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The French Collection
Art Gallery 61+ 402841638
With Tante Jeanne and Grand-mère
Suzanne as fashion designers in Paris
during the early 1900s, it’s no wonder
that Kiama Art Gallery owner, Andrea
Hope, has a fascination with french art
from this era.
The paintings and fine prints in this
catalogue are just a taste of the many
artworks you’ll find at the gallery,
which have been lovingly collected by
Andrea over many years - and she has
many artworks which are now very rare
and difficult to find. 61+ 402841638
Fashion Design
These beautiful pochoir fashion plates are from Gazette du bon ton,
which was produced in the 1910s and 20s and featured such
designers as Worth, De Beer, Lanvin and many others.
Fine Prints
Maurice Vlaminck, Lithograph
Satish Sharma, Lithograph
Fine Prints
Patrick Hanin, Nice
Modern Masters
Henri Matisse, Jazz, e-le-cauchemar-de-lelephant-blanc
Modern Masters
Joan Miró, Lithographs
Modern Masters
Odilon Redon, Heliogravure
Modern Masters
Wassily Kandisnksy, Plat Profound
Modern Masters
Pablo Picasso, Toros Y Toreros
Art Nouveau
Pa Plante et ses applications Ornementales, Grasset, 1896
Art Deco
E A Seguy, Prismes
Contemporary Prints
Didier Léspagnol, Paris
Liquer posters
Vintage Prints
Still Life, vintage print
Find these artworks and many more at
Kiama Art Gallery. 61+ 402841638
The images in this catalogue are not to scale - but are sized for illustrative