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A project for my freshman history class.

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The Federal Writers` Project 

¨Our future depends on our children. If their minds aren't trained, the future will not be bright. Our leaders should lecture to these young people and teach them. --Amsy O. Alexander, Little Rock, Arkansas” 



The Federal Writers`Project is a project by the Federal Government, it`s purpose was to fund and support people that write and publish books during the Great Depression. 

By : Kyle Ramhoff

The Purpose 


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The program was started to fund and support authors and writers during the Great Depression. This program was made to relief those affected by this crisis. It was mainly used to help authors publish their books. This program helped mainly Americans during these rough times. 

Throughout out the lifetime of the FWP, it faced series of criticism, mainly from conservatives.  The support for the program decreased and finally came to an end in 19-39.

The Lifetime

The Ending

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882, in Hyde Park NY. 
  • He died on April 12, 1945, due to polio. 
  • FDR had a half-brother, his father had a son with a different woman, the same year FDR`s mother was born.
  • He started a Stamp Collection around the age of 8 and continued it until he died of polio. 
  • FDR started to go through Law School but dropped out in 1907, to become a politician. 
  • He married a distant cousin, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, the niece of Teddy Roosevelt. 
  • FDR`s first attempt at the office was lost to Warren Harding. 
  • Roosevelt appointed the first woman, Frances Perkins, to his cabinet. This made history in 1933.
  • He holds the record for the longest term of presidency, with 4 terms as US President. 

FDR Facts