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Forum for Growth in Service


Serving Others - Being Transformed


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Forum for Growth in Service




Forum for Growth in Service is an online school dedicated to


the support, encouragement and challenge


of people in service to others.





Designed to accompany Nowhere Else I Want to Be: A Memoir,


the video courses explore the major themes of the book


in the context of teacher/author Carol D. Marsh's 25-year experience


working in and living in a service nonprofit.







Courses consist of: 


(1) video lectures of 12 - 15 minutes;


(2) support documents;


(3) additional resource suggestions; and 


(4) questions for journaling, thought, discussion, and reflection.



Groups conduct their own online discussions - ideal for organizations


with volunteers in different cities or regions. 



Optional skype sessions with author/teacher Carol D. Marsh


(cost extra).



Is Forum for Growth in Service right for you?





* You're part of a university or college center for justice or volunteerism.


* You supervise volunteers, or teach students exploring social justice issues. 



* You're in a caring and service profession: a nurse, hospice professional, doctor; a


counselor or clergy.



* You've read the book Nowhere Else I Want to Be: A Memoir, and would like to have the


author's guides to the major themes and principles in the book.



Carol D. Marsh founded, lived and worked at Miriam's House - a residence for Washington,


DC's homeless women with AIDS - from 1992 to 2009.



In 2014, she earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College. Her


thesis was the memoir, Nowhere Else I Want to Be.



The book is available for purchase HERE


Carol D. Marsh



Nowhere Else I Want to Be: A Memoir is the story of Marsh's experiences and life at


Miriam's House from 1996, when it opened to its first residents, to 2005. The memoir gives


the reader a powerfully memorable view of a world seldom seen. 






Life and death 


Addictions and recovery


Race, culture and diversity


Women in leadership


Life in community





Written to give voice to those often neglected and forgotten, 


Nowhere Else I Want to Be is the author's attempt to tell her own story of


transformation, but also that of the women at whose hands she was






Visit Marsh's website for more information


on this award-winning author.



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Forum for Growth in Service




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