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CBL FY 2020 PublicationsAndersson, A., Lavonen, E., Harir, M., Gonsior, M., Hertkorn, N., Schmitt-Kopplin, P., Kylin, H., Bastviken, D.2020. Selective removal of natural organic matter during drinking water production changes the composition ofdisinfection by-products. Environ. Sci.: Water Res. Technol. 6: 779-794.[UMCES Contribution No. 5737]Appice, A., Gel, Y. R., Iliev, I., Lyubchich, V., Malerba, D. 2020. A Multi-Stage Machine Learning Approach toPredict Dengue Incidence: A Case Study in Mexico. IEEE Access. 8: 52713-52725. [UMCES Contribution No. 5809]Bailey, S., Olivera-Villarroel, S.M., Lyubchich, V. 2020. Assessing the impacts of inclement weather on trafficaccidents in Mexico City. In V Lyubchich et al. (eds.) Evaluating Climate Change Impacts. Boca Raton, FL: CRCPress. [UMCES Contribution No. 5844]Brush, M.J., Giani, M., Totti, C., Testa, J.M., Faganeli, J., Ogrinc, N., Kemp, W.M. and Umani, S.F. 2020.Eutrophication, Harmful Algae, Oxygen Depletion, and Acidification. In Coastal Ecosystems in Transition (edsT.C. Malone, A. Malej and J. Faganeli). [UMCES Contribution No.5871]Brush, M.J., Mozetič, P., Francé, J., Aubry, F.B., Djakovac, T., Faganeli, J., Harris, L.A. and Niesen, M. 2020.Phytoplankton Dynamics in a Changing Environment. In Coastal Ecosystems in Transition (eds T.C. Malone, A.Malej and J. Faganeli). [UMCES Contribution No. 5874]Bushnell, M., Waldmann, C., Seitz, S., Buckley, E., Tamburri, M., Hermes, J., Henslop, E., Lara-Lopez, A. 2019.Quality Assurance of Oceanographic Observations: Standards and Guidance Adopted by an InternationalPartnership. Front. Mar. Sci. 6:706. [UMCES Contribution No. 5765]Cai, W., Feely, R.A., Testa, J.M., Li, M., Evans, W., Alin, S.R., Xyu, Y., Pelletier, G., Ahmed, A., Greeley, D.J.,Newton, J.A., Bednarsek, N. 2020. Natural and Anthropogenic Drivers of Acidification in Large Estuaries.Annual Review of Marine Science. 13:23-55. [UMCESContribution No. 5867]Cai, R., Zhou, W., He, C., Tang, K., Guo, W., Shi, Q., Gonsior, M., Jiao, N. 2019. Microbial Processing ofSediment‐Derived Dissolved Organic Matter: Implications for Its Subsequent Biogeochemical Cycling inOverlying Seawater. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 124. [UMCES Contribution No. 5746]Cazzolla Gatti, R., Koppl, R., Fath, B.D., Kauffman, S., Hordijk, W., Ulanowicz, R.E. 2020. On the emergence ofecological and economic niches. J Bioecon. 22, 99–127. [UMCESContribution No. 5864]Chapina,R.J., Rowe, C.L., Woodland, R.J. 2020. Metabolic rates of Neomysis americana (Smith, 1873)(Mysida: Mysidae) from a temperate estuary vary in response to summer temperature and salinity conditions,Journal of Crustacean Biology, 40 (4) : 450–454, [UMCES ContributionNo. 5853]

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Cooper, L. 2019. CASE STUDY 1: The Bering Sea and Climate Change. In: Lovejoy, Thomas E.. and Hannah,L. ed. Biodiversity and Climate Change. New Haven: Yale University Press, pp. 39-41. [UMCES Contribution No. 5804]Cooper, L., Guarinello, M. L., Grebmeier, J.M., Bayard, A., Lovvorn, J.R., North, C.A., Kolts, J.M. 2019. Avideo seafloor survey of epibenthic communities in the Pacific Arctic including Distributed BiologicalObservatory stations in the northern Bering and Chukchi seas. Deep Sea Research Par II: Topical Studies inOceanography, 162: 164-179. [UMCES Contribution No. 5805]Cortical, G., Woodland, R., Lasley-Rasher, R., Winkler, G. 2020. Phylogeography of Neomysis americana(Crustacea, Mysida), focusing on the St. Lawrence system, Journal of Plankton Research, 42, (2) : 253. [UMCES Contribution No. 5819]Dunn, D.C., Harrison, A.-L., Curtice, C., DeLand, S., Donnelly, B., Fujioka, E., Heywood, E., Kot, C.Y., Poulin,S., Whitten, M., Akesson, S., Alberini, A., Appeltans, W., Acros, J.M., Bailey, H., Ballance, L.T., Block, B.,Blondin, H., Boustany, A.M., Brenner, J., Carry, P., Cejudo, D., Cleary, J., Corkeron, P., Costa, D.P., Coyne, M.,Crespo, G.O., Davies, T.E., Dias, M.P., Douvere, F., Ferretti, F., Formia, A., Freestone, D., Friedlaender, A.S.,Frisch-Nwakanma, H., Frojan, C.B., Gjerde, K.M., Glowka, L., Godley, B.J., Gonzalez-Solis, J., Granadeiro, J.P.,Gunn, V., Hashimoto, Y., Hawkes, L.M., Hays, G.C., Hazin, C., Jimenez, J., Johnson, D.E., Luschi, P., Maxwell,S.M., McClellan, C., Modest, M., Notarbartolo di Sciara, G., Palacio, A.H., Palacios, D.M., Pauly, A., Rayner,M., Rees, A.F., Salazar, E.R., Secor, D., Sequeira, A.M.M, Spalding, M., Spina, F., Van Parijs, S., Wallace, B.,Varo-Cruz, N., Virtue, M., Weimerskirch, H., Wilson, L., Woodward, B., Halpin, P.N. 2019 The importance ofmigratory connectivity for global ocean policy. Proc. R. Soc. B 286: 20191472. [UMCES Contribution No. 5706]Ershova, E.A., Descoteaux, R., Wangensteen, O.S., Iken, K., Hopcroft, R.R., Smoot, C., Grebmeier, J.M.,Bluhm, B.A. 2019. Diversity and Distribution of Meroplanktonic Larvae in the Pacific Arctic and ConnectivityWith Adult Benthic Invertebrate Communities. Front. Mar. Sci. 6:490.[UMCES Contribution No. 5832]Frey, K. E., J. C. Comiso, L. W. Cooper, J. M. Grebmeier, and L. V. Stock, 2019. Arctic Ocean primaryproductivity: The response of marine algae to climate warming and sea ice decline. Arctic Report Card 2019, J.Richter-Menge, M. L. Druckenmiller, and M. Jeffries, Eds., [UMCESContribution No. 5807]Ganju, N. K., Testa, J. M., Suttles, S. E., and Aretxabaleta, A. L. 2020. Spatiotemporal variability of lightattenuation and net ecosystem metabolism in a back-barrier estuary, Ocean Sci., 16, 593–614, [UMCES Contribution No. 5852]Grebmeier, J.M., Cooper, L.W. 2019. Surface sediment samples collected from the CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier,Northern Bering Sea to Chukchi Sea, 2017. Arctic Data Center. [UMCESContribution No. 5835]Hennler, D., Gonsior, M., Powers, L.C., Marshell, J.W., Rychlik, M., Taylor, A.J., Schmitt-Kopplin, P. 2019.Simulated Sunlight Selectively Modifies Maillard Reaction Products in a Wide Array of ChemicalReactions, Chem. Eur. J. 25, (57): 13208-13217. [UMCES ContributionNo. 5747]

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Khider, D., Emile‐Geay, J., McKay, N. P., Gil, Y., Garijo, D., Ratnakar, V., Alonso-Garcia, M., Bertrand, S.,Bothe, O., Brewer, P., Bunn, A., Chevalier, M., Comas-Bru, L., Csank, A., Dassie, E., DeLong, K., Felis, T.,Francus, P., Frappier, A., Gray, W., Goring, S., Jonkers, L., Kahle, M., Kaufman, D., Kehrwald, N.M., Martrat, B.,McGregor, H., Richey, J., Schmittner, A., Scroxton, N., Sutherland, E., Thirumalai, K., Allen, K., Arnaud, F.,Axford, Y., Barrows, T., Bazin, L., Pilaar Birch, S.E., Bradley, E., Bregy, J., Capron, E., Cartapanis, O., Chiang,H.-W., Cobb, K.M., Debret, M., Domain, R., Du, J., Dyez, K., Emerick, S., Erb, M.P., Galster, G., Finsinger, W.,Fortier, D., Gauthier, N., George, S., Grimm, E., Hertzberg, J., Hibbert, F., HIllman, A., Hobbs, W., Huber, M.,Hughes, A.L.C., Jaccard, S., Ruan, J., Kienast, M., Konecky, B., Le Roux, G., Lyubchich, V., Novello, V.F.,Olaka, L., Partin, J.W., Pearce, C., Phipps, S.J., Pignol, C., Piotrowska, N., Poli, M.-S., Prokopenko, A.,Schwanck, F., Stepanek, C., Swann, G.E.A., Telford, R., Thomas, E., Thomas, Z., Truebe, S., von Gunten, L.,Waite, A., Weitzel, N., Wilhelm, B., Williams, J., Williams, J.J., Winstrup, M., Zhao, N., Zhou, Y. 2019. PaCTS1.0: A crowdsourced reporting standard for paleoclimate data. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 34,1570-1596. [UMCES Contribution No. 5704].Kleinman, P.J.A., Fanelli, R.M., Hirsch, R.M., Buda, A.R., Easton, Z.M., Wainger, L.A., Brosch, C., Lowenfish,M., Collick, A.S., Shirmohammadi, A., Boomer, K., Hubbart, J.A., Bryant, R.B. and Shenk, G.W. 2019.Phosphorus and the Chesapeake Bay: Lingering Issues and Emerging Concerns for Agriculture. J. Environ. Qual.,48: 1191-1203. [UMCES Contribution No. 5771]Lalande, C., Grebmeier, J., Hopcroft, R., Danielson, S. 2020. Annual cycle of export fluxes of biogenic matternear Hanna Shoal in the northeast Chukchi Sea. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography.177. 104730. 10.1016/j.dsr2.2020.104730. [UMCES Contribution No. 5839]La Rosa, G.A., Woodland, R.J. & Rowe, C.L. 2020. Carbon: nitrogen ratio as a proxy for tissue nonpolar lipidcontent and condition in black sea bass Centropristis striata along the Middle Atlantic Bight. Mar Biol 167, 77. [UMCES Contribution No. 5842]Lee, C.M., Starkweather, S., Eicken, H., Timmermans, M-L., Wilkinson, J., Sandven, S., Dukhovskoy, D.,Gerland, S., Grebmeier, J., Intrieri, J.M., Kang S-H., McCammon, M., Nguyen, A.T., Polyakov, I., Rabe, B.,Sagen, H., Seeyave, S., Volkov, D., Beszczynska-Möller, A., Chafik, L., Dzieciuch, M., Goni, G., Hamre, T.,King, A.L., Olsen, A., Raj, R.P., Rossby, T., Skagseth, Ø., Søiland, H., Sørensen, K.. 2019. A Framework for theDevelopment, Design and Implementation of a Sustained Arctic Ocean Observing System. Front. Mar. Sci. 6:451. [UMCES Contribution No. 5836]Lee, Y., Wilberg, M., Han, E., Choi, K., Chan Lee, W., Kang, C. 2019. Growth of the longline-cultured sea squirtHalocynthia roretzi in a temperate bay of Korea: Biochemical composition and physiological energetics.Aquaculture. 516. [UMCES Contribution No. 5709]Lennox, R.J., Paukert, C.P., Aarestrup, K., Auger-Méthé, M., Baumgartner, .L, Birnie-Gauvin, K., Bøe, K., Brink,K., Brownscombe, J.W., Chen, Y., Davidsen, J.G., Eliason, E.J., Filous, A., Gillanders, B.M., Helland, I.P.,Horodysky, A.Z., Januchowski-Hartley, S.R., Lowerre-Barbieri, S.K., Lucas, M.C., Martins, E.G., Murchie, K.J.,Pompeu, P.S., Power, M., Raghavan, R., Rahel, F.J., Secor, D., Thiem, J.D., Thorstad, E.B., Ueda, H., Whoriskey,F.G., Cooke, S.J.. 2019. One Hundred Pressing Questions on the Future of Global Fish Migration Science,

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Conservation, and Policy. Front. Ecol. Evol. 7:286. [UMCESContribution No. 5707]Liang, D., Nesslage, G.M., Wilberg, M.J., 2019. A spatial simulation approach to hydroacoustic survey design:A case study for Atlantic menhaden. Fisheries Research. 222.[UMCES Contribution No. 5715]Lookingbill T.R., Minor E.S., Wainger L.A. 2019. The Ecosystem Service Impacts from Invasive Plants inAntietam National Battlefield. In: Lookingbill T., Smallwood P. (eds) Collateral Values. Landscape Series, vol 25.Springer, Cham. [UMCES Contribution No. 5772]Lovvorn, J.R., Rocha, A.R., Danielson, S.L., Cooper, L.W., Grebmeier, J.M., Hedstrom, K.S. 2020. Predictingsediment organic carbon and related food web types from a physical oceanographic model on a subarctic shelf.Mar Ecol Prog Ser 633:37-54. [UMCES Contribution No. 5808]Lyubchich, V., Gel, Y.R., Kilbourne, K.H., Miller, T.J., Newlands, N.K., & Smith, A.B. (Eds.). 2020.Evaluating Climate Change Impacts (1st ed.). Chapman and Hall/CRC.[UMCES Contribution No. 5843]Meredith, M., M. Sommerkorn, S. Cassotta, C. Derksen, A. Ekaykin, A. Hollowed, G. Kofinas, A. Mackintosh,J. Melbourne-Thomas, M.M.C. Muelbert, G. Ottersen, H. Pritchard, and E.A.G. Schuur, 2019. Polar Regions. In:IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate [H.-O. Pörtner, D.C. Roberts, VMasson-Delmotte, P. Zhai, M. Tignor, E. Poloczanska, K. Mintenbeck, A. Alegría, M. Nicolai, A. Okem, J.Petzold, B. Rama, N.M. Weyer (eds.)]. [UMCES Contribution No.5834]Midway, S.R., Schueller, A.M., Leaf, R.T., Nesslage, G.M., Mroch III, R.M., 2020. Macroscale drivers ofAtlantic and Gulf Menhaden growth. Fish Oceanogr. 29: 252– 264. [UMCESContribution No. 5736]Mitchelmore, C.L., Davies, I., 2020. Concentrations and Impacts of UV Filters in Aquatic Environments.Session summary from SETAC Toronto Session Summaries. SETAC Globe. [UMCES Contribution No. 5752]Najjar, R. G., Herrmann, M., Cintrón Del Valle, S. M., Friedman, J. R., Friedrichs, M. A. M., Harris, L. A., et al.2020. Alkalinity in tidal tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 125,e2019JC015597. 10.1029/2019JC015597. [UMCES Contribution No. 5723]Nesslage, G.M., Leaf, R.T., Wilberg, M.J., Mroch, R.M., III and Schueller, A.M. 2020. A Simulation-BasedEvaluation of Commercial Port Sampling Programs for the Gulf and Atlantic Menhaden Fisheries. North Am JFish Manage, 40: 995-1006. [UMCES Contribution No. 5855]North, C.A., Lovvorn, J.R., Kolts, J.M., Cooper, L.W., Grebmeier, J.M. 2019. Discriminating trophic niches ofcarnivorous benthic macroinvertebrates with gut contents, stable isotopes, and fatty acids. Mar Ecol Prog Ser631:49-66. [UMCES Contribution No. 5806]

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Orth, R.J., Dennison, W.C., Gurbisz, C., Hannam, M., Keisman, J., Landry, J.B., Lefcheck, J.S., Moore, K.A.,Murphy, R.R., Patrick, C.J., Testa, J., Weller, D.E., Wilcox, D.J., Batiuk, R.A. 2019. Long-term Annual AerialSurveys of Submersed Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) Support Science, Management, and Restoration. Estuaries andCoasts. [UMCES Contribution No. 5705]Paasche, Ø., Olsen, A., Årthun, M., Anderson, L.G., Wängberg, S.A., Ashjian, C.J., Grebmeier, J.M., TakashiKikuchi, Shigeto Nishino, Sayaka Yasunaka, Sung-Ho Kang, Kyoung-Ho Cho, Kumiko Azetsu-Scott, William J.Williams, Eddy Carmack, Sinhué Torres-Valdés, Toby Tyrrell, Karen Edelvang, Jianfeng He, and Heidi MarieKassens, et al. 2019. Addressing Arctic challenges requires a synoptic ocean survey, Eos, 100, [UMCES Contribution No. 5838]Palacios, D.M., Bailey, H., Becker, E.A. et al. 2019. Ecological correlates of blue whale movement behavior andits predictability in the California Current Ecosystem during the summer-fall feeding season. Mov Ecol 7, 26. [UMCES Contribution No. 5758]Powers, L.C., Conway, A., Mitchelmore, C.L., Fleischacker, S.J., Harir, M., Westerman, D.C., Croup, J.P.,Schmitt-Kopplin, P., Richardson, S.D., Gonsior, M., 2020.Tracking the formation of new brominated disinfectionby-products during the seawater desalination process, Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology. [UMCES Contribution No. 5875]Powers, L. C., Hertkorn, N., McDonald, N., Schmitt‐Kopplin, P., Del Vecchio, R., Blough, N. V., & Gonsior, M.2019. Sargassum sp. act as a large regional source of marine dissolved organic carbon and polyphenols. GlobalBiogeochemical Cycles, 33. [UMCES Contribution No. 5718]Riedel, M., Rohr, K. M. M., Spence, G. D., Kelley, D., Delaney, J., Lapham, L., et al. 2020. Focused fluid flowalong the Nootka fault zone and continental slope, Explorer‐Juan de Fuca plate boundary. GeochemistryGeophysics, Geosystems, 21, e2020GC009095. [UMCES ContributionNo. 5877]Rowe, C., Liang, D., Woodland, R.J., 2020. Effects of constant and fluctuating incubation temperatures onhatching success and hatchling traits in the diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin) in the context of thewarming climate. Journal of Thermal Biology. [UMCESContribution No. 5744]Secor, D.H., O’Brien, M.H.P., Gahagan, B.I., Watterson, J.C., Fox, D.A. 2020. Differential migration inChesapeake Bay striped bass. PLoS ONE 15(5): e0233103.[UMCES Contribution No.5857]Shen, C., Testa, J. M., Li, M., & Cai, W.‐J. 2020. Understanding anthropogenic impacts on pH and aragonitesaturation state in Chesapeake Bay: Insights from a 30‐year model study. Journal of Geophysical ResearchBiogeosciences, 125, e2019JG005620. [UMCES Contribution No. 5863]Shen, C., Testa, J. M., Ni, W., Cai, W.‐J., Li, M., & Kemp, W. M. 2019. Ecosystem metabolism and carbonbalance in Chesapeake Bay: A 30‐year analysis using a coupled hydrodynamic‐biogeochemical model. Journalof Geophysical Research: Oceans, 124. [UMCES Contribution No. 5703].

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