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  Golden Gupta                



- rice



-sugery desserts



The purpose of this event is to teach you about the gupta empire. You will experence food that is unique to ther culture. For activitys you will do things that they did for fun, and you will bring home soviners. There will also be contest and prizes! Come on down and experiance the gupta experiance.

June 10 - Augest 10

 Admission Fee $5 Per Day

Ring of finely braided gold wire, with a bezel plate with an openwork checkerboard pattern

Small buddha statue

Vaikuntha coin

This identification of the figures on the reverse of this coin have been the object of some scholarly debate. Hoernele thought that it represented an intimate scene in the life of Chandragupta, possibly a drinking party between himself and one of his consorts.



jewely making

Use clay and craft india, than use die to make where the gupta empire was

Work Shops

pot making

-video demonstration of the empire  found in the tech zone

-Trade game! select the items that were comman for them to trade

Tech Zone

-mathmatical    pre-view  about  gupta  scolors  consept of 0

-gupta art gallary


-put the cards in order for the sword making process and see who finishes first

race down a gupta style road with others


Plastic ring


festival shirt

( Black and white)

mini gupta statue