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Jeff’s hands shoved a fat binder labelled Biology forNerds into his locker. He grabbed his black hoodie, reading N7 and pulled it over his head, before slamming his locker door. The image of his spirit animal, the beaver, stared at him from the metal surface. An elder of his Blackfoot tribe had given it to him after he had shown an unusual ability to spot beaver dams on the highway. Jeff felt a strange empathy for the animal. He stood staring at the creature, feeling the depth of the connection. Finally he turned towards the school doors and raced down the stairs onto the playground.


A muscular boy with a squarish jaw and a rectangular haircut blocked his way. “Beaver boy” yelled Bully. “Give us your money!” Jeff ignored them, but then out of nowhere Jeff was lifted by his underwear yelling “aaaaaaahhhhhh!”Bully threw Jeff into a bush and left him there Jeff felt vengeful and mad!!!


The next day Jeff was constructing a No Way You Are Getting Into My House machine when Ms. Jones asked, “What are you doing Jeff?” Jeff replied, “What it says on the box. I need some volunteers who are okay with bonking their heads and getting wet.” He needed to test out his new machine when it was completed.Ms. Jones said, “Yes.”

Ms. Jones made an announcement. Any students who are willing to help Jeff build his machine are welcome to join him during recess. Beware you might get a little wet!

Jeff crossed the room to stand by Bully’s desk. “Would you like to help me? I need someone strong and cunning like you.” Bully smiled flattered, rubbed his hands together and began to give an evil smile……..dodododododododo.

During recess two other kids joined Jeff to work on his machine. Jeff said, “Big Bones. Get some water for me. Tiny Head go to the classroom and get some wood and Bully you are my test subject.” All four worked hard to finish building the machine and they were very proud of their work.

A tall pole rested against the door frame with a perpendicular board reaching across the frame. A bucket of water rested on the board near the top of the frame with a string attached to the bucket’s handle. When everything was in place, Bully stepped in the door. But he slipped and hit his head on the ground, pulling the string down and sending the bucket filled with water onto his head.

Ms. Jones heard all the commotion and came in to investigate the situation. She was shocked to see Big Bones, Tiny Head and Jeff lifting the bucket off Bully’s head. They helped Bully stand up.Once standing, Bully shook his fist at Jeff and Jeff knew that this was not the end.

Wak bonk ow smak !@#$%@#$@#@ famp slap @!@@##$#%^#$%&^%*&^*()) ? boom wadaka-boom !!!!  

The last few days had been horrible! Ever since the bucket incident Bully wanted revenge. First the punch in the face then the comeback of being pushed down the stairs and so on. Jeff was laying on the couch watching his favourite tv show ….The main announcer said, “Today we are going to look at the legend of Beaver. Jeff bolted right straight up. Beaver is his spirit animal. The announcer yelled, “Let’s begin!”

A long time ago when animals could talk, a war was happening in North America. The war was between animals and trees. The animals were losing. No matter how many trees they ripped apart and killed, they kept coming back. Beaver the strongest warrior of all the animals was incredible. He could whack his tail on the ground and travel at supersonic speed. He could chew through trees in seconds. But one day when Beaver returned from a bloody battle he found his family dead, killed by evil malevolent trees!

Beaver was so furious he wanted to rip every tree to shreds. He went on a rampage killing every tree he ever saw. The Creator was not happy when he saw this killing spree. The Creator cursed the Beaver so now he can only eat wood, no more chocolate covered ants for him and he cursed the trees for being so malevolently evil so that they were stuck to the ground forever. Thus teaching both of them not to be evil and vengeful.

“That’s all the time we have folks”, said the main announcer. Jeff was shocked at what he had just heard and he realized what he had to do.


The next day, Jeff walks up to Bully and says, “Hi!”

Bully slapped his fists together and took a step forward towards Jeff. The kids around them began to flee. Jeff dropped his backpack and stood facing Bully. Bully is confused. Bully expected one of two things, Jeff to run away like the rest of the kids or roll up his sleeves and get ready to fight. What he did not expect was Jeff to just stand there, plainly, openly standing there looking straight at him.

Bully threw the first punch at Jeff and Jeff stumbled back and fell to the ground. Jeff wobbled back up and stared back at Bully. Bully felt like Jeff was staring into his soul. Bully kept punching Jeff and Jeff kept standing back up. This continued for 15 minutes. Finally Bully realized that Jeff was not going to fight back. Which made Bully realize that the whole time they were fighting for no apparent reason. Although in pain, Jeff felt happy. He knew Bully and his fight was coming to a close or had just ended.

After that day Bully became less of a bully. In fact he was so nice to everyone around him that he was nicknamed ‘Friendly’ by everyone who knew him. Jeff and Bully became great friends and they still are to this day…...




to mom and dad



and all the trees