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This is a gaming presentation for Wix

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Gaming has been one of my biggest hobbies ever since I was a toddler. I began playing on the Gamecube and slowly have worked my way all the way to PS4 and Xbox One. Almost everyone of my friends enjoys gaming too. Right now I am looking to build a PC with my two good friends Jack and Ben.

I began playing PC games in 8th grade. My parents gave me a laptop as a gift and I loved it. I quickly began playing Dota 2. I loved the game and later moved on to league of legends, it seemed to be the most popular with my friends. My steam library quickly expanded a few of the games that I enjoyed were Crawl and CSGO. Sadly viruses took their toll on my laptop and made it unusable. Now I am looking forward to building a new PC that will hopefully last me multiple years into the future.



When I was very young I had a GameCube. This began the start of me playing consoles. Over the years I slowly evolved into an Xbox One. I spent a lot of my time mastering games such as: Ark, Smite, and Rainbow Six Siege. Console gaming has always been my favored platform since I grew up with it and loved the feel of it.