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Learning about the 4 forces!       



 All you need to know!!!!

There are 4 Types









~Air Resistance

what is friction?

Friction is the resistance between two surfaces that are in contact with eachother. Friction between are shoes and the floor will stop us from slipping aswell as cars with the road will help it from skidding. Without friction we would be falling and cars would not be safe. For example the bike and the road will create friction.


What is Buoyancy?

Buoyancy is the force that pushes objects upwards. It helps alot of things to float on watter and helps things to move across water(liquids). Without Buoyancy we couldnt be able to go to other countrys with boats. For example the water will be holding up the boat.

what is Gravity?

Gravity is the force that pushes objects downwards to the centre of the earth. The force of gravity also exists on the moon but is not as strong as earth. Without Gravity we would be all over the place! For example the apple on the tree will fall down because of gravity.



What is air resistance?

Air resistance pushes against moving objects. This force helps to make objects move and you would use parachutes, air baloons etc. Without air resistance we would never be able to go in space or the sky. For example the air will  make the parachute move by air resistance.