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What to say and how to interact with FSBO

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Working With FSBO’s:
Reasons Owners Want To Sell Their Homes On Their Own:
1. Save the commission
2. Had a bad experience
3. Control over the process including showings, etc.
Good statistics to know:
20% of Fsbo’s sell on their own
80% change their mind and withdraw
80% use a Realtor
What To Expect:
1. Sellers are not immediately interested in listing. You should know this and be
prepared. But remember, most eventually do list.
2. Seller’s are trying to save the commission: so are the buyer’s that are
attracted to fsbo’s! Both can not save the commission.
First Contact:
Initial goal of first contact: An appointment to preview
You are not trying to list, simply PREVIEW so you can be familiar with everything in
your market area.
Is this Ms. Smith?
My name is _______ with Coldwell Banker Professional, Realtors. I noticed that you
have your home on the market for sale by owner. May I make an appointment to come
preview your home- it would only take about 10 minutes?
We are not going to list our home.
I understand that you are selling your home for sale by owner. I like to be familiar with
everything in my market area. Should I have a buyer inquire about your property, I
would like to know about it just like I would any other property on the market.
1. At the appointment, simply look at the home and establish rapport. Do not
answer questions regarding price.
Ways to establish rapport:
What to take with you & questions to find out while in property:
Why are your selling your home yourself instead of using a professional?
How long are you going to try to sell your home yourself?
Have you had any written offers? (written not verbal)
Where do you plan on moving?
What are your plans if you home does not sell?
2. Upon leaving, ask if they would like to have the most current information on
the market value of homes in their area to compare with their home. Make an
appointment to bring the information back with BOTH parties present.
3. When confirming the appointment, ask if you can you could show them why
you can help them make more money on the sale of their home than they can
FSBO, would they be interested.
When is the best time to followup?
What do you say when you follow-up?
I wanted to see how your weekend went and check to see if your property sold
and I needed to remove it from my list of available properties in the area.
How do you lay the ground work for your next week follow-up?