OceanBlue exists to
help individuals, teams
and organizations to act
intentionally to achieve the
right and most impactful
outcome for the challenge
or opportunity they are
facing in their complex and
uncertain context.
What is Coaching?
 Coaching is a dynamic se-
ries of focused conversations to
unlock a person’s potential and
develop their skills and mindset
to maximize their performance
 Coaches will help you gain
self-awareness, clarify your
goals, achieve your develop-
ment objectives, and act as a
sounding board to help you work
through your challenge.
 Your coach will not tell you
what to do. Instead they will
challenge you to think in differ-
ent ways to unlock your poten-
tial and maximize your perfor-
 All coaching sessions are
condential safe spaces.
A Coach Supports You

 A coach listens intently to
guide a deeper conversation by:
 Facilitating the development
and implementation of your
next steps
 Being direct and honest in
a respectful and non-judge-
mental manner
 Encouraging you to push out-
side of your comfort zone to
assist you in exploring your
leadership challenges from
different angles
 Is a catalyst to discover your
full potential to be an effective
Business Coach

Whom We Help
Executives, and Senior Managers

Leaders of small
and medium sized
organizations who need
personal or team support to
solve problems, overcome
obstacles, take advantage
of an opportunity or
develop leadership skills.

Managers of small, medium and
large organizations who are re-
sponsible for developing learning
and talent management strate-
gies along with tactics for individ-
uals and the teams in their orga-

Teams needing support to un-
cover problems and nd solu-
tions to be a cohesive group in
order to improve performance
and productivity, which leads to
better results for the organiza-
OceanBlue Strategic helps the
individual navigate their way through
both specic and less dened
challenges and opportunities.
One - on - One

OceanBlue Strategic works
with teams to help them
improve their effectiveness to
achieve a common purpose.
Align Teams for 2021
Team alignment is a sys-
tem of integrated one-on-one,
small group, facilitated team dia-
logues, and intersession work to
bring clarity to all team members
about the organizations needs
and to create team cohesion.
Personal Coaching Sessions
One-on-one discussions
with a coach enables exploration
of issues they do not feel com-
fortable voicing in a group envi-
During the personal coach-
ing sessions, individuals will de-
velop skills to share their ideas
in future group discussions and
process their reactions to be-
haviours of other team members.
Facilitated Group Sessions
Facilitated group discussion
uncover important issues and re-
solve them in a safe, candid and
trusting environment.
The team will create an
aligned understanding and com-
mitment to key questions includ-
ing but not limited to:
Building Cohesive Teams
     Leadership and Team Coaching      Building Cohesive Teams      Team Alignment Program  Finding CLARITY
Team Alignment
Every year, leaders need
to ensure their teams have clar-
ity about the purpose of their
department within the organi-
zation. Traditionally, this is ac-
complished with one or two day
planning and team building ses-
sions. This year due to the pan-
demic, it is not adviable to bring
people together in one room,
however today, team alignment
is more important than ever be-
The virtual work situations
spawned during the pandemic
have some benets, like reduced
commute times, increased pro-
ductivity, decreased time-wast-
ing small talk, increased exibil-
ity and for some, a real work life
While collaborative tools
and video conferencing help
teams communicate, it has been
increasingly difcult to ensure
teams are cohesive and have a
clear understanding of objec-
tives, expectations, and their
results for the organization.
Due to the amount of dis-
ruption your team has experi-
enced this year, they need to
Discover the
Team Alignment
reect back to understand what
worked, what didn’t work, what
could have been done differ-
ently, and to nd solutions to
their unique personal challeng-
In the past, you brought
team members together in a ca-
sual social environment to fos-
ter connections and build closer
bonds. Today, your team mem-
bers need to develop these
personal connections more than
ever before, to overcome feel-
ings of isolation.
In the past, a facilitator
used interactive exercises to
connect, discover new ideas,
uncover problems and develop
new solutions. This year calls
for a virtual approach because
teams cannot physically be to-
gether to complete exercises.
Trying to simply replicate
past formats in a virtual setting
to facilitate team alignment will
not be effective due to how
people interact virtually and ex-
perience screen fatigue.
OceanBlue Strategic de-
signed a virtual solution to an-
nual team alignment sessions,
by understanding how people
interact with virtual tools.
What OceanBlue
Strategic Does
What We Do
 Everday, leaders and team
members focus on their day to day
demands, tasks, and activities, which
impeed their ability to understand
issues and nd new solutions.
 When teams take the time to
communicate, innovate, and problem
solve they help the organization to
move forward more effectively.
 OceanBlue Strategic facilitates
the process and helps teams to imp-
liment these new ideas to improve their
productivity, environment, and pro
OceanBlue Strategic offers services
designed to help leaders and
teams uncover new ways to move
organizations forward.

How OceanBlue
Strategic Does It
OceanBlue Strategic’s approach
is to use tools and techniques to
guide individuals and groups to the
answers they possess.

Meet Shakeel Bharmal
a regional operations manag-
er, and co-proprietor of a family
business. He taught undergrad-
uate and graduate courses in
management at the University
of British Columbia and Gold
Platinum Institute in Russia. As
a strategy consultant, he served
clients in aerospace, automo-
tive, aviation, energy, hospitality,
internet and transportation and
wholesale distribution industries.
Shakeel holds an MBA from
the Richard Ivey School of Busi-
ness, where he graduated as
Class Valedictorian. He immi-
grated with his family from Tan-
zania as a child, grew up in Van-
couver and is currently based in
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
“Shakeel is a great thinker, listener, communicator, teach-
er and leader. Shakeel is the person whom others turn to
when they are seeking inspiration, clear thinking and direc-
tion. In addition to being one of the smartest people I have
had the privilege to work with, Shakeel is one of the most
honourable and sincere people I have ever met.”
Robert Swanborough, General Manager, Europe, Insulet
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