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PREVIEW NATIONAL HOMESCHOOL ATHLETICS MAGAZINE PUBLISHED BY FALL 2017 INAUGURAL ISSUE 4 Haley Andrews Parker Tarrant The Parker Tarrant senior has had an impressive volleyball career but her outlook on life shines even brighter HSNATION Media P O Box 24222 Little Rock AR 72221 www hsnmagazine com CEO Mike Bennett mike hsnmagazine com CREATIVE DIRECTOR Alex Stauffer alex hsnmagazine com EDITOR IN CHIEF Susie Taylor susie hsnmagazine com DESIGNED BY 10 Caleb Hollander Rising above Even through a family tragedy Caleb found comfort on the basketball court Bennett Design Group Little Rock AR TO ADVERTISE CONTACT mike hsnmagazine com WANT TO SELL ADS mike hsnmagazine com FOR CONTENT SUBMISSION alex hsnmagazine com READ ONLINE AT 18 Athlete Spotlight Luke Cieply www hsnmagazine com The homeschool football star leads the nation s 1 football squad Read about what drives him to succeed 16 20 Are You Missing this Crucial step Coach Spotlight C J POMEROY A warm up can be just as important as the actual workout you are doing Coach Pomeroy of the CHSM Crimson Knights sees the bigger picture 24 22 Team Directory Don t see your team Be sure to visit hsnmagazine com and submit your information OVERTIME A story from the CEO of HSNation Magazine A must read for parents and athletes THE 1 HOMESCHOOL SPORTS PUBLICATION 2017 HSNATION Media All Rights Reserved Printed in U S A Published quarterly by HSNATION Media HSNATION Media and Bennett Design Group neither endorse nor take responsibility for products or services advertised herein No part of this magazine may be reproduced without permission from HSNATION Media HSNATION makes no warranty representation or guarantee as to the accuracy or timeliness of its content HSNATION Media reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising at any time HSNATION COM 1

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NATIONAL HOMESCHOOL ATHLETICS MAGAZINE From the first moment the idea of HSNation came to mind we ve been looking forward to this day an actual magazine written printed and delivered We are absolutely thrilled that you have opened the cover and have taken the time to peruse what will be the first of many issues spotlighting homeschool athletes and coaches Although obvious to those of you who have sacrificed time money and energy in an effort to further homeschool athletics there are many people reading who may not understand exactly what it is that we re doing here at HSNation It is really very simple we love every aspect that is involved in the industry of homeschool athletics From the very first time I set foot on the court as a volunteer dad coaching an eager group of bright eyed 12 year old boys I knew it was going to be a blast Well over a decade later I can testify that the journey has indeed been incredible I ve been blessed to have coached my own children cheer them on from the stands and now coach alongside my two youngest as they faithfully give back to the program that so richly blessed them Take the experiences I ve had with my own children add to the mix my incredible wife who has faithfully coached our children and others for as long as I have and we have even more reason to love everything about homeschool athletics It is woven into the fabric of our family As if all of that weren t enough there are the talented young athletes that I ve come to know through this journey Incredible young men and women who work hard overcome adversity and live inspiring lives without compromise I ve had the pleasure to see many of these young men and women continue their disciplined work through college to become faithful husbands and wives wonderful mothers and fathers leaders of business and industry servants in our churches and the kinds of neighbors we all desire to have living next door Simply put the desire of all of us at HSNation is to recognize the homeschooled student athletes the parents who have made the choice to do what they feel is best for their child and the coaches who work together to make it all happen We understand that homeschooling isn t always easy and that often the majority of recognition can go to those athletes who are publicly and privately schooled but in that we have experienced something amazing The vast majority of coaching scheduling assisting training and every other aspect of building a homeschool athletic program is done through the volunteer efforts of parents grandparents aunts uncles and friends It is a wonderful thing to witness especially when it is being done with such a high level of excellence Because of all this because of YOU HSNation was born Your stories are inspiring they are the stories that this world needs to hear We ll tell them for you to your friends and family to college coaches and athletic directors to your fellow athletes and to the entire sporting world We ask that you join us in this new journey it should be an exciting one and we can t wait to tell your story We ll Tell Your Story A Letter from the HSNATION ceo Mike Bennett 2 HSNATION COM

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Hayley Andrews isn t your average homeschooled student athlete She became a varsity member of the Parker Tarrant Warriors Volleyball Team at just 15 years of age and her personal accomplishments over the next few years speak volumes of her talent and dedication Andrews however would humbly say otherwise I m just a normal 17 year old kid from Arlington Texas and just love playing volleyball especially playing for the Warriors I ve been so fortunate being surrounded by people that really have my best interests at heart I have a loving supportive family the greatest coach ever and some of the best teammates you could ever imagine I really consider all of them family and could spend hours telling you something amazing about each and every one of them She laughs Can I do that It was 2010 when Hayley s parents made the decision to start homeschooling She was entering the 6th grade and they were considering a full time missionary position in Africa My parents have always had such a passion for Africa and the people there We have gone on several mission trips as a family so it seemed like a logical decision for me to be homeschooled Andrews had been playing volleyball while going to private school so the transition to homeschooling and how that might affect her future in the sport was a little uncertain It wasn t long however before she met Coach John Miller and everything just started to fall into place Coach Miller had been coaching the Warriors Varsity team for years and Andrews really admired his coaching style He always had a new approach to push his players harder and a new philosophy to maximize their growth That was the most amazing moment of my life as a kid to actually win a National Championship HSNATION COM 5

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In 2013 the Parker Tarrant Warriors became the first homeschool sports program to win a National Championship in every age division Junior High Junior Varsity and Varsity It was at that time that Andrews started with the Junior High team while in the 8th grade That was the most amazing moment of my life as a kid to actually win a National Championship so young You couldn t even imagine our volleyball banquet at the end of the season it was unbelievable Then Coach Miller took me straight from the Junior High team and put me on that national winning Varsity team It was such an honor and I m just so grateful that he gave me that chance Last year at just 17 years of age Andrews was named to the prestigious Homeschool Volleyball All American Team The fact that I was chosen for this award was so humbling and a moment I will never forget I ve been so lucky to play with some of the best homeschool volleyball players in the country These girls are now going to Division 1 schools and playing in college I could ve been a little intimidated playing on a varsity team at such a young age but they were just so encouraging from the start I really owe them for their contributions to my achievements Andrews focus right now is on her upcoming senior year and making her last season with the Warriors a memorable one I feel like we have a really strong team and can t wait to see how this season pans out for us For me personally knowing that this is my last year I just want to give it my all and hopefully leave a legacy for those Warriors behind me and honor those who played before me I just want to make the most of this last season with my Warrior teammates I think it s going to be a great year UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH HAYLEY ANDREWS HSNATION What are the biggest differences between club volleyball vs playing on a homeschool team Andrews Our practice schedule is a bit more flexible and we get to practice more than public schools would as they can only practice a few nights a week Our homeschool team can practice in the afternoons and even throw in a morning practice We are able to go on team bonding events or enter 4x4 tournaments since we don t have to be strict with our class schedule We have more of a family mentality in homeschool sports vs club volleyball Playing with the Warriors I just felt blessed that all the girls on my team love the Lord and there is absolutely NO drama No one is bothered with jealousy regarding playing time or even recruitment We are all really supportive of each other and happy for each other s successes It s really great There s just 6 HSNATION COM The fact that I was chosen for this award was so amazing and humbling and a moment I will never forget I ve been so lucky to play with some of the best homeschool volleyball players in the country no club team I have been a part of with that same mentality or feeling like I have found with homeschool teams We do team devotionals together which I felt played a huge role in making us all work together better as a team We all say There s just no club team like the Warriors When we all come from playing club volleyball back to our Warrior team it s like a breath of fresh air HSNATION How has homeschooling helped prepare you for your senior year and even as you start to transition into college Andrews Playing alongside the other girls all these years that have gone through the similar experiences have similar beliefs has really been such a blessing While I was playing varsity as an underclassman I got to watch the seniors as older sisters in the volleyball world I saw them going through the process of dual credit classes their college search and recruiting It really paved that road for me so now that I m going through my senior year and facing all these big changes it s a lot easier because I have great examples that have already gone through the same process I feel if I had been in public school I wouldn t have gotten that kind of big sister little sister mentality HSNATION Do you have any personal sports figures you admire Andrews Probably Kerry Walsh playing volleyball in the Olympics when she was pregnant I d say that s a pretty big accomplishment and something to admire HSNATION Are there any previous or current homeschooled athletes you admire Andrews Wow I think definitely Annika Albrecht from the Illinois Crusaders and who now plays Division 1 volleyball

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for the University of Nebraska She is a beast who was the most valuable player of the Homeschool National Championships for three straight years I really admire her and how she has represented the homeschool sports world She is an incredibly talented player and just a really cool person I also admire my Warrior homeschool teammates Especially those who have graduated before me like Avery Miller and Taylor Turner and others that have really poured into me and encouraged me throughout my homeschool years playing volleyball I m really thankful for them and the example they set for me and for the rest of the team close to Him it will be so much easier to go along with what He has planned and allow Him to take you where He wants you to go I appreciated that advice so much because it reinforces the fact that it s not ME planning out my life alone It s me following Jesus and His plan for me It really took a lot of pressure off me from that moment on when I realized it s His plan not mine HSNATION Whom do you admire most outside of sports Andrews My parents Brian and Amy Andrews I definitely you I feel it just applies to any circumstance whether in sports family or homework wherever I m lacking God fills that gap admire them so much HSNATION What s the best advice you ve ever been given Andrews One time I was talking to my mom and we were discussing volleyball and college and my future I was getting kind of overwhelmed and was just venting to her I didn t know what to do about some upcoming decisions I had to make and which direction I was supposed take She told me You know Hayley you have to approach life like you re dancing with Jesus If you just let Him lead and stay HSNATION Do you have a motto you live your life by or something that inspires you Andrews II Corinthians 12 9 My grace is sufficient for HSNATION What words of advice or encouragement can you share with other homeschooled athletes Andrews I would say to never give up I know sometimes people can look down on those that are homeschooled or even as an athlete you face people saying that your team isn t legit but I just want to tell you that you are absolutely capable of succeeding through homeschool sports You can do it You can make a difference in your sport And if you have faith and truly believe it then you can do just that HSNATION COM 7

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Caleb Hollander was homeschooled his whole life and discovered his passion for basketball as young as 4 or 5 My Mom had very good reason to begin homeschooling at the time Then when I was about 9 I started playing for Coach Mc Morel pronounced Mac of the Nashville Central Christian Warriors and it changed everything for me My parents really admired Coach Mc and were pretty excited when I started with the Warriors My Dad even picked out my first jersey number when I started playing It was 10 HSNATION Tell us more about your homeschool sports experience and would you recommend homeschooling to others HOLLANDER Yes I do recommend homeschooling especially for athletes because it gives them flexibility to work on their sport while having a really good support system with their teammates It was a great choice for me growing up Between my parents support and Coach Mc s coaching style I really started excelling in my sport My Mom and Dad came to every 3 247 125 POINTS Games 25 9 Points Per Game Career Varsity stats with the NCC Warriors in Nashville Tennessee I had Coach Mc as a kid all the way up through high school Looking back his system really never changed much We ran a lot and pushed the ball up and down the court and that started in middle school It was grueling But that wasn t really what stood out for me about Coach Mc It was the fact that he was always there for us and our families and that stuck with me He really built us up as a team and as individuals He not only wanted us to do our best in basketball but he wanted us to make a difference with our lives off the court as well We grew as a team and as a family We did everything together I remember the time my Coach surprised my teammates and me with tickets to our first NCAA basketball game which was at Belmont University It was the Belmont Bruins vs the Florida Gulf Coast It was an amazing experience for all of us as kids to see that level of playing for the very first time I still have the ticket actually game cheering me on all the way I d practice every chance I had and spend hours with my friends at the neighborhood basketball court One of those nights my sister called to let me know that my Dad had a heart attack and I needed to come home right away I heard the ambulance in the background and got home just in time to run alongside it as they took my Dad away Turns out it wasn t a heart attack but a massive stroke It ended up damaging so much of his brain that they weren t sure he would even survive But he did Coach Mc my Warrior teammates and friends were amazing through it all I truly believe I couldn t have gotten through it without them They would all come to the hospital and just be there for us That was another advantage of homeschooling It gave me the freedom to be there for my family while still staying on track with my schoolwork This went on for months before Dad was able to go home He lost his ability to speak and walk but he s come so much further than the doctors ever thought he would He still struggles with memory recall which makes communicating difficult but we manage God must still have a plan for him to be here after all he s gone through That s what we cling to as a family knowing that his story may help others somehow Everyone goes through hard times but you CAN get through it ACTUAL TICKET STUB FROM CALEB S FIRST BELMONT BASKETBALL GAME HSNATION COM 11

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PHOTO BY ERIN MOREL 12 HSNATION COM Hollander averaged just over 27 PPG in his senior season with the Warriors

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HSNATION That s a lot to go through How do you think that affected you at such a young age HOLLANDER My family has always been religious and open about our Christianity but this whole experience changed me so much in regards to my faith and how I felt towards God You know as a kid you re taught to just listen to your parents and not question them Especially when it comes to being a Christian and how you re supposed to act You just go off that and don t always look into the why too much I was really angry though after Dad s stroke and didn t understand why something like this would happen to my Dad and to our family I remember sitting in the hospital praying so hard that he would survive no matter what Then when he did make it I felt like all he had endured was because I DID pray that he would live I was just a 14 yearold kid wondering why this was happening It took me so long to deal with that guilt It was in my head all the time every single day What did I do praying for this It was during those darkest times though that helped me understand my faith more deeply on a personal level Taking all my parents had taught me and then figuring it out for myself I don t think I would ve ever really understood faith until I got to that point If somebody tells you they have never questioned God or His plans I feel they are missing the point We are often told that God is all great and good and nothing bad will happen if you believe in Him That s not really how it works You have to learn that you may not always know His plan So at some point I really gave up trying to understand the WHY That s what faith is really HSNATION How is your family doing now HOLLANDER We are doing better It s still hard of course but we just take it day by day Mom has taken on so much for us as a family but we still have so much to be thankful for My Dad can actually do a lot more for himself now It s pretty impressive that he s learned to do so much like showering and stuff and has tried so hard to do those things without our help It is amazing how he s adapted and has even gotten a little better at communicating non verbally Like recently a local company had made him really mad about something and he got pretty worked up although we couldn t really figure out why So then later that day we were supposed to go somewhere and I loaded him up in the car and we drove about 45 minutes out of our way I had no idea where we were going he just kept telling me where I was supposed to go Next thing I know we ended up in the parking lot of that same company I realized what was going on and just looked over at him and laughed Dad seriously What are we doing here So yeah I d say he s learned how to better communicate with us It was so funny HSNATION Who helped you through the tough times HOLLANDER Coach Mc was amazing just being at the hospital for my family and me at all hours of the day or night I also had really good friends too Joey Hyland would literally sit with me every single day and his younger brother Kevin too I couldn t sleep a lot of the time so I would go out and shoot hoops until like 2 a m The lights on the court would shut off at 11p m so my buddy John Hamer who was smaller than me would get through the fence and turn the lights back on so I could stay up and shoot They were all so amazing during the tough times and we are all close friends to this day and always will be HSNATION What is your biggest accomplishment so far HOLLANDER In 2016 we won the National Tournament and it was such a big deal No one outside Oklahoma or Texas had won the nationals in homeschool sports and our Warriors team was so happy and celebrating like crazy I m most proud of that of course but the semi finals were an even bigger deal to me personally It went into double overtime which no one ever hears about and it was just amazing for us as a team It was the final four and we were getting killed It was like 24 10 in the first quarter and Coach Mc really yelled at me because I just wasn t playing well I had been getting so much publicity building up to this and doing interviews and photos and he said If you re going to get all this publicity you better play like somebody who deserves it Then after that I hit three in a row to give us the lead I will never forget how our team pulled together Coach s son came in and played his heart out and hit everything All of our players really stepped up and made a difference I shot the game winner with 8 seconds left in double overtime It s what you dream about as a kid counting down the buzzer out loud I ll never forget it HSNATION Tell us about winning your two basketball awards and what they meant to you HOLLANDER In 2016 I was named the Maravich Player of the Year which is awarded to homeschool basketball s overall player of the year After that I won the Sullivan Award which is given to the player winning the Maravich Award two years in a row It was such a big deal for my family and for me during that time because Dad was still in a rehab assisted living facility recovering I m sitting there with my parents when I received the email telling me I had won It was such a great moment for us to find out together as a family HSNATION Do you think the homeschool sport environment differs from the non homeschool sports events HOLLANDER It s different in several ways For example a traditional school doesn t always allow you the time for a flexible more intensive practice schedule or the ability to HSNATION COM 13

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build the relationships like we had through homeschooling The biggest difference though was how supportive you are of one another in homeschool sports When I started getting recruitment offers there was no jealousy or hard feelings whatsoever That wasn t always the case at the non homeschool events And it s not like we didn t have other Warrior players being recruited We had a lot of really talented players getting attention yet we just stayed focused on our current season and stayed supportive of one another My advice to other homeschool athletes is when you go to AAU tournaments and other club events just stay away from those kids that stay up at all hours and aren t focused on the game It was really an eye opener for me as someone who had always been homeschooled to see the other side from a secular standpoint and how different the atmosphere was in general Stay focused on your goal and don t fall for anything that could get you off track or distract you You ve worked too hard to let a rash decision put any of that at risk HSNATION Tell us about a favorite basketball moment that stands out for you HOLLANDER After this one JV game in particular Coach Mc had to leave right after for some reason and the coach of our Varsity team let me play in the game for a little bit I came in against a kid named Rob Marberry who now plays for Lipscomb University but back then Belmont was recruiting him So while I was in the game briefly in the third quarter I hit four 3 point shots as a freshman and Belmont recruiters saw me play They were later one of the first schools to recruit me Funny how I was seen during a game I wasn t even supposed to play in but it happened HSNATION Speaking of that tell us a little about your recruitment experience HOLLANDER I was recruited by a bunch of schools early on Clemson Lipscomb Samford and about 20 others But then I got injured and many of the offers just started to fall away It was like starting from scratch and I had to prove myself all over again After my injury came more offers from other programs including Belmont University and The University of Utah Although there were many good offers from many schools for me my decision really came down to either Utah or Belmont I toured both but then when Coach Byrd from Belmont called with the offer I just knew that Belmont was where God wanted me to be It also allowed me to be near my family which was important I still get a hard time though for not choosing Utah but know I made the right choice It s funny now looking back It s always led back to Belmont for me in so many ways 14 HSNATION COM

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HSNATION Have you experienced other personal challenges and can you tell us more about your injury HOLLANDER Well other than my Dad which took a toll and I struggled with depression pretty hard for a little while so there is that I got hurt my junior year and tore my PCL which is a kind of rare injury for basketball It took me about a year to recover mentally and physically to then play 100 again I was slow and my shot wasn t great at first but I finally got back on track HSNATION Did you ever feel that you missed out on doing things because of basketball and if so how did you handle that HOLLANDER Yes of course There was always a concert or some event with my friends I wanted to go to but it ends up being about your commitment to your sport and that means missing out on things sometimes I was just talking to a friend about this actually and they asked what I did this summer as they listed all the places they had visited and all the fun things they got to do I was like Well see that s just it I haven t had a summer in over five years All my summers are spent working out going to camps playing in tournaments etc We do something team related almost every single day But it s totally worth it especially now as I m starting my freshman year playing for Belmont All those summers I gave up were all worth it now HSNATION What would be your ultimate goal achievement in the future HOLLANDER Obviously it would be to win a National Championship with Belmont University I think we have a really great team and amazing coaches so you never know it could happen Caleb just started his freshman year at Belmont University so if you re passing through Nashville this fall stop and catch a Bruins game and look for Hollander as he takes the court for the first time He ll be wearing 10 the same number his Dad chose for him so many years ago In 2011 my coach took me to my first NCAA game Belmont vs Florida Gulf Coast and it was amazing Everything just kept leading me back to Belmont HSNATION COM 15

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Warming up before a workout or game can be just as important as playing the game itself Why Because unlike a cheetah that can go from sleeping to 60 mph in seconds your body is not made to perform in that way You need an increase of blood flow to your muscles which delivers oxygen to your muscle tissue and also removes carbon dioxide which can inhibit your muscular performance This process allows the muscles to react and communicate with your brain faster which often can give you the advantage as an athlete When your muscles are at the top of their game and ready to react your risk of injury drops significantly Aren t a few minutes of warm up worth the effort Especially when it keeps you on the field and on top of your game this season The goal is to increase your muscle temperature without fatigue This can be done in many ways Some are general and some are sport specific For example a soccer team might start out with a general slow jog to increase their core temperature and then immediately go into kicking the ball around to warm up specific leg muscles that are used when striking the ball After 15 20 minutes of warming up this way they should be ready for full field sprinting action You will know that your warm up is sufficient when you begin to sweat a lot Warming up doesn t just have physical benefits It is also a time to focus on technique and coordination A baseball player s warm up can be used to make sure that his release point is correct or a volleyball player can make sure she is striking the ball correctly The mental aspect of your game can sometimes carry you further than the physical and it all starts with the warm up Many athletes aren t taking the warm up session seriously but if you are then you are already a step ahead of the competition Where do you start with a warm up 10 Minute Jog 10 Push Ups 20 Stationary Squats 50 Jumping Jacks High knee walk 10 Lateral Lunges Skip 50 Yards Backwards Run 50 Yards Front Leg Swings 10 Each Leg Hug Knee 10 Each Leg 5 Each Leg HSNATION COM 17

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A T H L E T E S P O T L I G H T LUKE CIEPLY Football Georgia Force Atlanta GA BY S M TAYLOR L Luke Cieply is a 17 year old junior playing football for the Georgia Force in Atlanta Georgia They are 9 0 as of late October and are currently the number one homeschool team in the nation It feels great because I ve been playing football since I was six years old and it hasn t always come easily for me so this Georgia Force team and all we have accomplished is a really big deal to me personally Q A WITH LUKE HSNATION Why did your parents choose to homeschool CIEPLY I went to public school for a little bit and then my chose to lead a life for Christ so I rededicated my life about a year ago A year ago next week actually mom decided to take all of us out and start homeschooling That way we could study at our own pace and focus on excelling in school as well as in athletics It was also important to her to have us in a good environment that supported our belief system and had a more positive influence on our lives HSNATION What would be your ultimate goal or achievement HSNATION What is your biggest accomplishment so far CIEPLY I think giving my life to Christ has been my biggest HSNATION Do you have any sports heroes CIEPLY Yes I chose the 43 because of Troy Polamalu from the accomplishment so far I was always raised in a religious family but couldn t remember the exact time I personally 18 HSNATION COM in the future CIEPLY I would really like to go to Liberty University and play ball there I also really look forward to getting married someday I know that may sound a little strange but I have always looked forward to that Pittsburgh Steelers I have always admired him and his abilities and looked up to him growing up

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HSNATION Are there any previous or current homeschooled HSNATION What words of advice or encouragement can you CIEPLY For sure it would be Tim Tebow That s probably a CIEPLY I know a lot of people can look down on athletes you admire given for a lot of people but he did so much to represent homeschool sports through his success as an athlete and as a person I admire that share with other homeschooled athletes throughout your football career and if so can you tell us about that homeschooling sports sometimes or not take it seriously but I do recommend it If you have that desire to succeed in whatever sport you play it really gives you the flexibility to practice and work out as much as you want and it also offers an amazing group of like minded players and coaches that are really more like family that also want to see you succeed CIEPLY Oh yes I sure have Ever since I was young as a kid I HSNATION What is your favorite career moment so far HSNATION Have you experienced any personal difficulties was always the smaller guy and was always the underdog As long as I can remember I ve wanted to play college ball and countless people along the way told me I couldn t do it I just didn t have the size speed or the strength early on and it really put a fire into me to just work harder get stronger and show all of them that I CAN and WILL do it HSNATION Who do you look up to or admire outside of sports CIEPLY My Dad David Cieply he played football for WV as a walk on and worked really hard to play His football experience and advice he gives me is always helpful and inspirational He has been so supportive of me and I really look up to my Dad and admire him HSNATION What was the best advice you were ever given CIEPLY The best football advice was from my Dad He told me through the years Always be the hammer never be the nail That has really inspired me throughout my football career to play my hardest and always be the hammer It isn t always easy but it makes me work harder to strive for that Then as far as the best life advice that would be from my Mom Shauna She always tells me to stay on God s path and allow His will to be done Whatever He has planned for you just take it I hope that involves football but it may be a completely different path and I m OK with that too HSNATION Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by CIEPLY Honor Christ in everything and in any situation CIEPLY The North Georgia Touchdown Club awards dinner was just a few weeks ago I ended up winning defensive player of the week and it was such an honor I felt like all my hard work had paid off and everyone was so supportive from players to coaches congratulating me and reaching out afterwards It has been amazing HSNATION What is your favorite subject CIEPLY I like language and especially studying sign language HSNATION What is your favorite food CIEPLY BBQ Any BBQ but especially pulled pork HSNATION What is your favorite type of music CIEPLY Christian Rap and Worship Music I know that s one extreme to the next but I enjoy them both HSNATION Do you have a favorite TV show or movie CIEPLY Stranger Things and The Walking Dead HSNATION What do you eat to celebrate after a big win CIEPLY I always have a vanilla milkshake after a game Just plain vanilla Football can be aggressive and I m really competitive so you can come across as being a punk on the field so I try hard to show Christ like love to others while still playing and hitting my hardest HSNATION Do you have any pets HSNATION What motivates or inspires you HSNATION Any other fun facts you can tell us about you CIEPLY Whenever I have someone come up against me CIEPLY I ve been playing the ukulele for about 5 years Laugh whether that be in my faith or football or in everyday life it inspires and motivates me to rise above it and become better CIEPLY Yes we have a new lab puppy named Lady She s strawberry blonde and looks like a fox She s the best all you want I love it Hi I m Luke Cieply linebacker for the Georgia Force and I love playing the ukulele He laughs WANT TO NOMINATE AN ATHLETE Visit hsnmagazine com and click contact us HSNATION COM 19

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C O A C H S P O T L I G H T C J POMEROY C Head Basketball Coach Founder CHSM Crimson Knights Houston TX BY S M TAYLOR C J Pomeroy was homeschooled growing up and started coaching right out of high school in 2004 Since I was a teenager I felt I had been called into service in some capacity Never to become a pastor or anything like that but called to be in full time service of others For years I helped in my church and various homeschool programs but I always felt there was a bigger need for me to impact and influence young people especially homeschooled athletes In 2012 Pomeroy started Christian Homeschool Sports Ministries CHSM Their mission was to develop Christian character in competitive homeschool athletes Their vision was for each and every one of their athletes to become strong leaders I just started realizing our responsibility for these kids to impact their lives and their futures because it s not just about playing sports There have been plenty of kids in our program who weren t ever really going to play much in their sport but we invested in them knowing this program would be a place that ALL kids could come learn the skills necessary to become successful as people regardless of their skills on the court Q A WITH COACH HSNATION What is your favorite thing about homeschool coaching and what makes it unique Coach The unique thing is that you re coaching kids that come from all different areas of the city You may have two or three kids that know each other from a homeschool group or church but for the most part you re dealing with a team that doesn t know each other at all Even more amazing is when the team is all really talented and come together and play great ball What I enjoy most about coaching though is taking the game and applying those lessons into everyday life While I want our CHSM basketball and volleyball teams to be successful right now we ll really have only succeeded as coaches if they graduate get out into the world and live a life of excellence HSNATION Who inspired you most growing up Coach My high school coach Tom Sanders He was all about pouring into young people and helping them become better 20 HSNATION COM young men so they grew up to become better adults and then become even better leaders That s really why we started CHSM based on this principle Coach Sanders instilled in me so long ago HSNATION You do an amazing job promoting homeschool sports and have quite the social media following especially on Twitter cjpomeroy1 Tell us about that Coach You know it s crazy how that s taken off I took a lot of social media courses and read a lot about how to best utilize these platforms I think that leadership is built by influence and we have the ability to influence people through social media in a way that can also serve a greater goal which is why it s been an important tool for us at CHSM Reaching a larger audience all while helping promote homeschool athletics at the same time

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HSNATION What advice do you give to your teams Coach First and foremost the advice I give all my players is that you have to do what you re called to do If not then there isn t going to be a lot of passion or joy behind what you do Just because you re gifted in your sport doesn t mean that is necessarily your path and that s hard to say sometimes as a coach but our goal isn t to just win games but to influence these young people for the future Secondly strive for excellence and understanding that means on and off the court Be the best you can be in all your efforts and develop into men and women of character through perseverance HSNATION Any current or previous homeschool athletes you admire Coach Justin Jackson played for Homeschool Christian Youth Association HCYA my alma mater He was a rare talent in homeschool basketball and so well rounded He went to North Carolina on a full scholarship and now plays in the NBA for the Sacramento Kings What really stands out about Justin though is his humility Justin knows how good he is but he is such an example of what it means to be a team player a hard worker and an example of integrity Then there s Moriah Jefferson an incredibly talented homeschool basketball player winning five National Championships in a row in high school She was able to turn that success into playing for the University of Connecticut winning four Nationals Championships there as well Then last year she was the second overall draft pick in the WNBA playing for the San Antonio Stars There are just so many amazing athletes out there that got their start in homeschool sports HSNATION Do you have a saying or motto you live your life by Coach Understanding that whatever you are assigned to do you do with all your might Colossians 3 23 24 HSNATION What is a favorite career moment of yours Coach As a coach my favorite moment is from a couple years ago when our CHSM team made it to the Homeschool National Championships We got beat pretty badly but we had some amazing moments as a team that outweighed the loss There was a young man on our team named Cordell Davis He was a senior and had never played much but he was such a huge part of the team and our success We were down by about 30 points but our coaching staff had already decided to let all of our seniors get in this game and play regardless of the score Cordell came in the game and ended up getting to shoot three free throws after a penalty and when he took the line the crowd started chanting Cordell Cordell Everybody started yelling for this kid who never played but was a beloved member of this team He ended up making two of those three shots and the crowd just exploded in excitement for him I don t think anyone really remembers the final score of that game probably not even the team that won but everyone remembers the moment Cordell took the court and made those shots That s what it is all about Impacting lives and this one impacted many It was a great moment for homeschool sports and one we as a team will never forget WANT TO NOMINATE YOUR COACH Visit hsnmagazine com and click Contact Us HSNATION COM 21

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By MICHAEL BENNETT Five More Minutes Time is our most valuable possession Most of us don t realize just how precious time is until well after we ve used up a bunch of it Depending on where you live and whom you listen to we all should expect to live on average around 79 years Lifestyle heredity diet etc all play into the ultimate equation but on average we will live around eight decades That sounds like a long time to some but not a lot for some others all depending on how old you are when you reflect on this Just a little More time As a young boy I distinctly remember a time when I was playing with my neighborhood friend Tim Tim lived on the next street over directly behind our house Only an alleyway running the length of our block divided our backyards We were at an age when our time was precisely dictated by our parents This particular day we knew that our time together would be ending promptly at 5 30 p m otherwise known as suppertime and it was rapidly approaching I asked my mom if Tim could call to ask if he could stay longer He called and it worked we were granted an additional five minutes Five more minutes you would have thought we had won the lottery I look back at those days fondly This memory is etched in my mind I believe because today I more fully understand the precious value of each moment we ve been given Oh the innocence of youth if only I had known how short five minutes really was back then But I m glad I didn t I have been around the block a few times since then My wife and I have three children with the youngest in his late teens The reality of the value of time often punches me squarely in the face Time Flies If you are reading this as a student athlete my intent is to encourage you to measure your time wisely Time is short and your years in school go quickly Sure many of you have the size talent and desire to compete in your chosen sport after high school A few of you will even have an opportunity to make a living playing the game you love What an incredible dream realized that will be for you Regardless of whether it all ends upon high school graduation or not the importance of what you are doing right now has tremendous implications on your future My encouragement is that you finish strong Discipline your minds and your bodies and run the race in such a way as to win the prize set before you If you are a parent of a homeschool athlete you understand to a much larger degree what I m talking about Parenting is hard Parenting takes money Parenting involves creative thinking Good parenting takes a lot of time for a long duration of time I don t have to tell you about time you get it I remember when I thought I got it too As I mentioned before my children have all graduated from high school now So just as I mentioned to your son or daughter in the last paragraph let me encourage you with similar thoughts Actually I m going to encourage you much the same finish 24 HSNATION COM strong Run the race so as to win Discipline your minds and your bodies and endure the race that is set before you so as to win the prize Right now the biggest prize set before you is the development and education of your children Make the most of the time that s left It goes so quickly The volunteer support is the core of Homeschool Sports and are an unpaid overworked coalition all there to see it through It is fulfilling and inspirational to be a part of the movement It takes work and a lot of it It takes YOU I ll leave you with this thought a perspective imparted to me by my good friend and pastor Todd Murray Years ago we were at lunch laughing together as we told stories about the things our children young at the time were saying and doing We both commented how it seemed that they were growing up way too quickly At that moment Todd reminded me that most children leave the home for college at age 18 My son Collin was nine at the time Todd said Think about it Collin has nine more birthdays at home He continued You ll get to experience nine more Christmas mornings at home Nine more Father s Days at home Then these words Be faithful to use your time wisely it goes so quickly He spoke truth and the time did go fast It will for you too but I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend incredibly memorable moments with my sons and daughter in an athletic environment We ve shared some incredible victories and some heartbreaking losses All of it was packaged in rich soil in which to plant seeds of truth that we re promised will not return to us void Dads moms grandparents use your time wisely Cherish it Look for ways to serve Discover your role within the homeschool athletic community and get in the race I promise you the sacrifice of time money energy emotions and all that is involved in homeschool sports is worth it We are only talking about a few years in the grand scheme before the time to influence in this arena will be gone Each of my children s last games as seniors in high school was an emotional and very precious time The thought I m glad that is over never entered my mind There was a strange mixture of joy and sadness with all three Even now to this very day I just want another five minutes

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