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Premier's Anzac Student Tour mascot - Private Ernest Harvey.

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Premier's Anzac Student Tour Mascot: 

Gallipoli Bear Private Ernest Harvey

Safe Arrival

City of Perth Library 

Checking out the History Section

Coffee with Mery and Norman

Behind the Scenes

Departure Lounge

Perth Airport


Sights and Briefings

Sultan's Mosque

Hindu Temple

National Museum of Singapore and Sentosa Island

Making New Friends at

Stamford American International School

Stopover with Janka

From Cunderdin to Manjimup

Under the Rainbow with Mya

To Boyup Brook with Patrick

Feeding the Cows

Touring the Orchard with Bryce

Bivouacked at Coby's House

2018 State Finals

Ming Hui introduces me to Verity

Hanging out with Mitchell

Visiting Caitlyn