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According to Freud, personality develops during childhood and is critically shaped through a series of five psychosexual stages, in which he calls his psychosexual theory of development.

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A  Timeline of Charle's  Life


Amira Shehadeh, Angelica Perez, Stephanie Pelaez & Sandra Sanchez 

Freud's psychosexual developtment theory partakes a central theme around sexual drive that states that human start life with an instrincual libido* that grows in five stages.

*instrucual libido mean sexual energy


The stages are:

  • Oral
  • Anal
  • Phallic
  • Latency
  • Genital


 Charles was born on March 3, 1997 at Seattle Grace Hosptial in Washington State. 

Charles first time pooping on the toilet! 

That one point in charles life when he would mistake his poop for arts and craft...

That time when Charles just set up tea time in his room to swoon his mom, but then he came out to find his mom's boyfriend with her, holding flowers....

Oedipus Complex

Charles enjoys playing with his toys and his friend Jose.  

...But he hates when the girls on the playground ask to play with him or his toys in fear of catching a case of the cooties!

However, on his very first day of High School, Charles met the girl of his dreams...

Get it Charles!

Charles grows up and marries his middle school sweetheart, and have 2 kids.

Sigmund Frued

  • Lived: 1856 - 1939
  • Austrian neurologist later founding father of psychoanalysis
  • Treated psychopathology by dialgoue 
  • Formulated Oesipus Complex 
  • Used sexual desires to reason things


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