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The friendship between the three animals.

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          Never Ends

written by Quynh, Sun and Bing

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

once upon a time, Ox, tiger and Panda were best friends together for a long time.

one day, when Tiger was hunting, she was injured from fell dowm a huge rock.

At the same time, Ox and Panda wanted to visit Tiger's house and spent time with her. It seems as a social activity in nowadays, afternoon tea.

But they can't find Tiger at her house. While Tiger looking forward some help, Ox and Panda go around to find him.

Tiger's legs were unable to move, so , she's starving. Luckily, thanks to Ox and Panda coming at the night to help her before the sunrise.

Ox and Panda help Tiger with going home safely.

They cooked for Tiger in the time that she couldn't hunt.

Tiger getting better when she get a special care from her best friends.

Their friendship become stronger after Tiger's problem happenned. They living together forever and helping each other.