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 By Ryan Finegan


     If I'm right, you're like most people and don't wonder about the history of the lollipop, even though Americans eat about eleven pounds of lollipops per person.  Lollipops have a deep history.  They evolved from caveman to civil war. From England to America.  The roots are so deep that lollipops may never disappear.  They have gone all the way down the timeline.




     Since the beginning of time, lollipops have have been enjoyed by people of all kinds.  They each had their own version and style.  Every time you go to the bank, or the barber shop, and you get a lollipop, have you ever wondered why the workers give them to you? Well, you'll find out!  Kids enjoy them everywhere and anywhere.  If you continue reading, it looks like you're in for a sweet treat!




C. Austrolopithecus

True or false? It takes less licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop than a normal pop.

Who invented the lollipop?

A.Robert Hooke

B.Homo Erectus


D.Gorge Washington

Where did the lollipop originate?





Let's see how much you really know about lollipops.  Shall we?

D. Tanzania




     The lollipop originated on the continent of Africa, in Tanzania.  The humans as early as the  Australopithecus ate lollipops as a tasty treat using honey.  The lollipops were passed on for generations.  After many years, the tradition came to an end.  Once the Australopithecus and the Homo Habilis had died off, the delicious lollipops were lost in time.





Those are my cousins!

     Centuries after, In the late 1800s during the civil war, the teachers of schools gave their students candy. To eat more easily, the children put the pieces of candy on their pencils to suck on.  During work time the treats kept them intent and focused on their assignment.  It's just like gum! Gum has been proven to help you concentrate.        

Civil War Lollipop


     The lollipops emerged in England well after the cave men.  They only came to be after the sugar shortage in the 1970s.  The English ate a type of boiled sugar candies before the sugar shortage and after, the candies were changed.  The only difference, was that the new recipe called for a stick!  It was all the street vendors' idea to add a stick to the recipe to keep customers' fingers clean.  


Delicious Lollipops!

     Lollipops are extremely diverse.  Lollipops can be made and used in so many ways.  The Dum-Dum company releases 16 different flavors at a time.  The Dum-Dum mystery flavor is the bottom of one batch of a lollipop mixture, and the beginning of another.  The Dum-Dum factory has an endless amount of flavors because the mystery flavor is always a different mixture and amount of a certain flavor with another.  10 million Dum-Dums of assorted flavors are manufactured every day!  As much as you love lollipops, I bet you’re not able to eat all of those lollipops.   


     Lollipops can be really traditional, or super modern and whacky!  Some lollis have odd shapes like brand symbols, hot sauce lollipops, toilet shaped lollipops, pizza lollipops, pie lollipops, medicine lollipops and even chicken shaped lollipops.   There is even a whole line of lollipops for bug lovers that has assorted insects and arachnids in the middle.  You can make your own lollipops and there are even some lollipops that have no definite shape!  Astro Pops were created after two rocket scientists quit their job to “build” it.  There are many creative lollipop builders, if you know it or not!

I love berries!

     Lollipops with medicine in them are popular when children don't like medicine!  They were created so that kids would eat or drink their medicine without a fuss.  The flavors of the medicine lollipops are mostly grape, cherry,and mixed berry.  There are chewing soft lollipops that help with asthma, fever lollipops that can bring down a fever and all sorts of medicinal lollipops.  There are also lollipops for soothing upset stomachs.       

     The most common lollipops with bugs in them are made by,Hotlix.  The bug lollipops contain scorpions, ants, worms, and crickets.  The lollipops have large amounts of proteins from the bugs.  Some of these lollipops are even spicy.  These lollipops can also come frozen.      


      Tabasco lollipops are for people who need a little spicing up in their life.  The tabasco flavors are the red and the green hot sauces.  These lollipops leave you needing one of those fever lollipops!  The lollipops taste exactly like your favorite hot sauce.  These can also be frozen or melted.       


     There are lollipops that are souvenirs.  If you want an edible souvenir, the lollipop is the one for you.  These lollipops can help you remember the place that you had visited and also help your taste buds open up.  Lots and lots of places have their own lollipops for their own country.  You can find these lollipops in many airport gift shops.         


I want one of those!!


     There are also lollipops that make whistles and noises.  If you want to annoy someone while having a lovely snack, you can have a whistle lollipop!  These lollipops also have close cousins.  The spinning lollipops.  These specialty lollipops are popular among lots of kids.    



There are even lollipops with healthy alternatives like natural juices and flavors.  The flavors are using real fruit juice.  The most popular lollipops in this lollipop genre are the YumEarth lollipops.  These lollipops are better for your health and just as delicious.  You can use honey in these.  You can also use preserved fruit.           



Are healthy

     The tradition of lollipops came from the earliest times.  A stick was stuck in a beehive, and used to lick the sweet concoction of the bees off of the stick.  Honey was a natural antibiotic so  back then, the lollipops were healthy!  It took about a century for lollipops to be rediscovered and eventually lollipops reemerged all over the world.  Lollipops are now one of the world’s favorite treats!  Eventually, the Dum-Dum production took the world’s breath away, and from the factory came lollipops left and right.  10 million Dum-Dums of assorted flavors are manufactured every day!  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?!?!?!  The factory is located in Ohio if you ever want to visit!  


 mixed through.  After the sticky stuff goes through the mixer, it is sent to the vacuum to suck and slurp the air bubbles out of the blob of corn syrup.  Since the production process is coming to an end, the sticks are prepared to be jabbed into the little balls of our mixture!  But wait!  We don’t have our candie balls!  

     There is a very complex process for making lollipops at the Dum-Dum factory.  Firstly corn syrup is heated in tanker trucks.  They turn the mixture into a texture like caramel  and eventually the trucks let the “caramel” seep into the mixer and the employees let it rip!  After the mixer has gone on for a while, they add the food coloring and flavor (which ever one that might be).  They keep the mixer going until the color and flavor are both thoroughly



     To the shaper we go.  The machine shapes our delicious lollipops onto, well, lollipops!  The place where the sticks are loaded into the machine are renewed every batch.  Once the sticks are in, the contraption is loaded to push sticks into 3 lollipops per second!  After that, the whole batch goes to the drying room.  Then hey are packaged and ready for your taste buds!!!     


     There are infinite possibilities when it comes to lollipops.  Lollipops can take any shape or form.  They can be corn dogs, kabobs, fried bugs, and even frozen medecine!  There are so many brands, so many flavors, and so many possibilities.  You can make your own lollipop creations too!  The eyes can be lollipops, and the body, a cupcake!  You can use lollipops as cool designs, and even use them as a drink!  Just dissolve and chill and there you go.

     Lollipops can be eaten in endless ways! The shape of the lollipops can affect the way that you eat it.  It takes about 252 licks to get to the center of the Tootsie-Pop. It turns out that it takes less licks to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop than a normal lollipop.  You can always make your own lollipop with a special way eating it!

     With a toilet lollipop you dunk it into a mini toilet full of sour powder called sour flush! If you choose one with a crawly critter, then you suck untill you get to your favorite part, the crunchy bug.  There is the pizza lollipop, and you munch on that tasty treat after you put it in the toaster oven; and the same deal with the pie lollipop!  The spinning lollipops spin so that you don’t have to turn the lollipops yourself.        

     You can find lollipops at your everyday stores. They are at department stores, at the bank, at the barber’s shop, doctor’s office, and supermarket.  Lollipops are used to reward, to bribe (Only sometimes), and just as a little treat!  You can pay people in lollipops too.  After you do your chores you might get a lollipop in return.  


     There are lollipop maker all across the world trying to make money off of lollipops too!  Lollipops can get people jobs too.  People can be employed to make lollipops!  You can get a salary for making candy.  Do you want that job?  Small business owners all across the world are making lollipops waiting to be enjoyed!

     Lollipops can also be used to remember your favorite place!  There's nothing like a souvenir lollipop from Jamaica.  They can also be used to have fun!  They can be made and used in so many fun and incredible ways.  You can represent something with them and use them to represent anything!  Symbols, words, ANYTHING!!!!!!


     You might be excited for Christmas or Hanukkah, but get hyped up over the summer for national Lollipop Day on Thursday July 20th!  The largest lollipop is celebrated on this day. It was 7000 pounds and chocolate flavored!  On lollipop day it’s too bad that you don’t have school, because designers made a lollipop pencil so you could smuggle it into class.  You can get away with anything these days.  


     You have travled the path down lollipop lane.  What do you think?  The next time you eat a lollipopwillyou think,"Wow I wish that I had a whistle lollipop." or,"Wow I'm glad that I'm not eating a bug lollipop."  The choice is yours!   

Recipe 1

  • 1 cup sugar

  • ½ cup of corn syrup

  • ¼ cup of water

  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract(could also be mint orange coconut etc.)

  • Pour into a medium heat pan

  • Use a lollipop mold to shape them

Recipe 3

  • 1 cup corn syrup

  • ⅔ cup of sugar

  • 1 tsp of flavoring

  • ⅛  tsp of coloring

Recipe 2

  • 2 cups of sugar

  • ⅔ cup corn syrup

  • ⅔ cup water

  • ½ cups of orange extract

  • Few drops of food coloring

                 Chupa Chups 

                Dum Dums

                Smartie pops


                Push Pops

Top Five Favorite Lollipops:Greatest to Least

 (Acording to share ranks)

I like them all

Cook untill the hard crack stage and pre pare an ice bath.  When the candy is done put the pan in the ice bath 

How to make a Lollipop

Now stir in the food coloring and your choice of flavor.  Then you pour the lollipops into molds and store them in an airtight container for a week in a fridge and enjoy

Heat a pan to 310 degrees fahrenheit then add the water, sugar, and corn syrup

Yum!  Have fun and enjoy!!