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The Purpose of this booklet is to inform people what are floods and the effects also Safety and Mitigation

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Dam failure are cause floods triggered by an earthquake.

It will turn out to be flooding in downstream even in dry areas. The contions of floods are a rapid extreme flow of high water unto a normal dry area. Ongoing floods can instensify to flash flooding in cases where instense rainfall is a rapid surge of water.

Time of the year.

Floods occur mostly from  spring to fall. Spring and summer months can bring heavey rainfall. Summer and fall of coastle areas can affected into that time of year since all of the torpical storms.




May people and animals died in floods but most of them get injured or homeless.

The water supply and electicy are affected and people suffere from it. The floods also bring in dieases that people suffer from.



The enviroment get affected  becuase of the chemicals flowing/leaking and those substances might end up on water and contaminate the bodies of water.The econmic is damged by floodung becuase the roads and buildings, farms etc might be destroyed and cost lots of money

Remeber to always to stay safe!!

People find safety by trying to climb on high elevations. Try to avoid driving beucase the roads might be washed away. Another way to safety is do not walk throguh moving water six inches of water or more can make you fall into the water instead use a stick or something to hold you down.


 Try not to drive when there is a flood

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