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Freeze Crowd is an interactive photography site that is targeted toward new college students.

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            How Does It Work?                                          Cost?

Currently, FreezeCrowd is only available for users that still maintain a .edu email address, which includes current college students and recent graduates. Unfortunately this site is not open to all users yet.

The inspiration for this site was a standard college yearbook, in which people were grouped together by activity or group. FreezeCrowd mimics this by trying to connect you with other users based on the people, locations, and events tagged in the photos that you upload to your account. 

Their website says they use a database of over two million keywords to "FreezeTag" individuals in group photographs, hoping to show similar interests between friends and strangers, while also displaying the uniqueness of each person

FreezeCrowd is a new social networking site that is organized around the concept of connecting friends and strangers according to the interests they express in the photos they upload. This site is directed towards college students and can allow students to connect with people they otherwise wouuld not see on their large campuses.



FreezeCrowd is abosolutly FREE. NO SIGN up fees, no paying extra for followers, it is absolutly free.