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This booklet will explain everything you need to know about forces!

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All you need to know about them

What is friction?


Friction is very important and is used everyday.  It is a slowing force and is a force between two surfaces.  For example: the tyres on wheels are rough to ensure that the car doesn't slip on surfaces.  Sometimes you want to minimise friction: ice skaters want to glide across ice so wear suitable shoes.

Fun fact!  Friction can also produce heat.  Try rubbing your hands together to see this work.

Air resistance is another force.  It is very important for many animals.  Force example, air resistance allows the royal air force to jump out of planes without hurting themselves and it allows birds to glide through the air.   As gravity pulls an object down, air resistance works in the opposite direction to reduce the speed at which the object is falling.


Fun fact:  The larger the surface area of an object, the slower it falls.


Did you know?  Sea gulls have a large surface area from their wings in comparison to their body weight.  This allows them to glide up and down using air resistance.

Air resistance



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