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How to Finance 7-19-18

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This How Towill focus on
Finances. For questions
specic to your student,
please call or email the
appropriate department.
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Cajun Connection Information
The deadline to pay tuion and fees for Fall 2018 is Wednesday, August 8,
2018. If tuion and fees are not paid (or a deferment placed) by this date,
classes will be dropped. You can view tuion and payment tutorials at the
Bursar's webpage. Look on the le under payment informaon. Please
review the Tuion & Fees presentaon from Parent Orientaon.
Once scholarships and/or deferments have been placed on your students
statement of account, methods for paying any tuion balance include:
 Go to Student Cashiers Center in the Student Union,
Room 135, with cash, check, or money order (make check or money
order payable to UL Lafayee); credit/debit cards are NOT accepted in
person or via phone. Payments must be for the full balance of tuion
and fees.
 Print out the students account acvity from
Ulink. Make check or money order payable to UL Lafayee; 
Write the students name and ULID on the memo line of the check.
Check or money orders through this opon must be for the full balance
of tuion and fees. Paral payments will be returned. Place the
students account acvity and the check or money order in a sealed
envelope and drop the envelope in the Student Cashier Center Drop
Box, located in the Student Union, Room 135.
 Include a printed copy of the students account acvity.
Mail payment in the form of a check or money order to the Student
Cashier Center at: University of Louisiana at Lafayee, P.O. Box 44444,
Lafayee, LA 70504. Payment must be for the full balance of tuion
and fees; paral payments will be returned. Please include the
students name and ULID on the memo line of the check or money
 Electronic payments can be made through ULink in the
form of credit/debit card or electronic check. All forms of major credit/
debit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or
Discover. The credit card processing company will charge an addional
2.85% processing fee if paying with a card. Payments made with
electronic checks do not have any addional charges. Payments can be
made by joining the payment plan, or by paying in full. Instrucons to
make an . Instrucons to set up a .
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A Resource for Parents of RaginCajun Freshmen
July 19, 2018
As an authorized user, parents will be given a
separate login link, user name, and password to
access the students account acvity. Authorize
users will also receive automac emails from the
Oce of the Bursar regarding payments,
statements, and tax forms posted to the students
accounts. The Bursars oce is prohibited from
discussing student accounts with parents who are
not authorized users, due to the Federal Family
Educaonal Rights and Privacy Act of 1974
(FERPA). Find instrucons on how to become an
Authorized User.
Please view the Money Maers PowerPoint which
contains informaon used at parent orientaon.
This PowerPoint addresses the following
Types of nancial aid (Slide 4)
Financial aid award leer (Slide 12)
Academic requirements (Slide 20)
TOPS (Slide 23)
Sasfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is the
academic progress a student is required to make in
order to keep nancial aid. This consists of earning
a percentage of hours in course load and
maintaining certain GPA limits through the
academic year.
If your student secures a campus job, or is
expecng to receive a refund, they can have their
refund directly deposited into their checking
account. All student payments, whether it be
payroll or refunds, are disbursed through the
Student Disbursement Center. Reasons for a
refund may include:
Overpayment on loans or grants aer all
university charges have been paid
Dropping a class (before August 24th)
Resigning from the University before
September 7, 2018
Payment for an on-campus job
It is important to note that refunds will only be
made through the original method of payment and
. Direct Deposit
is the suggested method of refund, as it is the
fastest and safest way to collect funds. Refunds by
check are also possible, however it will take
roughly 3-5 business days longer to receive. If a
check is lost in the mail, the student will have to
wait 30 days before a replacement check can be
Should you have quesons for the Student
Disbursement Center, they are located in the
Student Union, Room 135, and can be reached by
email at or by phone at 337-
Another nancial resource on campus is the UL
Lafayee Credit Union which oers checking and
savings accounts, mobile banking, and convenient
ATMs for college students.
Student Cashiers Center
Student Union Room 135
PO Box 44444
Lafayee, LA 70504
(337) 482-6385
Oce Website
Oce of Financial Aid
Foster Hall
1311 Johnston Street
Lafayee, LA 70501
337-482-6506 (phone)
337-482-6502 (fax)
Oce Website