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French Culture Shock Booklet

By Briana Nelson

Culture-the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.


The French and Americans have very different cultures. Like the french, schools lunches are 2 hours long while americans only have a 30 minute lunch break. This may seem weird to us americans having a long lunch break like that, but our 30 minute lunch can seem just as weird to french.

This book will tell you the differences between americans and french. It will show cultural differences in our nations and how somethings may be normal to one culture, and insane to others.

Holiday Traditions

French and America have similar holidays and traditions for them. There are some differences though. In France, Santa Claus is called Pere Noel and instead of putting stockings out, the French put their shoes out.

In France, July 14 is French Independence day. It is similar to America's Fourth Of July. They both celebrate with parades or festivals and fireworks.

Food (Meals, Mealtime.)

The French find lunch the largest and most important meal of the day. While americans find breakfast the most important meal of the day. The french don't even have breakfast.

French school lunches are a four course meal. While the americans only have one course at lunch. This is because the French view lunch as a very important aspect of the day and it also teachs french kids how to lead a healthy life style.

















How Cities are Organized

In France, you will not see many malls. But, you will see many open markets on the streets. While in America, you have many malls and not many markets.

Groceries being delivered is very common in France while in America it is not

How Homes are organized


French homes do not have screens on there windows. There is a time of day in France where you have to open your windows for 10-20 minutes to air out the house. In america, there are screened windows and don't need to air out homes.

Also, in some homes in France, the bathroom has 2 parts. The shower and toilet are separate. In most american homes these two items are placed in the same room

Formality vs. Informality

In france, if you were to greet a person you know. You would give them a kiss on the check and say "ca-va?" Or if you didnt know them you would give them a handshake and say "ca-va?"

In america, you may see someone you know, and they would just not talk to you. Or say hi and just walk away. 


In french schools, you may not be able to bring a lunch. Only in certain cities allow students to bring lunches from home. In america students have the option to bring a lunch from home no matter where you live.

Students at a young age start learning another language, english. While in some american schools students don't learn another language till middle school or later.

Are you french or american?


Question One

Do you have a split bathroom




Question Two

Do you have breakfast?

A No

B Yes


Question Three

Do you have a multiple course meal

A yes

B No


Question Four

How long are your lunch breaks?

A Longer than 30 minutes

B 30 minutes or less


Question Five

If you saw someone you knew, would you greet them?

A Yes

B No


Question six

Did you learn another language in elementary school?

A Yes

B No

Question 7

Do you bring a lunch from home.

A No

B Yes


Question 8

What Item to you place christmas items in

A Shoe

B Stocking


Question Nine

How do you get your groceries

A Delivered

B The store


Question 10

What do you see more?

A Markets

B Malls


Question Eleven

What language do you speaks

A French

B American


If you got mostly A's, your more French


If you got mostly Bs, you're more American