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First-Year Essentials How To

Orientaon can be a whirlwind for parents and students alike. Although most
departments on campus will give you informaon regarding their services, it is
pernent to be aware of the services the First-Year Experience oereson campus.
This How ToNewsleer will highlight key things to look for and think about while
at Orientaon. Parents are highly encouraged to aend Parent Orientaon; it
provides parents with a wealth of informaon before their student starts at UL
Lafayee. You can sign up for parent orientaon at a dierent session than your
student if you are unable to make the orientaon session your student is aending. To sign up, visit the parent
orientaon website.
It is no secret that college can be an expensive investment. The last day to make a tuion payment or
schedule a payment plan to reserve a students class schedule is Wednesday, August 9, 2017. Payment can be
made either electronically (using Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover) or in person (using cash or
check ) through the Student Cashier Center. Any quesons regarding TOPS or nancial aid will be handled
through the Oce of Financial Aid Their oce can be reached by phone at 337-482-6506 or by email at
 Any quesons regarding scholarships should be handled directly through the Oce of
Scholarships at 337-482-6515 or by email at
If students have dual enrollment, AP credit, CLEP credit, or any type of credit that could potenally transfer to
UL Lafayee, make sure to follow the proper procedure to get the credits transferred.
College Credit—ocial transcripts can be sent digitally to or by using the Request for
Transcript of Credits Form, which is provided by the Oce of Admissions.
AP and CLEP Credit—must be provided by the organizaon itself, not students or parents. Visit their website in
order to request the credit(s) to be sent to UL Lafayee.
Read here for more informaon about transfer credits. Contact our transfer coordinator at for quesons.
Do not forget to sign up for Housing. Please visit the housing portal through ULINK today and pick your room!
The on-campus team is ready to help. Email or call at (337) 482-6471 if you need
assistance in this process. For more informaon, visit the University of Louisiana at Lafayee Housing website.
Office of First-Year
106 Lee Hall
230 Hebrard Blvd.
Oce Website
Oce of First-Year Experience
The How Toto Beginning College
Oce of Orientation
Buchanan Hall, 3rd Floor
111 Boucher Street
Oce Website
Oce of Financial Aid
Foster Hall
Oce Website
Financial Aid Facebook Page
OFYE is on Facebook, Twier, and Instagram! We update our social media accounts daily with pernent
informaon regarding the UL Lafayee campus and community. We hope you follow us!
In LLCs, freshmen have the unique opportunity to live in the residence halls with a group of students who
have similar interests. LLCs allow students to take classes with this group AND live together. Enrollment in
the LLC program is connuously changing. Visit OFYEs website to learn more and check availability. The
following themes are oered for 2017-2018:
Gateway to the Arts
Lifeme Recreaon
Service and Leadership
Taste of Business
Travel, Language, and Culture
If a student has not applied for housing, they can apply for an LLC when the housing applicaon is lled
out. If a student has already applied for housing, please contact Dana Bekurs directly at
UL Lafayee has many campus resources that you and your student can ulize. At Parent Orientaon,
you can nd and learn more about each resource.
The bookstore has two locaons, one in the Student Union and one located at the intersecon of Rex
Street and St. Mary Boulevard, oering any textbook required for a class at UL Lafayee. It is well-known
that college textbooks can be expensive, so the bookstore allows students to rent or
buy used textbooks to help with costs. We suggest using cauon when buying text-
books prior to the rst day of class, as some books are not required.
The universitys Academic Calendar contains important dates including rst day of
classes, add/drop date, student holidays, and more. Click here to view the academic
calendar and deadlines for each semester.
Office of First-Year
106 Lee Hall
230 Hebrard Blvd.
Oce Website
Oce of First-Year Experience
The How Toto Beginning College
University Bookstore
104 East University Ave
Oce Website
Cajun Card Oce
Student Union 134
Oce Website
The Cajun Card is one of the most important things your student will need throughout college. The Cajun Card
serves as your students campus idencaon card which will grant them access to residence halls, parking lots,
building labs, and events on campus. Your students ULID, a very important number, is on the back of the card.
This card is also used as a students library card, meal plan,and campus debit card with reloadable Cajun Cash. All
students should receive their Cajun Cards at Orientaon.
The Student Health Center, located on campus, is here to help your student stay healthy throughout college.
The Student Health Center operates by appointment only by calling 337-482-1293 and is open during semester
breaks and University administrave oce hours. Some of the services they provided include:
Express Mail and Global
Parcel Post and stamp
Signature conrmaon
Priority mail
USPS tracking
Air/Surface Services
Return Receipts
Cered, Insured, Registered
UL Lafayee maintains a U.S. Postal Service staon in the Student Union for our studentsconvenience. Any
student enrolled at the university is welcomed to rent a post oce box; these are free for on-campus residenal
students as no mail is delivered directly to residence halls. Campus post oce services include the following and
care for minor illnesses,
injuries, or stable chronic con-
some minor surgeries and
physical exams
womens health
some immunizaons
allergy shots
IV therapy
limited generic prescripon
and more—call for more
In order to be fully admied to UL Lafayee, all students must submit a Proof of Immunizaon
Compliance form to the university Student Health Center. Failure to submit immunizaon records keep hold stu-
dents from scheduling classes for future semesters. For immunizaon quesons, please use the compliance ques-
on form. For other health concerns, please contact the Student Health Center by phone at
(337) 482-1293 or by email at
Office of First-Year
106 Lee Hall
230 Hebrard Blvd.
Oce Website
Oce of First-Year Experience
The How Toto Beginning College
Campus Post Oce
Student Union 158
Oce Website
Student Health Center
O.K. Allen Hall
Saucier Wellness Center
Oce Website