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This will be about how I used to visit my mother's house and now I don't.

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     This will be a story about my relationship with my mother. I was closer to her during the first few years of my life because she would be there for me. At 15 years old right now, I don't see her often anymore.

     It started when my mom left my dad and took my siblings, and I to California. I lived with her for a good five years. While that was happening, my dad was trying to find a way so I can see him again. Then my dad found us and took us back, (I still live with him today). The only time I was able to see my mom was on the weekend. As years went by, there would be times where I didn't visit her. Then for like a whole month, I didn't see her.  Right now, I don't have the same love for her as I did years ago.  So far, I haven't seen her in months, (which is fine). I still love her though.

     I believe in the future, I won't see her at all and she's won't know when I graduate from high school, or even when I start college. She will just be those people that fade away from my life, which is really sad.