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This is a book about foods people never heard of or gross disgusting but healthy foods.

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10 Foods Nobody Loves

By: MRC 

     Did you know that mushrooms is the only vegetable that naturally contains vitamin D?Did you know that liver is a highly usable form of iron? Many people just look at it and say they don't like it just by the look and smell of it. Some of these foods are actually very healthy for you. This book is about how few people like these foods that are good for you in multiple ways. Some of these foods have books written about them that are not true facts. Some of these foods you may of said that you didn't like by its texture, may be something you would love if you tried it.



Nut Roast

   Nut roast is a rich and savoury vegetarian dish that contains nuts,grains, vegetable oils, broth or butter and is extremely healthy for you.  It is a brownish color and on the inside and has a lot of different color vegetables.



       This is a very healthy food that doesn't look that good but if you taste it you may love it. My opinion on this food is that I would never try this food because I am a very picky eater. This is one of the foods that you may love it or hate it.




     But you won't know unless you try it. This food has a bad reputation but is very nutritious. This food is very dense and hard to cut through. It is a christmas tradition and I especially recommend this food to vegetarians.







     Liver is brown, squishy and looks like barf, but it is very healthy for you.  It provides nutrient rich storage depots and one of the best sources of natural folate. Liver looks like slimy raw meat. It has a reddish-brown color and has many benefits. For example, liver is rich in the key nutrients that help keep our brains healthy.


     Right when you look at that food you will probably say ''Mom I don't like this food it looks disgusting. I will not eat it even if my life depends on it''. Liver is a highly usable form of iron. In my opinion liver is disgusting but some people like liver.


     I feel like the more healthier the food is the more unpopular it is. Liver is loaded with vitamins, minerals, proteins and fat. Liver can be baked, fried, boiled or even eaten raw. If you are looking for something healthy than you can add liver to your list.



    Durian is a fruit that is the worst smelling food on earth! It is banned on singapore subways because of it's smell, but the taste is mildly sweet, almondy and very creamy. Although it's smell drag many people away from the food, if you taste it you may love it.


    This is another food that you may hate or love. It has a native smell to Malaysia and Indonesia. Durian smell is like a whole pile of cow poop, but it's not always about the smell. If you try this you may change your mind.


     Many people say that it has an awful smell and it has a heavenly taste. ''Don't judge book by a cover''. This is a good saying for durian because it doesn't have a good appearance but may have an irresistible taste.




Khash is a dish boiled cow's head used a lot for soups, but sounds horrible.  Do you want to try it? I know after the first sentence you don't want to try it, but it is a nutritious winter food and usually eaten with lavash bread.

It is very healthy and a traditional meal in many countries such as, Albania, Iran,Iraq,Turkey etc. I know this sounds disgusting, but if you try it you may change your mind and might even find yourself telling you friends about khash.

It is an American winter soup that is enjoyed usually in the early morning. It is cooked by boiling bovine shanks for hours until the tendon falls off the bones and the water becomes a thick broth. When the dish is done it is usually seasoned with salt or garlic.


        Marmite is a brown, sticky paste made from yeast extract, that is used as a spread. Most people eat it on toast or a cheese sandwich. It is very similar to vegemite and promite.              


        Marmite is as sticky as ducktape.It is sold and consumed mostly in England. Most people would eat butter on their toast but now you can try marmite. Marmite is a cooking container that you put on your food so it has more flavor.


         If you are eating your food and it's very plain remember that marmite is the solution. At first, I had no clue that marmite existed. It may not be a popular food but if you try it you may like it.




        Mushrooms are a very healthy food that has a bad texture and taste. Many people don't like it, but it has a good source of protein and rich in vitamin B, also it is the only vegetable that naturally contains vitamin D.


        A mushroom is a fungus that is available all year round. It matches well with bacon so if you try it and don't like it you can quickly get the taste out of your mouth by eating some bacon with it.You should keep mushrooms in a plastic or paper bag.


        To prepare you can rinse the dirty  mushrooms.They can be baked, broiled,fried,raw or steamed. Mushrooms also match well with almonds, cheese eggplants, eggs, fish,garlic, grapes, ham, lemons, and more. If you like any of these foods next time you have you can also have a side of mushrooms with it.





      Bat paste is a roasted bat that is not very appealing. It is part of a native cuisinein Thailand. They are considered notorious disease carriers. Bat paste looks black and is very hard. It also taste very crunchy.


      You may not want to put this on your try list.If you ever see bat paste you will probably jump out of your chair because it looks very terrifying and freaky. You have to drop them into the boiling water alive.


       Roast them until they're done, then chop it and make into paste. If you are looking for healthy new foods then I would not recommend this food.


Bat Paste

       Casu Marzu is a traditional sardinian sheep milk cheese that has a very unique smell.  After it's made , it is placed outdoors with a hole cut in the top. You are basically eating live maggots and the cheese between the bugs is filled with their poop.


       The smell is very strong, but convinces you to eat it. Casu Marzu is a whitish-beige color with tiny worms inside the outside of it. It is filled with cheese maggot.


       If you just look at it you may think it doesn't look good, but if you actually try it you may like it and your parents won't be begging you to try new foods.


Casu Marzu

          A soft boiled fetal duck is a boiled duck that is very popular food. If you like eggs you will probably love fetal duck eggs. They don't have a good appearance but they are nutritious and not very expensive. Many people say that they have a great taste.


       A fetal duck egg is a fertilized egg that has been kept warm for around two weeks until the fetus is partially developed. Then it's boiled and eaten in the same way you would eat a normal chicken.

       Fetal duck eggs are very popular in the Philippines. I know this sounds disgusting but it's not about what it look's like it's about what it taste like.


Soft Boiled Fetal Duck

           Sannakji is an octopus, raw dish in Korean cuisine. You have to chop the tentacles into tiny pieces which will stop them from moving and you can quickly put it in your mouth.


           The price of sannakji is about $100 that is enough to feed an entire army. It is one of the most unique and interesting foods. It is a small octopus that is prepared alive.  The price of sannakji is about $100 that is enough to feed an entire army. It is one of the most unique and interesting foods. It is a small octopus that is prepared alive.


           I have never tried sannakji and never will because it is very disturbing.Even though it sounds very disgusting though, people who have eaten it said that it was a very cool experience.I am not brave enough to try this food but if you are, then be prepared to have a living thing crawling in your mouth.



Do you now have a different opinon about the food in the book now that you know more about them? If you do, why do you think you changed your mind? These foods may not be that bad, but you will never know until you find out. Don't judge a book by it's cover because iof you do you may be missing out on a great taste.