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El Salvador

Samantha Garcia  

Miss Armstrong


English 2 Block 3

        A major part of El Salvadoran culture is their food. Their patties crust is fried and the inside is jammed with choice of meat and vegetables. An average Salvadoran breakfast would most likely be pan-fried bananas, beans, and sour cream. Tamales are made up of dough in the shape of a rectangle stuffed with desirable meat, cheese and or any other foods. A quesadilla from El Salvador is a fantastic pastry made up of the basic ingredients needed to make a cake but with a touch of queso fresco. And last but not least Pupusas are a very trendy type of Salvadorian food made up of homemade tortillas packed with many types of food like, for example, beans, cheese, and meat with a side of preferable sauce. These five popular foods symbolize what Salvadorans make and eat so they are a big part of the Salvadoran culture (Shelton).  

Tradition is a major part of the Salvadoran culture. Easter is called Holy Week in El Salvador. Holy week is a significant tradition for the Roman Catholic Church. For 7 days students do not go to school and get to spend time with their folks. In the 40 day span, the public fast and pray, but in the last week the people celebrate “Easter”. In the last week of the 40 day span people make rugs and Salvadorans enjoy the work of art and see it as a present for Jesus. Considering tradition is being passed on by generations, it'll always be in the Salvadoran culture, so therefore it'll always be meaningful (Reynoza).

Another major part of the Salvadoran culture is their religion of course. Most of the Salvadoran population are Roman Catholic. The capabilities for leadership in ordinary people are confined in the church. The Catholic church never allows a divorce. Catholics make themselves available for nine nights to pray for their lost one's conscience to reach the pearly gates. Catholics are usually focused on by the government because of their riotous entanglement in christian communities. Since religion gives people a purpose in life it’s very important to the Salvadorans (Haggarty).   


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