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The Story Of Gabin


When I was born, my mother was very suprised. Before giving bitrth, she thought she was going to have a baby girl. So she had bought girl clothes and everything was ready equipped to welcome a baby girl.

   After giving birth, she decided to put on me the clothes she had prepared. The first week at home, people were coming over to visit my mom and to see the new baby born. What suprising is that some people said I was a girl. One of my mother's friends called me Marry-Claire. Almost two weeks after, my father decided to give me a name to save from embarrasement and so he called me Gabin.

At the age of four, my brother and I were playing in our backyard.  Suddlenly, we noticed a small mouse on the ground . It was not moving because it looked like it was dead. We then decided to play the autopsy doctors.

 We found some sharp pieces of steel that could help us to make the incision of the animal. We dissected little by little the little animal and we ended up figuring it was killed by probably a cat predator. 

At home, after my parents learned about what me and my brother did, they gave us a not good terrible look and we were grounded the next day.

At the age of six, it was not easy for me to eat what i was not used to. For example if a certain food was new to me , I wouldn't try to eat it if my parents or someone that I trusted did not try first eating while I watched.

I was not used to eat avocado and the big bananas. Also, I did not like much vegetables, onions and the eggplant. These were my family favorites food but to me I wish they were never human food.

When I started going to school in town, I was facinated with cars. Specialy big trucks with their big tires. Whenever they passed closer to my dad's car, they would give me goosebumps . I wondered if the driver could see my dad's car as he passed by. I prayed that they wouldn't never fall on us.

However, when I became used to see big trucks all over in town, at home , I started  building big trucks out of cardboard boxes. In the Holidays, it became a big hobby for my big brother,me and my friends.

In my neighborhood I was known as the quick learner kid. I did not struggle to learn a new skill. Dudu, who was one of my neighbors, he was good at drawing. He helped drawing art home works for kids. He was also good at drawing real people. He made me feel jealous. So, I became very interested into knowing how he did it. I wanted to be as good as him. I started drawing a lot. At school, it became a daily routine until I started getting in trouble with the teacher. At home I did it in hidding so my parents wouldn't find out what I did in my studying period. However,they ended up knowing it from my class teacher. I promissed my parents that I would try to do it less but my friends wouln't t stop asking me to draw for them instead going to Dudu.



Gabin always considered his parents as his guardians. He wouldn't do anything that his parent wouldn't do. From a young age he would not eat food his parents did not eat. He benefited many lessons from them.

  His father taught him how to work hard and how to be respectful. Gabin learned organisation and seriousness. He was influenced by his father to be part in the art, computers, sports and music.

However most of Gabin's characters roots from his mothers. He learned from his mother how to cook well some east-african recipes. He like to keep everything clean and maintaining order in the house. Which most of this was learned from his loving mother. 

Gabin has nine siblings, five brothers, one sister, one male cousin and one female cousin. In the chronolical order of the family, he is the second born. 

Being in a big family has always made Gabin feel safe. He prefers the part where he gets to do less work when the other brothers are around. 

One thing he got used to and is not very common to other is noise. When Gabin and his brother have a little chat, it sounds as if it was a crowd of people arguing at the same time.

Kevin is Gabin's big brother. At a young age, these two were unseparable. They looked like they were twins. Usualy, they liked to play a lot in the outdoors.