming
a Leader is a great way to do so.
However, you can also become a member of The
Order of the Evergreen, an alumnae association of the Girl
Scouts of the Jersey Shore. We serve troops in Ocean
County by volunteering our time at camps, troop meetings,
programs, and council activities. We also help provide
camperships and scholarships for the girls.
You do not have to have a girl in scouts, or lead a
troop to join the Order of the Evergreen. For information,
please call and leave a message at 732-349-4499.
Crestwood Village IV Golden Age Bingo
"You can't win if you don't play" Every Tuesday
Night!!! Our doors open at 4 pm! Join us for dinner or a
sandwich made by our excellent Bingo Chief. Games starts
at 6! For your connivance a COMPLIMENTARY BUS
RIDE is available to pick you up and take you home. Call
Jerry 732-350-0230 ext.15
Page 24 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
The Strand Center for the Arts
Upcoming Events
February 4 at 2:00 PM
is a spiritual medium with over 40 years of experience
practicing the art of healing and receiving messages from
the other side for individuals in attendance. Those who
receive messages report having a life-changing experience
that renewed their faith and brought them peace. Because no
one can predict what messages will come through from the
other side, attending this event does not guarantee that you
will receive a message. However, those not receiving
messages during these events have also reported renewed
faith as a result of witnessing the effects of messages
delivered to others. Her message is that heaven and eternal
love are real and always close at hand.
February 11 at 8:00 PM
BEE GEES GOLDSecond Annual Valentine Spectacular
with BEE GEES GOLD. Straight from Las Vegas and Axs's
TV's The World's Greatest Tribute Bands, international
sensations, Bee Gees Gold, will bring you all of your
favorite Bee Gees songs. From all of the Saturday Night
Fever tunes to I started a joke. Don't miss this
appearance-the only one in the area! Presented by James
D'Amico Productions and Tommy's House.
February 23 at 4:00 PM, February 24 at 7:00 PM,
February 25 at 2:00 PM & 7:00 PM
SISTER ACTSister Act is the feel-good musical comedy
smash based on the hit 1992 film that has audiences
jumping to their feet! A woman hiding in a convent helps
her fellow sisters find their voices as she rediscovers her
own. Featuring original music by Tony- and eight-time
Oscar winner, Alan Menken (Newsies, Beauty and the
Beast, Little Shop of Horrors), this uplifting musical was
nominated for five Tony Awards, including Best Musical.
March 11 at 8:00 PM
ALMOST QUEENAlmost Queen succeeds in blending
the vocal layering & studio precision that is a signature of
the band with the energy & spectacle of a live stage
production. Elaborate lighting, effects, & costumes aptly
frame the seasoned musicians who step into these very large
shoes to effectively render an authentic "Queen experience."
The band can boast an unbroken string of sold out theaters
from New York to San Diego, while headlining major rock
festivals in a number of foreign countries as well as the US.
Shamrocks For Hope
So excited to announce a new event just added to
our 2017 calendar called Shamrocks for Hope. The
Directors of Patient Advocacy wanted to create and manage
a new event in order to “Pay Forward” the kindness,
generosity of spirit and HOPE to current patients that was
offered to them through David’s Dream & Believe Cancer
Foundation. This event will take place on Saturday March
11th at Breeze’s Dock Bar and Grill, in the Viking
Yachting Center, in New Gretna, from 4-8pm. The event is
family friendly!
Tickets can be pre-purchased in advance through
Sunday March 5th in the Shop section of our website. (Jetty
Printed event T-Shirt Guaranteed with pre-purchase ONLY)
A ticket will include: free buffet, 1 complimentary
drink (wine or beer), 1 sponsor pint glass, 1 event t-shirt and
Live Music by duo Melanie and Tony. Auction and Party
Crashers Gaming Trailer!
All proceeds from ticket sales and auctions will go
directly to David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation.
This event is very special to me. Breezes is where
I work, and where I met David for the first time. In 2015, I
was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, while I was
pregnant. My family and I were struggling emotionally and
financially from the diagnosis. My friends and family held
a benefit for me at Breezes. David attended that day and
offered the foundation’s assistance to us. We had never met
before, but he heard my story and wanted to help. It was at
this moment that I knew, when I was able, I wanted to help
others who were going through what I was. David was such
an inspiration to me.
I am honored to work with
DDBCF now and help put together an
event that can raise money to bring
support and hope to families battling
Susie Buzby, Director of Patient
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 25
Page 26 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
The Forked River Gazette’s
Private Pistol
Shooters Sporting Center
1535 Rte. 539
Little Egg Harbor
John Grazioso
Need help with personal or
relationship issues?
A compassionate & experienced
therapist can help.
M.A., ED.S.
620 Lacey Rd., Suite 5, 2
Forked River, NJ
NJ Lic. #37FI00135300
Senior Discounts
609-693-8040 • 732-269-9667
NJ Lic. #13VH0188200
Repairs Done Right!
Police, Fire, EMT, Senior Citizen &
Multi-Dog Discounts Available!
25 years experience
Senior Discount
Free Estimates
Fully Insured
April (732) 492-8284
Dawn (239) 770-0748
Credit Card Processing by:
Free Mobile Credit Card Reader
Next Day Deposits
No Contracts
No Termination Fee
Free Gift Card Program
Lowest Rates Guaranteed
We are the Processor,
Banks are 3rd Party Processer
Usually charging 3-4%
Lower Your Rates Guaranteed!
Free Activation!
We Pay Your Cancellation Fees
Steve Gola
Regional Manager, Tri-State Area
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 27
Resident Club Village 5 Flea Market
Come out to our Flea Market on Feb 18 8:30am to
1:00pm to see what you have been missing out on. We have
over 50 friendly vendors, come on in and check out our
great bargains. If you just want to catch up with your
friends, stop by our kitchen for breakfast or lunch. Hope to
see you here at 325 Schoolhouse Rd, Whiting, NJ. We have
a flea market every third Saturday of every month. Our next
one is March 18, 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. If you are interested
in renting a table the cost is $10.00 per table. Please call
Dennis @ 732-350-0739.
Village VI - Saint Patricks Day Dance
Come Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with Village VI
on Saturday March 11, 2017 from 6 PM to 10PM. Doors
will open at 5:15 PM. Entertainment provided by Pipers
Alley. Enjoy a truly Irish buffet of Corned Beef and
Cabbage, Roasted Chicken, potatoes, and so much more and
dessert. Coffee tea and Setups provided. BYOB and please
Drink responsibly.
Ticket cost $25.00 per person. Ticket sales will
begin Monday February 6th, 2017 between 10 AM and 11
AM and will end Monday March 6th, 2017. There will be
NO tickets sold at the door. No refunds.
Tickets will be sold at Deerfield Hall, 6 Congasia
Rd, Whiting, NJ. Can’t be there call Michele at 732-350-
9026 or Pat at 732-673-4468. All Tickets must be paid for
before the event.
Self Defense For All Ages
Barnegat Recreation Department is offering a
program for learning self defense for women and men of all
ages. Techniques do not require strength, only leverage and
balance for personal defense. The classes are given by a
renowned black belt instructors and are held on the 1st and
2nd Wednesday at 7:00-8:00pm at the Barnegat Recreation
Department, 900 W. Bay Ave. The price is $15.00 for 5-one
hour sessions. Pre-registration is required. Call 609-698-
0080 ext. 122 for information.
Master Gardener Scholarship
The Master Gardeners of Ocean County, Inc.
present two scholarships each year to applicants from the
graduating classes of any school in Ocean County. The
requirements are that they must be advancing their
education in the field of horticulture or other environmental
sciences. The application for this scholarship can be picked
up at the Extension Center building at 1623 Whitesville
Road, Toms River, NJ 08755. A strict filing deadline is
adhered to, and the date is March 24, 2017 at 4 pm.
For further information you may call 732-505-
The Forked River Gazette’s
Tree Removal &
Yard Clean-Ups
Odd Jobs
(609) 971-0242
Southern Ocean County’s
Oldest & Most Experienced Tree Service
LIC. NJ-185A, NJ DEP LIC’s. #28586A & #96211A
Continuing Education Keeps Our Licenses Valid
Free Estimates * Insured
609-693-2733 or 609-296-8899
No Job Too Big or Too Small
Visit our
What can you find on our site?
Article Achieves
Follow us on FB & Twitter!
Page 28 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
Atlanticare To Host Tenth Annual Red
Dress/Red Tie Reception
February Is American Heart Month
The Heart Institute at AtlantiCare Regional
Medical Center (ARMC) will hold its tenth annual Red
Dress/Red Tie Reception Thursday, February 9 from 5 p.m.
to 8 p.m. at the Smithville Inn, Route 9, Historic Smithville.
The reception is one way AtlantiCare promotes heart health
during American Heart Month.
Men and women are invited to wear red in
awareness of heart disease. The event will include hors
d'oeuvres, an auction featuring goods and services from
local businesses, craft beer tasting, a cash bar, and a vendor
"This reception is always an enjoyable way to
acknowledge the significance of heart month and create
awareness about heart disease," said Rose McCarthy, RN,
Heart Institute at ARMC, and coordinator, ARMC Heart
Heroes. "Attendees will find the vendor marketplace is great
for Valentine's Day gift ideas."
Event proceeds will benefit the ARMC Heart
Heroes Program, an AtlantiCare Foundation-funded
program that places automated external defibrillators
(AEDs) in the community on behalf of the Heart Institute at
AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center. AEDs can restore a
normal heart rhythm in victims of sudden cardiac arrest.
The program began in 2002, spurred by a small group of
dedicated AtlantiCare volunteers who were known as the
"Heart Heroes." Since its inception, the program has placed
more than 200 AEDs in the community. The Heart Heroes
Program funds a portion of the AED cost. The receiving
community group and/or organization provides the remain-
ing funds. Applications for the Heart Heroes Matching
Funds Program are available on AtlantiCare's website.
To register for the Red Dress/Red Tie Reception,
visit Registration fee is
$50. Event registration is open through Friday, February 3,
2017. For more information about the event or to pay by
check, call Rose McCarthy at 609-404-7979.
For more information about the Heart Institute at
ARMC or other AtlantiCare programs and services,
visit or find AtlantiCare on
Facebook at
Looking for a Few Good Men
The Cpl. William H Smith Detachment Marine
Corp League Of Lacey is looking for a FEW GOOD
MEN. The Marine Corps League is comprised of persons
who are serving or who have served honorably in the United
States Marine Corps this includes Navy Corpsman who
have trained and served with the Marine Corps.
We meet twice a month on the 2nd and 4th
Tuesday of every month at the VFW in Bayville NJ.
Interested individuals can contact Commandant Larry
Migliorisi at 732-797-0138 or Adjutant Bob Meola at 732-
674-7504. Semper Fi
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 29
Page 30 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
FREE Income Tax Prepared
Sponsored by AARP/IRS
Tax Aide Sites for Southern Ocean County
Feb 6-April 13, 2017
St. Mary's of the Pines Parish Center, 100 Bishops Lane,
(off McKinley Blvd.), Manahawkin
Note: Feb. 20--CLOSED
TUESDAY--1:00 PM to 5:00 PM WALK IN
Village Lutheran Church, 701 Western Blvd., Lanoka
St. Theresa's Church Faith Formation Center (2nd Bldg.
in Pkg lot), 450 Radio Rd, Little Egg Harbor, Mystic Island
Perry's Lake Club House, 4 Princeton Ave., Manahawkin
St. Mary's of the Pines Parish Center, 100 Bishops Lane,
(off McKinley Blvd.), Manahawkin
Note: April 6 & 13--CLOSED
Copy of your last year's Federal & New Jersey Tax
Your Social Security card & Photo ID--Driver's
License for all persons on tax return
All W-2 Wage & Tax Statements
All 1099-R Pension & Annuity Statements
All 1099's for Interest, Dividends, Stocks, etc.
Social Security Statements--Form SSA-1099
Health Insurance Information, Form 1095s, All
Medical Expenses & mileage
All Tax related statements--property tax, tax refunds
from state
Must bring check to verify information for direct
deposit of refund or debit payment, this is
PTR Booklet & Primary Residence Real Estate Tax Bill
Information call 609-294-0730
Toms River Library Starts Monthly
Meet-up for Homeschoolers
The Ocean County Library will host its first
monthly meet-up for homeschoolers at 10:30 a.m.
Wednesday, Feb. 15 at the township branch, 101
Washington St.
The free program for those 12 to 18 years old,
includes crafts, games, book discussions and research fun.
The group will meet every third Wednesday of the
month. Registration is required. To register call 732-349-
6200 or visit
Homewatch Pet Sitting
6 0 9 - 2 9 0 - 3 5 3 4
Fresh Food & Water ~ Daily Exercise ~ Routine Medications
Transportation to Groomer or Veterinarian
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 31
Your February 2017
by Mary Silvernail
For a Personal Reading
call 609-242-3900
For entertainment purposes only
ARIES March 21/April 20
Go deep within the recesses of your earliest memories to
find your way to moving forward to a bright and joyous
future. Great things are anxiously awaiting you with the
assistance of Venus.
TAURUS April 21/May 21
Confusion regarding your career must be dealt with ever so
gently. Don’t make any hasty decisions that could cost you
dearly down the road. Know who your friends really are.
GEMINI May22/June 21
You are flying so high that your feet are barely touching the
earth. Expect positive results regarding a legal issue.
Remember you are the one that is right.
CANCER June 22/July 22
Money matters demand your attention at this time. Double
check your partner’s finances to avoid any misunderstand-
ings. Watch…. don’t put your foot in your mouth.
LEO July 23/August 23
Hearts and flowers are the ticket to a passionate interlude
with your lover. The time has finally come especially after
the Lunar Eclipse on February 10. Now, go for the gusto!
VIRGO August 24/September 22
A holistic approach regarding health matters may bring new
enlightenments. Be sure to bring in healthy diet and exercise
for great results. Positive changes are coming regarding
LIBRA September 23/October 23
Short trips bring much abundance your way. Open your
heart and eyes for a new and fascinating individual to cross
your path. He/she brings the excitement of amore`.
SCORPIO October 24/November 22
Home improvements bring value and beauty to your abode.
Invite friends over for a party. Expect financial insight from
an unlikely source.
SAGITTARIUS November 23/December 21
What was so crucial to your well being at this time, will
become incidental by next month. Just hang-in there and
enjoy the ride called “life”.
CAPRICORN December 22/January 20
A hot tip gets you on a lucky roll. Listening to a family
member’s advice can point you in the right direction. Show
some concern and it will be reciprocated.
AQUARIUS January 21/February 18
Happy Birthday, Aquarius! It is your month to shine!
Great new beginnings are starting as we speak. A new and
improved you in every way. Go for it!
PISCES - February 19/March 20
Money becomes less and less of an issue. You are in a
review phase of your life and finding a deep understanding
of where you need changes to occur for maximization
especially at the time of the Pisces Solar Eclipse on
February 26.
Special Planetary Aspects for February 2017:
Happy Birthday, Aquarius! Aquarius is the eleventh sign of
the zodiac with the planet Uranus, which represents major
change and inventions, as its ruler. The bright, light color of
electric blue is associated with the sign of Aquarius.
Aquarians are truthful, radical, aloof, intuitive, inventive,
natural born leaders and look at the bigger picture.
On February 10 we will be experiencing a Lunar Eclipse in
the sign of Leo. At the same time there is a yod pattern
aspect in the universe which is considered the Finger of God.
It is a feeling of being pushed in a certain direction by an
invisible force (God) in which the end result is our fate.
Regardless of whether we feel prepared or not we may feel
put on the spot to perform. With the aspects of lucky Jupiter
we will amaze ourselves because this is our chance to
At the time of the Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26,
besides the Sun and the Moon in conjunction in the zodiac
sign Pisces, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, Pallas and the South
Node of the Moon will all be aligned in the sign of Pisces. At
this time we are highly receptive to subliminal messages
from our higher self. It is a time where we can envision
alternate realities. By employing the universal law of
attraction we can manifest what is needed into being.
This gives us the opportunity to finally, once and for all, slay
the beast that has been haunting our peace and bliss.
To quote Albert Einstein: “Outer changes always begin with
an inner change of attitude.
Since February is the month that we celebrate our love for
one another, why not attract more love to yourself through
some subtle metaphysics, such as wearing pink to attract love
or red to attract passion? Wearing rose quartz jewelry is an
excellent way to draw love into your life. We have a beautiful
assortment at Hope Hypnosis & Holistic Center LLC, 465
Rt 9, Waretown, NJ
Wishing you all a Happy and Loving Valentine’s Day!
Mary Silvernail, ACI, RMT
For your personal Psychic / Astrology Reading
call Mary Silvernail at 609-242-3900
~ Gifted from birth ~
So accurate your spine will tingle!!!
Know what is in your future!
Like Mary Silvernail Astrologer on Facebook
Crestwood Village IV Get Together Club
Crestwood Village IV will be showing the
movie THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS on 2/24/17 at
our time of 5 pm for dinner and movie and 6 for the
movie only. Cake and coffee for all.
The movie is about a WWI veteran (Michael
Fassbender) takes a job in a lighthouse keeper on a isolated
island and meets his future wife Alicia Vikander. A lifeboat
washes ashore and that's all I am going to tell you. A roman-
tic story for Valentine's Month. PG 13 rated and run time is
132 minutes. Dinner and movie $6.00; Movie only $2.00.
If you have any questions, please call Jerry 732-350
-0230 ext 15. The tickets are sold on Mondays 10-11 am
and 5-6 pm.
Page 32 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
Barnegat Library December Events
February 7, 3:30-4:30--Kid's Poetry Cafe--In honor of
Black History Month we will be celebrating renowned poet
Langston Hughes. Stop by to write a poem or two, and
listen to some other kids poetry in a relaxed setting. Light
snacks will be served. Ages 8-12 REG
February 10, 11-11:30am--OCL Puppet Show Presents,
"The Princess and the Pony"--Join us for the OCL Puppet
Show Players rendition of "The Princess and the Pony"
based on the book of the same name by Kate Beaton. All
Princess Pinecone wants as a birthday present is a war
horse, but what she gets is a cute little pony. Do looks
deceive?? Come for the show and find out! REG
February 18, 2-3pm--American Historical Theater
presents Matthew Henson: " A Negro Explorer at the North
Pole"--Though he travelled throughout the northern
hemisphere and is acknowledged as the first man to reach
the North Pole, Matthew Henson was much overlooked
throughout his entire career as an explorer. Henson faced
and overcame many of the limitations and struggles inherent
for African Americans at the time. The story of Matthew
Henson’s fascinating life encourages one to believe in
oneself despite the odds, and to rise above the limited
expectations of others to reach any goal. Please Register.
These programs are free and open to the public. Please
register online at or by
calling 609-698-3331.
Upcoming Events-Crestwood Village III
Saturday Feb 18-Friendly Gathering Pot Luck Dinner
5:00 - 8:00 PM. FREE but must have ticket. Tickets will be
available on Mondays Feb 6 & 13 from 9:00- 11:00 AM at
Unity Hall 250 Schoolhouse Rd. When ticket is picked up a
suggestion will be made on the dish you can bring.
Friday March 17, 2017 St Patrick's Day Dinner Dance
7:00- 11:00 PM Tickets are $20 BYOB.
For further info call Bill at 732-569-8042 or Jack at 732-941
331 Wheaton Ave.
Sunday Worship: 8:30 & 10 am
Wed. Night Awana & Youth Group
6:15 pm
701 Western Boulevard, Lanoka Harbor
367 Route 9, Waretown, NJ
Phone: 609-698-8561
Sunday Services: 8 & 10 a.m.
Church School: 9:45 a.m.
The Rev. Terry Lee Martin, Rector
“A Spirit-Filled Bible Believing
(609) 693-6228
Sunday Worship 10 AM
Please Inquire for Home Bible Studies
2206 Lacey Road, Forked River
Crossbridge Community
Church of Ocean County
120 North Main Street
Village Green Shopping Center, Forked River, NJ
Worship Service 10:30 AM
Sunday School 9:15 AM
Proclaiming the Forgiveness of Jesus Christ
Rev. Dr. Lou Saldiveri, Pastor
Forked River
Rev. Dr. Terry L. Chapman
131 North Main Street,
Forked River, NJ 08731
Sunday Worship 10 AM
Sunday School 10 AM
10:30 AM
Sunday Bible School at 9:30 AM
The Forked River Gazette
Sept-June Worship
Saturday: 5:30PM
Sunday: 9AM &
Sunday School: 9AM
Summer Worship
starts 6/19/16
Saturday: 5:30PM
Sunday: 8:30AM
& 10AM
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 33
Spring Fair
The Deerfield Woman's Club
will once again be having their fair
which raises money for our two
Manchester high school scholarships.
The fair will be on Saturday,
April 29 from 9-2. (it is not a flea
market) we have all kinds of
businesses and service organizations
that attend
The kitchen will be open for
breakfast and lunch and we will have
door prizes as we have in the past. We
limit it to one business of each type to
be fair to everyone. For information call
Rosie (732) 881-1044 or e mail deer-
Jenkinson's Aquarium
February Events
Saturday, February 4
Behind the Scenes Tour--Discover
what goes on behind the scenes at our
aquarium while you tour the building
from top to bottom! Pre-registration &
sneakers are required. Ages 5 and up
only. $15 Adults $10 Children
Friday, February 10
and Saturday,
February 11
Family Date Night--Mark your
calendars! Family Date Night is back!
Join us on February 10th and 11th from
6-9pm! What better way to spend
"Valentine's Day" than with the ones
you love the most? Family of Four =
$49.95* Package includes: Admission
for Four to Jenkinson's Aquarium, a
Plain Pizza & Pitcher of Soda at the
Pavilion, a $10 PlayCard for the
Pavilion Arcade and 4 treats from the
Sweet Shop. Tickets can be purchased
the day of at the following locations:
Aquarium, Sweet Shop, Pavilion &
Pavilion Arcade. *$10 for an additional
family member which includes Aquarium admission and
treat from the Sweet Shop.
Monday, February 20
Junior Keepers--Have a budding marine biologist in your
life? Then sign them up for a behind the scenes look
exploring a day in the life of our animal keepers! This
program provides students ages 10-16 with the opportunity
to experience the aquarium from an employee’s point of
view. Pre-registration and sneakers are required. $80 per
Saturday, February 25
International Polar Bear Day--Join us for everything polar
bear during this annual event. Bring the family to learn all
about these amazing white bears! But then again, are they
really white? There will be keeper chats, activities, games,
face painting, crafts and more. Included with admission.
Jenkinson’s Aquarium is open daily. Aquarium hours are
9:30 am 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and 10:00 am
5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday. Admission prices are $11
for adults, $7.00 for children ages 3-12, children 2 and
under are free, and seniors 62 and up are $7.00. Call 732-
899-1659 for more information or visit on the web.
…...more events and news!
Best of the Best Veterinarian by APP for 2015 - Forked River Animal Hospital
Don Force, VMD
20 Years experience from the Best
Referral Hospitals in the World
Google Microchips
High Tech ~ Low Cost
Page 34 The Forked River GAZETTE FEBRUARY 2017
Grow a Healthy Lawn
with the Help of a
By Melinda Myers
Lawns are the canvas upon
which our landscapes are created.
They provide living walkways, play
areas for the family, energy savings
and environmental benefits by
capturing soil and water, preventing it
from entering our waterways.
But limited time and environmental concerns often
prevent homeowners from growing a green healthy lawn. If
this is your challenge, consider hiring a lawn care
professional to lend a helping hand.
Start shopping for a professional lawn care service
now. Allow sufficient time to find the best company for
your needs. Plus, quality companies are in demand and fill
their schedules before the growing season begins.
Look for a company whose mission matches your
landscape goals. They should work with you and not try to
pigeonhole you into a program that works best for them.
Select a company that shares your environmental
concerns. If eco-friendly is your goal, look for a company
that uses slow-release fertilizers, spot treats weeds at the
proper time, and uses the most ecofriendly products avail-
Make sure the company you choose works to build
the overall health and longevity of your lawn. Growing and
nurturing a healthy lawn means fewer weeds, insect and
disease problems. A quality company encourages you to
leave clippings on the lawn to add moisture, nutrients and
organic matter to the soil. And they recommend aeration
only if it is needed to control thatch and soil compaction
which can reduce the health and quality of your lawn.
Visit their website to find out more about the
company, their employees and mission. Check the
credentials and training of the company and its employees.
Employees should be experienced and trained as well as
certified and licensed applicators. Companies involved with
professional organizations like the Wisconsin Landscape
Contractors Association invest in their profession, the
company and employees to stay up to date on the latest
trends and techniques.
Review references and testimonials. Companies
with satisfied customers will have a high retention rate.
Look at portfolios of completed jobs, photo galleries on
their website and testimonials from clients.
Make certain the company is insured. If a problem
arises, you need to make sure everyone is covered.
Most importantly, when comparing bids, make sure
the companies are equally qualified and providing all the
same services and long-term benefits in the bid. The
cheapest bid may not give you the results you want and it
could even cost you more in the long run.
Use this checklist when selecting a lawn care
professional. Once you find your match, you can start
planning fun activities to fill the time you save tending your
Gardening expert Melinda Myers is the author or more than
20 gardening books, including Small Space Gardening and
the Midwest Gardener’s Handbook. She hosts The Great
Courses “How to Grow Anything: Food Gardening For
Everyone” DVD set and the nationally-
syndicated Melinda’s Garden Moment TV & radio
program. Myers is a columnist and contributing editor
for Birds & Blooms magazine. Her website
It is Girl Scout Cookie
Season !!!!
If you didn't get enough
cookies, it is time to be on the
lookout for Girls Selling Cookies at
your local businesses and Wal
Marts and WaWa. Gluten Free
Toffee Tastics are available in
limited quantities for $5.50 a box. Our newest cookie,
S'Mores are also available for $5.50 in limited quantities.
The rest of your favorites are $4.00 a box....Thin Mints,
Trefoils, Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles, Do Si Dos, and
You can make a donation to the local Food Banks
and the Military too !
Help girls reach their goals by participating in the
100th Anniversary of the Girl Scout Cookie Sales !
To find a Booth Sale near you, visit the GSJS
website and use the Cookie Locator. You can also call 732-
349-4499 for information about cookies, joining, becoming
a leader, volunteering, etc.
March 2, 2017
Trained landscape professionals can help provide that
lush, green lawn many homeowners are striving for.
Photo credit: Melinda Myers, LLC
FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 35
February Programs at the Berkeley
Branch of the Ocean County Library
Valentine’s Day Story and Craft, Children’s
Program, February 14, 10:30am
Enjoy stories, crafts, and a Valentine’s treat. Ages 3-5.
Space is limited so, please register. REG
Pinterest Class, Adult Program , February 16 at 6pm
and February 27 at 10am
Are you sick of hearing people talk about how they saw
something on Pinterest? Come to the library and learn what
all the hype is about. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool
that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Class size is
limited to eight people so, please register. REG
Movie for Adults with Special Challenges, February
24, 10:30am
The movie will be chosen the morning of, but will always
be appropriate. Attendees are encouraged to bring a snack
and/or lunch. Registration is not required, just drop in.
The Berkeley branch is located at 30 Station Road in
Bayville, NJ 08721. Information about these events can be
found online at or by
phone at 732-269-2144.
Teen Clubs Meet Monthly for Fun and
Food at Toms River Library
The Young Adult Department of the Toms River
branch of the Ocean County Library, located at 101
Washington St., hosts several monthly, special interest clubs
for teens age 12-18.
The first Thursday of every month the department
hosts its League of Teen Gamers from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in
the Teen Zone on the second floor. The hour long program
involves a variety of activities ranging from board games,
video games, crafts and programs involving the branch’s
maker space, Sparks’s Lab. New members are always
The Teen Anime Club meets every second
Tuesday of the month from 4:30 to 6 p.m. This club is
aimed at teens that enjoy Manga (Japanese comic books)
and Japanese style cartoons. The club is also for fans of
“J-pop”, also known simply as pops, a musical genre that
entered the musical mainstream of Japan in the 1990s.
Teen Cuisine meets from 6:30 to 7:30 the last
Tuesday of each month. From savory to sweet, prepare and
enjoy a new recipe monthly. No experience needed.
Those seeking to join these clubs can register by
calling the Toms River Branch at 732-349-6200 or going
online at
GET your
1st THURSDAY of the Month
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FEBRUARY 2017 The Forked River GAZETTE Page 37
Please Donate Your Used Cell Phone
For This Worthy Cause
Nancy Seibert has been collecting for “Cell Phones
for Soldiers” since 2006. She has combined forces with the
Berkeley based, “Support the Troops” project and Lloyd
Mullikin, who has been sending packages oversea since
2004. Over the past 10 years these projects have worked
closely together collecting phones, and mailing packages
which include the calling cards to our troops overseas.
Cell phones are collected in any condition and sent
to a recycler. The profits from the recycling are sent to the
organization headquarters in Massachusetts to purchase 60-
minute calling cards for our troops overseas so that they
may keep in contact with their families during their
To date, there have been over 17,000 phones
collected and over 64,000 free 60-minute calling cards
donated through thru our efforts to date. We have various
drop sites throughout the area so that donors can drop their
phones in them and then we collect them from the sites for
We are also accepting names of soldiers serving
overseas to send them calling cards. We will need their
name, rank, and military mailing address to mail them a
package along with the calling cards. Your participation in
the program would be greatly appreciated by the Cell
Phones for Soldiers program. If you require more informa-
tion, please contact Nancy Seibert, project coordinator at
732-606-6040. Thank you on behalf of our soldiers for your
DROP OFF LOCATIONS: All Lester Glenn Auto Group
locations; Berkeley Twp., Elementary Schools; Berkeley
“Sounds of Summer Concerts” Veterans Park, Bayville;
Berkeley Twp. Police Dept. Bayville All Berkeley Twp.
Municipal buildings; Shoprite, Bayville, Lobby; VFW9503,
Bayville; Elks, Bayville; First Energy Park (Lakewood
BlueClaws); Berkeley Twp. Bd. of Ed; Altieri Chiropractic,
Bayville; Ocean County Courthouse, Toms River; Ocean
County Clerk Office, Toms River; Pine Beach PO; Your
Grandmothers Cupboard, Toms River; Silver Ridge,
Holiday City and Holiday City Westvarious clubhouses;
Silver Ridge Real Estate, Toms River; Berkeley Shores
Homeowners Association; Community Medical Center
(outpatient desk); Maureen’s Precision Cut, Bayville;
Bayville Auto; Presbyterian Church of Toms River;
Morning Star Presbyterian Church, Bayville; C&C Marina,
Bayville; Heritage Restaurant, Whiting; Browns Mills
Methodist Church; and Causeway Subaru, Manahawkin.
Support Group For Survivors of Suicide
Forever In Our Hearts, an organization to support
those who have lost ones to suicide, is holding monthly
meetings the 2nd Saturday of each month at St. Paul
Lutheran Church, 130 Cable Ave, Beachwood. Meeting
time is 1:00pm. For complete information visit our page at: or call 732-269-3236.
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We’re Thinking Sunshine!
Volunteer as a Fresh Air Host Family
Fresh Air summers are filled with children running
barefoot through the grass, gazing at star-filled skies and
swimming for the first time. This summer, join volunteer
host families in Central and Southern New Jersey, and open
your heart and home to a Fresh Air child. Each summer,
thousands of children from New York City’s low-income
communities visit suburban, rural and small town
communities along the East Coast and Southern Canada
through The Fresh Air Fund’s Friendly Towns Program.
Harlen, age 9, has visited the Tornatore family for
two summers. Host dad Albert shared, “Harlen has
definitely learned to try new things. I remember our first
summer. He was nervous but by the end of the first week,
Harlen and my son were having adventures and having so
much fun. We went to the aquarium, amusement park, and
the kids love the beach.”
"My kids get so excited when they get to see
Harlen. This summer we went to a drive-in movie, and we
were all in the backseat with blankets, pillows and popcorn,
snuggled together. Harlen is simply part of our family,” says
host mom Allyson.
The Fresh Air Fund, an independent, not-for-profit
agency, has provided free summer experiences to more than
1.8 million New York City children from low-income
communities since 1877. Fresh Air children are boys and
girls, from seven to 18 years old, who live in New York
City. Children who are reinvited by host families may
continue with The Fresh Air Fund through age 18 and can
enjoy extended trips.
For more information about hosting a Fresh Air
child this summer, please contact Samantha Doyle at 609-
290-1219 or visit
Submissions sought for 11
Ocean County Library Film Festival
Roll out the red carpet and break out the popcorn,
the 11th annual Ocean County Library Student Film
Festival is coming up and submissions are needed. The
Ocean County Library is looking for the next Stephen
Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino. Entries by high school
filmmakers are now being accepted for a chance to see their
film viewed on the big screen at 6 p.m. on Saturday, April
22. The submission deadline is Friday, March 24. There is
no entry fee.
Submissions are being accepted in the following
Animation: An illustrated or computer-animated film
featuring a story or a plot. The visual technique provides the
illusion of motion by displaying a collection of images in
sequence. Limit 3 Minutes.
Commercial: An advertisement for a company, local
business or product. The object is to create an interest in the
promotion of the advertisement and should be targeted to
the public. Limit 90 Seconds.
Documentary: Primarily for the purpose of education,
instruction or historical record, documentaries cover a broad
category of subjects intended to highlight some aspect of
reality surrounding an issue, topic, or person of importance.
The film should add value and promote discussion by bring-
ing in new information, identifying unrecognized problems,
providing or suggesting new solutions, or offering a unique
perspective. Limit 5 Minutes.
Experimental: The film should be characterized by abstract
or avant-garde techniques, a poetic approach to a film’s
construction, and or the absence of a linear narrative. 5min
Music Video: A film integrating a song and imagery
created for artistic purposes. The film should represent the
artist's original work and emphasize the relationship
between audio and video. Limit 5 Minutes.
News Coverage: A segment that brings attention to an
important issue ranging from local to global. Limit 3 Min.
OCL Promo Life without the library: Create a piece ,
either serious or silly, showing what life would be like with-
out the Ocean County Library. Limit 2 minutes
(PSA) Public Service Announcement: Create a message,
with the objective of raising awareness, or changing public
attitudes and behavior towards a social issue. Limit 2 Min.
School Coverage: An informational segment about
something happening at your school, such as academics, a
sporting event, or a play, etc. Limit 3 Minutes.
Short Film Comedy: The film must be an original that
emphasizes a story. It should include character develop-
ment, conflict and resolution with creative storylines that
strive to keep the viewer engaged during the entire film. The
Drama can include Action and Adventure. Limit 5 Minutes
Short Film Drama: The film must be an original that
emphasizes a story. It should include character develop-
ment, conflict and resolution with creative storylines that
strive to keep the viewer engaged during the entire film. The
Comedy can include Action and Adventure. Limit 5 Min.
Short Film Horror: The film must be an original that
emphasizes a story. It should include character develop-
ment, conflict and resolution with creative storylines that
strive to keep the viewer engaged during the entire film. The
Horror should include a scare factor. Limit 5 Minutes
Silent Film: A film that contains no synchronized sound-
track and no spoken dialogue. It should emphasize a story.
It should include character development, conflict and
resolution with creative storylines that strive to keep the
viewer engaged for the full length of the film. Subcategories
include but are not limited to action, adventure, comedy,
drama, and horror. Limit 5 Minutes.
Stop Motion Claymation: Cinematographic technique in
which successive positions of objects (as clay models) are
photographed to produce the appearance of movement.
Limit 3 Minutes
Entry requirements, FAQs, and an application can
be found on the Ocean County Library
website, and at all
21 library locations. The film festival is free and open to
the public and will take place at the Toms River branch, 101
Washington St. It will feature a red carpet, awards, and
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