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People who are in extreme discomfort will do almost anything to feel normal again. As busy New Yorkers we are taught to stick it until the problem resolves itself. This has been proven to be ineffective. ???? The Fitness360NYC system was created to better service the client in all phases of health and fitness. Soft-tissue alone can benefit all of the muscle-imbalances that our complex bodies deal with on a daily basis. Corrective exercise is another modality that we use to help improve clients movement patterns. Functional strength and conditioning helps properly applied, can make everyday activities easier, reduce your risk if injury and improve your quality of life. We blend all three modalities to help increase our chances to give our clients the best results possible. This helps gives us therapist and coaches the results we are looking for. What we are doing is nothing new but how we do it is. For severe and highly sensitive issues we have our Corrective exercise and rehab programs. The benefits our individualized or combined services are:

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 Pain Free Performance


About Us



Our system builds the body's endurance, corrects the body's mechanics, strengthens

 and activates key muscles, and maximizes muscle performance during training sessions.


We train the body to perform optimally and

pain free in any desired activity. We do this

by addressing restrictions, weaknesses, imbalances, and poor movement patterns

that are developed from unnatural daily habits. 




Assessment Program

Posture Screening 
Movement Pattern Screening
Soft Tissue Assessment 
Fitness Test

Pre & Post Rehab Program

Injury prevention programs
Stretch & Release Mobility 
Posture Corrective Exercises

Soft Tissue Treatments
Clinical Sports Massage 

Pain Managment
Athletic Recovery Massage

Functional Strength & Conditioning Program
Strength Training 
 CardioVascular Conditioning






 Assessment Program 



The assessment sets the platform for your program design. By understanding your imbalances and limitations we can determine appropriate injury prevention corrective exercises, soft tissue treatments and functional strength & conditioning programs.




 Fitness Test


We put clients through a series of resistance and cardiovascular exercises to measure the state of their body's strength & conditioning.


This test will guide the starting point of the fitness program as well as realistic goals.


It also serves as a baseline to measure progress.







 Functional Movement Pattern Screening


By understanding how your body moves we can identify deficient movement patterns in everyday activities such as sitting, walking or running.


These irregular patterns put greater stress throughout the body which result in wasted energy, reduced power, and pain during any activity.





 Posture Screening


Sitting all day or repetitive movements such as, leaning to one side while standing and carrying a bag on one side of your body leads to poor posture.


These daily habits can also result in

poor misalignment throughout the body.


This assessment identifies the muscle imbalances that lead to sports related injuries.







Soft Tissue Palpation Screening



Our therapist will evaluate your joint range

of motion, muscle elaslicity, any nerve entrapments, and injured muscles.


All of these may be significantly hindering your performance and resulting in pain.









 Pre & Post Rehab Program


Regardless of your current athletic ability or fitness level, almost

every person has some degree of dysfunction which increases

the chance for injury.

This program is design to address your body's impairments, 

imbalances, and/or rehabilitation concerns.







Stretch & Release Mobility 



A combination of soft tissue treatments and intergrated stretches to help you increase range of motion and decrease tension in the connective tissue.












Posture Corrective Exercises



Focuses on the muscles that need to be strengthened to correct your posture.










Breathing, Balance and Equilibrium 




Diaphramatic Breathing resets the body's breathing patterns and aids in better posture and balance.
















Benefits of the Pre & Post Rehab Program




Improved movement pattern.

Athlectic Performance. 

Injury Prevention.


















Benefits of the Pre & Post Rehab Program




Improved movement pattern.

Athlectic Performance. 

Injury Prevention.


















JJ Miranda

Pre & Post Rehabilitation Specialist




















 Soft Tissue Treatment Program


The program helps get rid of aches, pains and muscle tightness to enhance your training and performance. 

There are many Reasons why including soft issue treatments is so important. 

muscle can get very dense from normal daily life. our treatments breaks up that density and makes your muscles more adaptable to change. (which is the whole pint of training and stretching) 










Clinical Sports Massage 



Immediatly improves your movement

patterns and aliviates activity based injuries. 



















Pain Management and Injury Treatments



Reduces pain and injury discomfort

by re-aligning the connective tissue structures.  






















Runners and TriAthletes Treatments




Maximizes speed and performance by improving the re-alignment of the connective tissue, also aids the recovery time.





















Benefits of Soft Tissue

Recovery Treatments



Relaxes the body. Calms the Nervous System. Improves Quality of Sleep.

Lowers Blood Pressure. Reduces Anxiety.

Relieves Neck and Back Pain.  




Benefits of

Soft Tissue Treatments

for Athletes


Increases Range of Motion.  

Improves Mobility. Stretches Connective Tissue.  Decreases Muscle Tension. Reduces Chronic Pain.  Reduces Recovery Time of Injury.  Promotes Tissue Regeneration.

Decreases Muscle Deterioration.  

Enhances Athletic Performance.  





Germain Phanord

Soft Tissue Treatment Specialist



















Functional Strength & Conditioning Program


We understand the importance of addressing your dyfunctions and restrictions before starting any fitness proram in order to train for maximum results.

Our program was designed to apply all of our services during each session. (Soft Tissue Treatments, Pre & Post Rehab Training and Functional Strength & Condition) 

Allowing us to manage pain, work with injuries, release tight muscle and address any other restrictions or limitations right on the gym floor. 

This combination allows individuals Perform Better, Be Stronger and Live Pain Free!


By using specific movements combined with weights and resistance we improve your strength and coordination,

giving the body increased muscle activation. Muscle activiation is the key to 

We adapt CardioVascular, Functional and Strength training exercises.  This combination allows individuals to perform the daily activities pain free. 



CardioVascular Training





Functional Training





Strength Training





Benefits of Functional Strength and Conditioning




 Jeff Salas

Functional Strength & Conditioning Coach