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Culture is the traits and identifiable parts of someones way of living or the way and style that someone or a group of people from a region live.


The purpose of this pamphlete is to educate you in french culture.


Social Interactions:

  • When greeting someone dont say hello with a hug, this is not reccomended because in france hugging is considered very intimate. So instead of greeting with a hug try a handshake or a kiss on the cheek
  • When giving flowers to a freind or loved one don't give them crysanthemums. The reason for this is at french funerals the crysanthemum is the traditional flower to give, and symbolizes death
  • When addressing your freinds you can refer to them as "tu" but when speaking to your elders or people of authority be sure to address them as "vous". This is considered to be much more polite and it is rude if you don't.

Holidays and Traditions:

          France and America have many similaritys and differences, many of which are holidays. Some holidays that are unique to France are; Bastille Day (the celebration of the storming of the Bastille, this was the turning point of the French revolution takes place on July14th), Victory Day (the celebration of the Soviet Union winning WWII over Germany and Hitlers' army and takes place on May 9th), and Armistice Day (the celebration of the signing of the armistice which was an agreement to stop the fighting on the western front between the allies and Germany and takes place on November 11).

 French Education:

          In France education is taken very seriously and executed as such. The French education system is set up similarly to the Ameriacan system with elementry school, middle school, and high school. One of the few differences that is very important to me is the quality of the school lunches. In France the lunches are very high quality and healthy, they are also full of variety. They only repeate the same lunch once a month.

Food Culture:

           Food and diet is extremly important in France. Meals are given set times to eat and the most important meal is considered to be lunch, not like America which belives breakfast is the most important meal. Also meals in France are almost always healthy and elegant.

HOw french are you?!?!


What of the following comes closest to you current life style?

a) Heathy and sophisticated

b) "Whoo hoo big mac baby!!!"


If you had to choose a type of mustache you would have what style would it be

a) Thin and parted

b) Bushy and connected to a beard


in school what was your favorite subject

a) history/english

b) lunch/gym


If you had to choose a dog what would you choose

a) Poodle

B) Labrador


What meal would you rather have

a) Filet mignon

b) Blt


What smoothie would you rather drink

a) Kale and carrot

b) Bacon and Orange juice


What do you find more interesting

a) the arts

b) the art of monster trucks


What sounds more exciting

a) Climbing the eifel tower

b) Sky diving


What hat would you rather wear

a) Beret

b) Cowboy hat


What is a better deal

a) $120 dress shoes

b) $60 sneakers




If you chose mostly A then you are fit to French

If you chose mostly B then go watch a football game

If you got half A and half B try again



Thanks for reading my pamphlet, I hope it helped!!