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Yah-So-Sweet Gourmet Shop


Yah-So-Sweet Gourmet Foods are completely Organic and GMO free. From the Farms of Fruit of Her Works our products are made not only for the taste, but for the health and benefit of our customers which makes our foods and products deliciously and soulfully good! 


We're Just Naturally Good & God Awefully Sweet! 

Fresh Gourgmet Cakes!

Gourmet Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies and Our Featured Gourmet Mason Jar Themed Creme' Cakes!  We make cakes for any occasion. Fresh and ready to ship.  


We Cater Local and upcoming Events! 

 Place your order TODAY! 



Have something special to say? Say it with our cakepops in any flavor you want!

 Send them as a gift with a taste of sweetness.  Our creative basket themes and special wrapping will help you match the occasion.  

Our Yah-fully-Sweet Cupcakes have been WOWING customers for years.  With a wide selection of flavors our cupcakes come deliciously decorated with the sweetest touch.

Experience the taste of heaven with our decedent cakes.  Taste's so good your toes will curl!  

Feast your eyes on our Mason Jar Theme Cakes! Enjoy your favorite Yah-So-Sweet Desserts on the go in any flavor or dessert you like.  These tastefully packed desserts are the best.

Just good ol' fashioned home-made perfection in a jar.