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Flood Control

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MAINTAINABLE WEEP HOLE Preserving Stormwater Flood Control Infrastructure SYSTEMS For All Flood Stormwater Control Aprons Dam Spillways Concrete Lined Trapezoidal Watershed Bank Protection Undrained Hydrostatic pressure often leads to Wall movement Spalling horizontal fractures Cracking panel separation Deteriorated anchor tie back systems Failed soil filtration leads to erosion causing Maintainable Weep Hole Filters by JET Filter System LLC can be quickly installed and provide immediate drainage soil filtration Prevent Overcome The Leading Cause of Wall Failure Excessive Buildup of Hydrostatic Water Pressure Soil Filtration The JET Filter s Maintainable Weep Hole Filters integrate the highly rated Mirafi woven geotextile fabric to prevent soil loss while draining excess water Soil piping Our unique design Void creation Delivers up to 200 better drainage than standard weep holes Sinkholes Is easy to install easy to maintain and cost effective Hydrostatic Pressure Relief and Soil Filtration www JETFilterSystem com

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RESTORE DRAINAGE FLOOD CONTROL BEFORE SOIL LOSS SPALLING MOVEMENT The JET Filter System is Ideal for Stormwater Channels Aqueduct Watersheds Drainage Basins Storm Outlets Manholes Dam and Spillways Allow water to drain from behind the wall while preventing loss of backfill material Proper drainage soil filtration is vital and can help protect concrete lined channels against movement horizontal cracking panel separation sinkholes and or loss of soil material from behind panel and total failure Backflow Floating Debris Concerns Our backflow preventer check valve will minimize the passage of water from entering through the structure weep hole Save Time Money Avoid Repairs or Replacement NO EXCAVATION REQUIRED Weep Hole Filters Traditional Systems Simple Difficult Performance Sustainable Decreasing Maintenance Easy Complex JET Filter Benefits Installation Cost of ownership Contact Us DRAINAGE TECHNOLOGY MORE INFORMATION Any questions pricing or ordering information you may contact us at 1 800 475 2029 JET Filter System LLC JF4SSCVLV MADE IN USA Post Office Box 31 Maintainable Weep Hole System 502 NE 15th Street Providing Drainage Geotextile Soil Filtration Casey Illinois 62420 US PAT 7 615 148 Drainage Solutions ADVANCED United States US PAT 10 124 281 800 475 2029 US PAT 10 731 317 www jetfiltersystem com www JETFilterSystem com

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