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Design to sell: Top 5 Lo-Cost Dollar Producing Activities To Prepare And Present Your Home For Profit.

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© Presentation Sells 2015
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© Presentation Sells 2015
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When I presented my first home for sale I had no idea what I was doing. It
seems like I made every mistake in the book. By strictly following the
direction of my straight talking agent, even as a complete novice, my home
presentation efforts ended up making $18,000
more in just 3 weeks.
Since then, as a professional home stylist I’ve helped occupied home sellers
make between $20,000 and $75,000
more than their agent expected, or
more than their best offer prior to styling by building upon their existing
furniture and furnishings to enhance the home’s presentation.
To get top results, I had to create a step-by-step system that I follow each
time I present a home for sale. As a result, I was unexpectedly given
international recognition for customer satisfaction for my professional home
styling services in both occupied and vacant residential homes.
As part of my property training I visited hundreds of open homes for sale and
saw first-hand how much money home sellers were donating to their buyers
by not knowing how to properly use these money spinners in their homes.
As you’ll see, these money spinners originated from unique and extensive
research over a ten-year period and are constantly being tested in my clients’
homes for sale. The ones I have used and recommended most, are my
Five Biggest Home Improvement Money Spinners.
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I stumbled across this research early on in my home presentation
career. It helped me to understand the preparation behind a well
presented home and the % return on each activity. At first I used it to
make sure I didn’t miss anything. Then, after seeing my clients’ results,
it helped me develop my system for presenting homes for sale.
The annual D-I-Y Low Cost* Home Improvement Survey by was taken over a 10-year
period from 2003 to 2012. Each year, thousands of real estate professionals in the US were surveyed and
up to 2,000 responded each year. (*Low cost means under US$5,000). The most recently published survey
results for the top ten D-I-Y (Do-It-Yourself) home improvement activities for home sellers is shown above.
It is compiled from responses to the 2012 survey from 500 real estate agents across the US.
This research has been relied upon by many thousands of home sellers to prepare their homes for sale. In
the example above, I have removed the cost and benefit columns as they do not translate across cities or
countries. According to my American colleagues, the dollar values of the cost and benefits from the
activities listed can vary widely across locations, even amongst suburbs located in the same city.
’ROI’ is % return from cost; ie. spend $100 to make an additional $403
(403%), plus the initial investment of $100.
‘% Recommended’ is the % of agents who recommend the activity compared with total number of respondents.
HomeGain Disclaimer
HomeGain surveyed nearly 500 real estate agents in each of the U.S. regions. All agents might not necessarily agree
on the same pre-sale strategy. See “% of agents recommending” column above. Differences of opinions may vary
based on the climate of the market, region of the country or condition of the home in question.
Please do not construe these figures as a claim or representation of expected or average earnings.
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
clean & declutter
painting inside & out
carpets & floors
lighten & brighten
home staging
For most owners, your home is your biggest asset. Lets face
it, there’s not much else you can pass on to your children
that will hold its own over time and return significant dollar
That’s why I’m not a big fan of the seemly harmless
‘laundry-lists’ of to-dos for D-I-Yers when it comes to
presenting your home for sale. I’m often asked to compile
them, but using generic lists to guide your home’s
presentation for a new generation of buyer is a risky strategy.
Its easy to see why so many sellers still muck this up.
I’ve tried to deal with this problem here by using the survey
definitions and adding specific techniques from my own
experience, as well as additional research.
MAIN POINT: In the home selling process there are so many
things you can’t control, but your home’s presentation is
the one thing you can control… relying on risky strategies
can have a major impact on your bottom line.
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
This one seems like a ‘no-brainer’ but so many sellers get this wrong.
I’ve tried to be as specific as possible in my explanations so you have
action statements and ‘before’ and ‘after’ of how I’ve used them.
Remove personal items, but do not lose
the personality of your home.
Wash and clean all areas, but focus on the
things you (and buyers) will see first.
Freshen air, but be wary of air fresheners
or scents when viewing to the public.
Remove clutter from counters; hide any
knick-knacks smaller than a rockmelon.
Tidy wardrobes and organise to about
two-thirds to three-quarters full.
Polish wood and mirrors; dust all glass or
reflective surfaces just before viewing.
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
Remove Personal Items
Remove Clutter
Clean & Dust
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
Make sure windows open easily and open for viewing
if its not cold or ‘buggy’.
Super important just before the photo shoot to clean
windows and skylights; wash fly screens and remove
for viewing, if necessary.
Replace or remove old curtains; Ikea sheers are best
to allow light to enter and to soften the window frame.
Remove other obstacles from windows i.e. trim
external shrubbery & remove decals and stickers.
Repair light fixtures (fittings) and bulbs for safety;
update the light shade for a younger buyer.
Mirrors are cheap and fantastic at lightening dark
spaces and enlarging small rooms.
There is nothing more satisfying than taking a home out of the
darkness and peeling back it’s true beauty, layer by layer. Darkness
can lurk in your furnishings, rugs, furniture or decor.
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
Add lights & mirrors
Remove Barriers
Clean windows
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
Remove dated wallpaper and paint walls. Warm neutral interior
walls in home’s for sale give the broadest psychological appeal.
Paint over coloured feature walls unless they are in a
neutral colour and look amazing.
Have leaks repaired; For safety reasons paint should
never be used to cover a problem.
Outdoors, try 2 - 3 paint colours for depth of field to
distinguish walls, doors and trims. Remember neutral colours
will look at least three shades lighter in full sun.
Paint shutters, window ledges, trims and front door in gloss.
Paint stair treads and entry floors in a darker colour.
Paint or re-stain front fence; painting can be a big job
if the fence is natural timber.
I love fresh paint in a home for sale and, more importantly, I trust it to
deliver a fresher, more modern home. A coat of paint is the MOST cost
effective way to freshen, lighten and enlarge the feel of your home.
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
2. Paint Walls, Ceiling & Fan
1. Repair Leaks
3. Replace Carpets
4. Replace Blinds
5. Remove Bulky Furniture
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
Paint Walls Neutral
Paint Stairs
Gloss Paint
Window Frames
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
Are you starting to see how all these home improvements overlap and
intertwine, forming the layers of your home’s final presentation for sale?
These essential relationships are overlooked in most ‘laundry lists’.
The ‘before’ rooms are vacant on the next pages. You’ll need to store
the furniture before laying carpet or polishing floors.
Steam clean existing carpets thoroughly.
Replace worn carpet with warm neutral colour. Buy the
most cost effective for your target buyer, not cheapest.
Save by using existing underlay if on a tight budget.
Patch, repair, or polish hard wood floors and shine up
the lino; Oil or paint decks and replace missing tiles
and re-grout as required.
If possible and not too expensive, eliminate creaks in
floors before replacing carpets.
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
1. Paint ceiling white
2. Warm neutral walls
4. Replace curtains
3. Replace carpet
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
1. Paint ceiling white
2. Warm neutral walls
4. Replace curtains
3. Polish floors
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
“When real estate agents talk about home
staging, they're referring to strategically
marketing the home through visual presentation
that can help it sell faster and for a higher price.”
Our surveyed real estate agents noted that adding fresh flowers,
rearranging furniture, adding decor, hanging artwork and playing soft
music; all contributed to the ambience of homes for sale and added to
their price at sale.
For me, such general guidelines are of little or no benefit to home
sellers on the front line trying to figure out how to present their homes
for top dollar.
In my first home for sale I got it all very wrong. My agent knew my
market and what buyers would be looking for.
Of course, he didn’t know how to visually market my home - how
could he, it’s not his job. He organised painting and repairs and I went
out and bought furniture that I liked and would want in my next home.
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
I made a profit in my first sale after making some significant changes
to my home’s presentation and it ignited my passion for property.
Since then, I’ve been into hundreds and hundreds of homes for sale
as part of my property training. I still regularly visit open homes and,
often, what I see saddens me…
If you knew what I know, you would never sell your home
vacant or poorly presented.
I just think it’s not good enough… not for you, or me, or
any home seller… to undersell your biggest asset.
I believe that growing our knowledge about such an important
marketing tool as home presentation for sale is critical; and that
every home seller should have access to these tools, regardless of his
or her price point or home presentation budget.
As I said before, your home’s presentation is the one thing you can
control… and you deserve to know how.
Ellen Brooker, Home Seller
© Presentation Sells 2015
All Rights Reserved
Tracey McLeod is founder of Presentation Sells - a powerful training
platform that helps home sellers properly present their homes for sale
on the real estate market.
“Tracey McLeod is a pleasure to work with. Her sense of
colour and composition frames the experience for the owner
every day, so that the details resonate to create a
harmonious whole.
For sale, she creates an open light mood that suits the
house, looks great in photos and appeals to buyers.
Her skills have added tens of thousands to the sale price of
properties for their owners.”
- Jan Hogarth, Director, Placemate Architects
Visit to access the free video training
series on how to use home presentation to help you sell faster and for
top dollar - you’ll unlock the gold in her “eCLASS System” and uncover
techniques she’s perfected for helping homes sellers sell… in any
market on any budget.