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Long Reach Equipment

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                                                      LONG-REACH FRONT END EQUIPMENT. 

Contact us for your Long Reach front end equipment for most excavators.

 Make you machine more versatile

Put the long reach equipment on when needed. When you sell your machine. Sell with standard

Arms on and put your long reach on the new machine. Therefore not selling into your market.

We believe these are the best on the market anywhere, also the best price. We can arrange delivery 

Worldwide. We also have a number of rigs in stock. Contact us with your requirement and we will 

Send price with delivery time. They come as standard with bucket ram, bucket Linkage and bucket.

We can fit more Auxiliary pipes as per your requirement. They will be delivered to your nearest port in the donor machine colours.

We also sell buckets and attachments amphibious excavator undercarriages for most machines.

And high reach demolition arms.

All the equipment is CE marked and direct from the factory.