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The great challenge for the industry is Disposable Income for the current market of customers, growth of newer non gaming markets, inflationary increases and a lack of growth in benefit increases.


  1. This will be the first year in 25 years Social Security will not have any incremental increases based on COLA calculations.  Which is why the Government inflationary index is modified to create lower than actual inflatinary numbers.


How do we increase disposable incomes for the most consistent players?

Current Market of Gaming Customers


  • Regular consistent players 2 or more per week.
  • Regular players 1 per week.
  • Players who come every day until they're forced to rebuild a bankroll.

Markets - Insights - Regeneration


1. Market of consumers who enjoy gaming as entertainment.


2. Market of consumers who are opposed to gaming and refuse to become a patron.


3.  Market that has yet to use gaming as a form of entertainment.



Most all businesses place far too  little emphasis on consumer dynamics as they relate to market share growth.


  1. Believe it or not 100% of your customers will stop doing business with you at some point in time. Divorce, relocation, death, modification of habits and or hundreds of other reasons.
  2. Same holds true for your employees.

The Gaming Industry is one of a few industries with even greater challenges related to customer retention.  


The dynamics of the industry are mathmatically set to increase customer retention challenges because of the handle and hold percentages.



Industry Dynamics - Challenges 


Gaming Revenues - Market Share Growth

Gaming Revenue Growth is tied to Disposable Personal Income.