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is a comprehensive


health and fitness company that


provides a range of services and


 products to enhance your body’s





Our goal is to promote and facilitate











We heal and strengthen your body


with professionally licensed


hands-on care to help you recover


from injuries, and eliminate


aches and pain in your back, 


neck, shoulders, legs, etc.















We help you maximize your comfort,


speed and efficiency at every


 fitness level.












We help our clients regain and maintain an active

lifestyle as well as increase performance and

decrease recovery time.


This is achieved by addressing restrictions, weaknesses, imbalances, and poor movement patterns

that have developed over time.


                    Our services include:

        • Assessments
        • Pre & Post Rehab Training
        • Soft Tissue Treatments 
        • Functional Strength and Conditioning










Learn why you have postural imbalances


and how to improve them.



By understanding your imbalances and


limitations we can determine appropriate


injury prevention exercises, soft tissue


treatments and functional strength &


conditioning programs.




Pre & Post Rehab Training



Regardless of your current athletic ability or


fitness level, almost every person has some


degree of dysfunction which increases the


chance for injury.  


 This program is design to address your


body's imbalances, and/or


pre- rehabilitation concerns.






Soft Tissue Treatments




Muscles tend to get very tight from normal


daily life. Our treatments breaks up that


density and makes your muscles more


adaptable to change.


(which is the goal of training and stretching)



Our treatments helps get rid of aches, pains


and muscle tightness to enhance your


training and performance. 








Functional Strength &


Conditioning Program




This program combines resistance and


endurance training with body 


weight movements.



We recondition your body's movement


patterns by using excercises that apply


to the demands of eveyday life. 





Meet the team


FITNESS360 NYC’s team works with clients


from all walks of life, from mainstream clients


seeking recovery from aches, pains and


injuries, to the pro-level athlete.


JJ Miranda

Pre & Post Rehab Specialist
 Licenced Therapist Rehab Trainer


Germain Phanord


Soft Tissue Treatment Specialist


 Licenced Therapist Rehab Trainer




 Jeff Salas

Functional Strength & Conditioning Coach





















Your health is our primary concern and you


deserve our best. We pride ourselves in


being the highest quality trained staff. With a


team of licensed therapist and certified




We continually learn all we can to


take the very best care of you because we


care about you and your health, and take that


responsibility very seriously.


Thank you for your trust in us!